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Jan 20, 2015
*may contain spoilers ; yeah I've read the novel, but this is about the anime adaptation*

Oh God... I don't know how to begin. I did enjoy SAO 2, but once again I can't rate it with numbers. I have to write down my feeling, since that's the only way for a writer to make himself understood :)

So in 2012 this anime called Sword Art Online appeared. If you are interested in my opinion about it, please read my review, I won't spend any time to repeat what I've said there. But in 2014 we got the sequel. It was announced, that it will be about read more
Jan 20, 2015
*may contain spoilers*

Why do we like video games?

Well I don't know, why do others love them, but the reason I love video games, is that I can do whatever I want. But of course that also includes killing, stealing, raping, and nobody will punish me for it, at least not in the real life. But would that change, if one day that game would become my reality? Would I still be able to pull the trigger? It's a really interesting conception, and as a gamer, I was really hyped up about this anime the first time I've heard of it. So I watched it and...

Okay, read more