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pakoko Aug 14, 2014 6:09 PM
Oh and before you start typing away your reply, I wanted you to know that if I see you asking questions that I answered already in my other responses or asking questions that are irrelevant, then I won't respond. It's not fair for me that I'm reading all your responses and trying my best to interpret them, only to have you skim through my responses and not acknowledge some of my points, and then have you spew out your own "counter" arguments. If you're a troll, good job, you succeeded in making me react. If you're not, well good day to you anyway.
pakoko Aug 14, 2014 6:00 PM
Your first question isn't really relevant because people already believe that there's a bomb somewhere because 5 sent that bombing site riddle to the people via text. If 9 and 12 make a video to tell people that there's a bomb at the airport... well no shit. To the public, 9 and 12 have JUST sent a text saying there's a bomb somewhere already. What's the point in making a video to tell them that the bomb is at the airport? And the original point of the video was not to tell people there's a bomb, but rather to tell them that the text wasn't sent by them. Don't make up your own purposes for why 9 and 12 would make a video when the actual anime itself says otherwise.

And reread to your own question: "If they said it was there and then it went off then why would the public ever doubt them again?" Really? I feel like you're not even reading my explanations. 9 and 12 are not going to sacrifice innocent lives just so people can trust them. You think they're going to sacrifice innocent lives so they can be like "See? we're not the bad guys!" to people? 1) That's not what 9 and 12 are trying to accomplish. They're NOT, for the third time, trying to hurt people with bombings, be it theirs or Five's bombs. 2) You'd be an idiot to believe that bullshit from terrorists. People will hate them and doubt them even more because countless people in the airport just died. The blame will be on 9 and 12 even if they say it's not them. They'd trust the police more than terrorists.

"Even if it didn't go off..." Look, you're forgetting that Five has the trigger here. And here again you show that you haven't read my explanations. In my last paragraph from the previous post, I say that the higher ups have nothing to lose even if they let the bomb go because they can just point the finger at 9 and 12, and everyone, barring a really small minority of skeptics, will believe the higher ups than some terrorists. Five will bomb the airport no matter what and just blame it on 9 and 12 and the game will continue. The people will trust them less, and 9 and 12 will be at a bigger disadvantage because they're garnering hostility as insane terrorists. The FBI will in no case stop the bombing because, I keep repeating, they don't care at all for the people. We're talking about a corrupt-ass country and a merciless hunter by the name of 5. You're thinking them as some sort of saints or fighters of justice... No, their sole purpose is to hunt the terrorists down, at whatever cost.

And the last part of your first paragraph, you interpreted my explanation wrong. When police release a statement that the terrorists are lying, that would be a reaction to if 9 and 12 make a video saying that the text wasn't sent by them, not that there's a bomb. "if the police release a statement saying they are lying and then the bomb goes off, who looks like the idiot there?" REREAD YOUR QUESTION. You're saying, the police would release a statement saying terrorists are lying and LET the bomb go off? Disregarding your misinterpretation of my previous explanation, you're underestimating the intelligence of humans in general if the police would deliberately do that and make themselves look like idiots.

Your second point! Finally! What is the point of playing chess? Well, the only hint we get from this episode is that 5 used to play chess with 9 before he left the facility with 12. Apparently they had an "unfinished" game back then and so this is 5's way of asking for a rematch or a continuation of that old game. And it is also hinted that the winner of the chess match will reveal the bomb's location. Although we have yet to know if she'll let them win that easily.

The end goal is to arrest 9 and 12. But 5 wants to toy with them before she does so. I know what you're thinking. That's fucking dumb. She's involving the whole airport just to play her stupid game? Yes. Yes she is. She says it herself in the beginning of this episode, that she wants to beat someone so bad that he can't stand back up. This "someone" in this case would be 9. Maybe 5 has some sort of grudge against 9, is all I can theorize at this point.
Duri1n Jul 20, 2014 5:06 PM
I hope u dont mind if I continue our discussion here... I feel I'm hogging up the episode discussion thread...

skudoops said:
Duri1n said:

Well, I don't mind the dark settng. And I don't think T3hSource is complainig abt the dark setting either... he's saying the show's pretending to have a dark setting... Which I agree with somwhat for now... the show has lots of blood and brutal deaths, but it doesnt feel very serious either, whih is getting me confused... xp

I'm just annoyed with a few scenes of the show. Did u not find that waist grabbing scene wih Mein havin that master sniper speech rather awkward? It felt rather nonsensical, tbh, n I don't feel I'm nitpicking there. Also, there's the still frames thing u mentioned.

But, I'm still givin this show a shot. I mean, I'm assumig these first few episodes are more like character introductions and for world-building, so I can still excuse the shallow bad guys so far (seriously, u have to admit they're a bit too obviously bad, and the first one with that mad family of torturers was jus way too conveniently evil -_-).

I don't really mind the waist grab scene since it's typical shounen affair, but what's wrong with "pretending" to have a dark setting?

Okay, wait... that sentence just gave me one helluva mindfuck.... I need some time to process that...
hm... er... I guess there's nothing wrong with pretending? I don't see the point in that tho... I also doubt the show was intending to pretend to be dark... I think this topic has started to analyse things too deep, I'm starting to lose track of why I'm even analysing things so much xp... so, let's just stop at me not liking AkG yet, n u liking it :D...

Btw, abt the waist grabbing part. It's normal Shounen affair? Ok, I'm no expert in anime myself so I didn't know that. But I guess I still didn't like it... xp...
midnightblade Jul 13, 2014 4:27 PM
Two new gundam shows coming out next season

Although the "Reconguista" name sounds cheesy as fuck
galimx Jul 10, 2014 4:32 PM
not really.
Roloko Oct 7, 2013 8:48 AM
I think my mistake was watching the TV series and not the movie trilogy. I just didn't like how slow the original was and the art was bad for its time compared to other series like Rose of Versailles. I did like the opening though its catchy. Not much of an Amuro fan I prefer leads like Asemu and Garrod. xD

I'm going to give Origins a shot since it will be in HD and the art will be more modern. I heard that there was more character development in Origins compared to the original so I'm looking forward to that.
olha2 Aug 2, 2013 7:59 PM
i was reading ur tags (really like how u use them, i orignally did so 2 but suddenly i can't edit tags anymore so i now hide them) but i saw u where not satisfied with Mirrai Nikki's ending and saw that u did not have Mirrai Nikki redial on ur list, in case u do not know: Mirrai Nikkia Redial is the last real epsiode of the serie
Melisandre Jun 26, 2013 12:30 PM
ok ,cool .
Melisandre Jun 26, 2013 3:36 AM
Does it have anything to do with the OVA or I can watch the movie without it ?
Melisandre Jun 25, 2013 10:59 AM
Yeah I know ,I have it on my computer since it was out XD
Have million movies to watch ,right now I'm reading some manga and watching Seinfeld :)

ah and if you ever bored give HxH 2011 try again ,you miss really good shounen ,I know the first episodes looks like kodomo but it become so dark later you will think its seinen (◕‿◕✿)
Melisandre Jun 24, 2013 11:36 PM

Melisandre Jun 24, 2013 3:27 AM
really ? how much episodes did you see?
Melisandre Jun 23, 2013 2:22 PM
Fairy Tail - Not watching another long shounen, and this one is pretty generic.
You shouldn't judge by anime like that . its maybe the worst shounen out there ,stupid annoying characters,stupid plot (if you can call it plot) ,its just stupid.
You should try Hunter x Hunter (the 2011 version :D) ,its amazing .
It may look childish ,but its not .Trust me , I'm a doctor .
Lieila Feb 7, 2013 10:07 PM
Thanks for answering my questions in Psycho-Pass ep 16. You clarified and explained them well. You have very sharp observation. ^_^

I also maybe need to watch this series in bigger screen. Scene like the shooting the dominator of Kou at the top of the tower in this episode got me a bit confused at times. Glad that there's forum here in MAL.
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