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Dec 2, 2017
If someone asked me what is the perfect acting anime what anime can be known as probably the best in its own genre then i would say Glass No Kamen.

The story has the feeling of cliche around it since it almost depicts Cinderella who cant break out of her shell because she is held back by those around her. Having said that it wouldn't be the anime it was if it hadn't something like this in it and the way it flows is perfect with everything else that happens around it. Although there is drama in this anime even close to become a melodrama read more
Nov 29, 2017
To start of this is one of the most recent anime that has given with a relaxing great feeling as i watched it and followed it through atleast the early stages.

While this is strange to say this but i enjoyed this less in some ways as i went further out in the story but let me start at the beginning. The beginning is great in many ways that it gives you a good cool feel to it although that might feel slow for some i kinda love those beginnings that start that way. As the story progress we learn more about the main read more
Nov 26, 2017
An surprising upgrade from the first season in my opinion.

The story is more smoother in my opinion now and you can feel the difference in how it has changed the graphics having been bumped up. Its a direct sequel kinda from the first thats easy to see although that is if you have watched the ova episodes. That there is an anime that begins with creating an doujinshii is very interesting and unique in the anime world. The added new characters have their own impact on the anime although sadly one of the is just so annoying that you want to throw down a read more
Nov 26, 2017
An anime that takes time getting used to due to characters and the early pacing.

So in this anime i think the story is very well done it captures a certain type of otaku lifestyle but also brings with it the difficulties around it. The story shows well that most people can be love anime manga or similar no matther how they look and shows that you need acceptance for those who do what they love. I would say due to different aspects though this anime begins rather slow and might scare people from going further since they will be worried that the rest read more
Nov 24, 2017
If you love anime and the process behind it this will come back to tell you again and again that you should watch it.

One of the many reasons is the story. Girls who want to make an anime together sounds something that can be cliche but the creators of this anime has made it original and fun. Its not one of those everything clicks at once and everyone is happy since everything goes well. No this anime fully brings out the process behind making an anime and not only that but the different sides of animation. Everything from drawing to voice actors. You cant read more
Nov 23, 2017
And here i thought the first season of this was bad when it comes to everything expect art in comes a new challenger.

Story is the same as last one only that its worse and only this time we have more characters how fun isnt that ugh... If i said the story was bite bite bite bite bite bite then that would almost have been a good summary with a little real story sprinkled in between. The second season couldnt do anything better than the first and they even made the plot that tiny bit of plot actually more confusing and more annoying than read more
Nov 23, 2017
If there ever was a vampire version of fifty shades of grey its almost as if this could be it and the very bad one.

The story is interesting at the start you learn a little about the main character and about how she is. And you learn about her vampire dominants and their dark story. Its bite upon bite upon bite in an endless series with some story chiped in cause they needed to let it look like an anime. So what i mean that the story is interesting is that the consepts they have were great the way they did it was appalling. read more
Nov 22, 2017
Interesting beginning but with bits and pieces that keeps annoying me as i go on.

So why would i say this as a starter. Well as a beginning i dont think the story is bad per say although it wont say its original either. A zeal that shouldnt be unlocked and so on so on. For me the story begun good enough it was a nice beginning and i felt like it was felt good going into it. Then as the story went i felt it started to get rushed or it felt like they just had to push every action scene imaginable as they went read more
Nov 20, 2017
An anime that i feel appreciate jazz in many ways atleast thats how i feel as i relax and watch it but with its bumps its not all rosy as i watch this.

The story is well created its not typical and since it focus on an earlier time and place when everything was different i would say that brings out something unique in that regards. This is best examplified with how some people behave or act since remember this anime is set in an older time there people had less choices in their life. I have two minds about this story as i have read more
Nov 19, 2017
First impression of the anime is an arrogant character with a monkey tailing him confessing her love all over but as you get past that the beautiful music comes to light with a nice story and outshines all the annoyance.

The story is well made although in some ways it might feel like you have to go over the first wall and go through some episodes before you get the real feel for it. At least that was how i felt as i watched it. It has a good pace and doesn't try to drag something too long but at the same time it doesn't read more