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May 20, 2019
So Fairy Tail is likely my favourite series, I've loved it since I first picked it up. I didn't actually know about 100 years quest until I saw it come up on my usual manga site.
I could immediately tell that it was a different artist and writer- the characters have said things that seem really out of character, the art isn't as good. And it just seems forced. There are times when it seems far more like fan fiction than a continuation of the story. Fairy Tail is one of the few series that would really get my emotions involved, but this series just read more
Jan 29, 2013
Clannad After Story was ranked for a while as #1 on MAL, now it sits at #5. So I thought I would watch the whole series. Season 1, and the first 8 or so episodes of After Story lived up to my expectations, but went downhill after that.
I loved the spirit of the first season and the first few episodes of this one. There were outright hilarious moments, moments I found myself getting choked up, and I loved the flow of the story. The little bits of the supernatural made things interesting, and I enjoyed learning about the characters.
However after graduation, the story read more
Aug 22, 2012
As various others have mentioned, this anime has a main character who isn't wimpy, which is a great change from the usual. It's also the opposite of some fantasy stories where someone is thrown into another world and has to gain powers to save it. Instead, Akatsuki has already been through this, and is ready to return home after defeating a demon lord. What is more interesting is that this is a common event, and there is a school, aptly called Babel where people hone their skills from other worlds.
The main character can't use magic, but can manipulate the "energy" of his opponents bodies, read more
Apr 7, 2011
The first thing everyone comments on is the endless eight. Really, it's not as bad as it sounds. Yes, its' repetitive, yes, I got sick of some things, but it was in reality a really neat idea. It almost gives us a taste of what they are going through. The second episode contains scenes that the first doesn't, and every episode after changes things. Sometimes it's just where someone was sitting, or something they said or did or wore. There's also one thing that we never actually see Kyon's reaction to, just Koizumi's response to it. I found I always wanted to see this particular read more
Apr 7, 2011
This movie is an excellent conclusion to the Haruhi storyline. It delves into the emotional side more, especially for Kyon and Nagato. Both of these characters are developed even more, and not without surprises.

Kyon, who spent most of the series trying to be the voice of reason within the craziness, suddenly finds himself in a normal world. Koizumi isn't an esper, Nagato is a normal girl, and Mikiru doesn't know him, and isn't from the future. Haruhi is unknown to anyone at the school.
This is what Kyon seems to want, yet he still freaks out when it happens, and wants to find read more
Apr 6, 2011
This series rates 10's all across the board for me. The events and humour are random, the characters are awesome and the story is fun.
I watched this series in chronological order, not airing order, and I'm not sure if or how that would change perspective, but it probably does. It's hard to talk about the story because of it's randomness. The actual story arc focuses around the first 6 (chronological, not aired) episodes. The rest of the series employs random humour and more character development, especially for Haruhi. It combines humour, supernatural happenings, emotions and story in a really wonderful way.

Perhaps the read more
Apr 6, 2011

Story: 1/10
I'm not the biggest harem or fanservice fan, but I don't mind if they have a good story and likeable characters. But instead of a good plot with fanservice, it's fanservice with little plot.
I knew all hope was lost when the generic fanservice beach episode was the second one. Then episode 3 was written around fanservice. 'How can we make Himari's breasts/panties show this time?". I wanted to give it a chance, it sounded interesting and for the most part ecchi doesn't bother me. I mean series like 11 eyes, for example, find ways to write fanservice into a scene, but in this read more
Apr 3, 2011
Shakugan no shana had a lot of potential, but I found it didn't live up to it. It was entertaining, there were some good battle scenes and some interesting characters, but also too much predictable drama. Outside of the predictable romance drama, and the powerful girl teams with a guy that has some sort of special feature theme, it was fairly original. It starts off well, enough to hook me, but then I found that I ended up disappointed with some of the background.

The characters were ok, but as with similar series (powerful girl, guy who teams up with her), Yuji, the male protagonist read more
Sep 19, 2010
I will first say that while R2 is an awesome series, it just doesn't live up to the first season. I felt that the whole series was leading up to something big, and didn't quite follow through. Or it did, but then dragged on longer.
The part that disappointed me the most was the ending, the series should have ended around episode 22, but instead was dragged out longer. The last few episodes just didn't keep my interest, because I felt that the climax had already happened, and some of the things that happened were unnecessary.

Otherwise, the series was great. Outside of the last read more
Aug 25, 2010
I read the reviews for this anime, and thought it would be great... I was wrong. I'm not a fan of the harem anime's from the start, and I didn't originally think this would be like that.
Honestly it's best redeeming quality is the opening theme...

It's supposed to be funny, but I find it hard to watch due to the fact that basically every episode consists of yelling and screaming. And really, the whole trying-to-kill-Nagasumi thing gets old REALLY fast. A lot of things happen, but I haven't laughed at all, because it's more annoying than funny.

The story is hidden in the background of read more