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Sep 28, 2013
Hey now here's an obscure series you should watch! Yeah!

The first thing that'll stand out when you look at Mononoke is the art. I'm not going to mince words: Mononoke is the best-looking animated show I have ever seen. The art is styled after traditional Japanese art, which means it's brightly colored, detailed, and everything feels kind of flat. I can't say enough about how amazingly gorgeous the art and color is in this series. It's used to maximum effect too, because the series is filled with all kinds of surreal visuals to let the art really stretch out.

Conceptually, Mononoke could be read more
Sep 16, 2013
Since its release in 2008, Michiko to Hatchin seems to have somewhat flown under the radar of many anime fans. This is a real shame, because MtH is a great show.

The setting will draw you in right away for being really unique. It takes place in an unnamed pseudo-Brazilian country, complete with favelas, tropics, and an enormous desert (that last part isn't in Brazil). The setting is really well realized and feels like it could be an actual country in South America, but the fact that it isn't allows them much more artistic license with the setting.

The premise of the story is read more
Sep 6, 2013
Legitimately one of my favorite anime, although really not for everyone.

The Diary of Tortov Roddle is a series of wonderful, beautiful, surreal, wordless (aside from text from Tortov's diary) shorts, starring the traveler Tortov Roddle and his strange long-legged pig mount and companion. There's not really a story to speak of; the series is essentially a series of short vignettes. Tortov goes somewhere, experiences something odd, and then moves on.

What somethings they are, though. The series is surreal, but unlike most uses of surrealism, it's not really symbolic. The surrealism doesn't represent the mind of a character, or the author's opinion read more
Sep 6, 2013
Dorohedoro, as a series all about the plot twists, is kind of hard to describe easily. It takes place in a gritty magic-punk dual world: The high-class world of the magic users, and the slum-like Hole, the world of the non-magic users. The story centers around Kaiman, a man with a lizard head and no memories. He hunts down magic users, eats their head, and then the person inside his mouth evaluates them, looking for someone. And that description does absolutely no justice to the series.

Q Hyashida loves 'er plot twists. Yes, this series is filled with twist after crazy read more
Sep 5, 2013
Good for fans of the game - And no one else.

Persona 4 is a great PS2 JRPG and blah blah I'm not going to review it here. Persona 4 The Animation is an animation based on the game (shocker!). The set-up is thus: Yu Narukami, the protagonist, has just moved to the town of Inaba for a year because his parents are out of the country, he quickly gets caught up in a murder mystery, a mysterious other world, and a bunch of dorky high-school students.

Over all Persona 4 the anime is good, but you have to attach a giant BUT to that: read more