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Oct 25, 2023
Fun characters, average art, great puns.

A cute, short story. Cancelled early due to short readership, but as a gag manga it has no real trouble wrapping up the story into a neat little bow. On the strength of the story and art alone I'd have to rate this manga as a 7, but the high quality of the translation brings this up to a solid 8.

But no, seriously. Kaisermutt/Horse Deer Scans performs another exceptional work of translating not just the literal meaning of the text, but transposing cultural context and even adding additional jokes and characterization. Their end-chapter translation notes are also, as always, a ...
May 8, 2020
BNA (Anime) add
Most anime about the future shoehorn in some sort of "technology can have drawbacks" or "we need to be careful not to lose our humanity" subplots. BNA goes very much in the opposite direction. Can't say too much because that would be spoiling the plot, but BNA is of the opinion that genetic modification is awesome, people should have whatever bodies they want, and being something other than human would be pretty damn cool. Plus, it's animated by Studio Trigger, of *Gurren Lagann*, *Kill la Kill*, *Darling in the Franxx*, and *Little Witch Academia* fame, so there's tons of awesome action shots. (The plot and ...
Jun 2, 2019
Preliminary (22/? chp)
There's a fundamental conflict between "actual fantasy" manga and "isekai" manga. Both carry many of the same genre trappings, but the easy digestibility of isekai manga, with its inherently relatable characters (being from our world), also makes it easy for isekais to become cliche or devolve into pointless pandering.

Heterogenia Linguistica, however, synthesizes the best elements of each. With its main character, a linguist from "our" world (or at least a world substantially similar, except for the ability to travel to a world inhabited solely by nonhumans), we have our reference point to avoid getting dropped into a world that takes dense text blocks of boring ...
Jun 14, 2017
Preliminary (54/132 chp)
Compared to its parent manga, Illegals has a much tighter focus.

The core cast is composed of a mere three members, as opposed to BnHA's massive cast herd. This is great for character development, with the main character and his teammates each getting significant character moments nearly every single chapter.

And even non-main-characters have it good-- The author doesn't treat them like setpieces to be moved around at his bidding, but respects their agency as individuals in a universe he's merely narrating.

Just like in BnHA, every superpower is unique and interesting, as are character designs.

Illegals' characters are perhaps the best part of the manga, and I rate ...

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