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Touhou Sangetsusei: Oriental Sacred Place
Touhou Sangetsusei: Oriental Sacred Place
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Touhou Sangetsusei: Eastern and Little Nature Deity
Touhou Sangetsusei: Eastern and Little Nature Deity
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Glorious_Showoff 5 hours ago
Nice, Kichikuou is an awesome game, but be sure to do that immm whatever it's called thing first so that the music can play in it.

Yayyyy, my favorite game (: I'm sure you'll like it a lot, I did, in fact, I like everything about it from the characters, to the story, music etc. It was my first Alicesoft game that I've played before Sengoku Rance (which is weird because most VN readers start out with Sengoku, then go to Daibanchou, so it was vice-versa for me)

That's it, I gotta get to playing Muv-Luv ASAP now. INDIGO!!!!!!!
Glorious_Showoff Mar 26, 6:27 PM
Nice VNDB, I have a question though. You played the original version of Rance II? I wasn't aware that got fully translated, and I thought only the graphical remake (02) was the one that was translated, well, that was the version I played.

I've noticed Kichikuou Rance wasn't on your list too, and that is a MUST-play Rance game. Especially since you finished 5D. Kichikuou Rance is the non-canon 5th game of the series, but just because it is non canon doesn't mean it should be treated like a side story like 5D. It's a pretty long game that features many different routes to explore unlike most Rance games that have just one canon plot point, basically it is a lot like Sengoku, Daibanchou, and Daiakuji with it's multiple route points, so there is a lot of content to discover. Practically everyone that has played every game in the Rance series in the Alicesoft community both English and Japanese as a whole have stated multiple times that Kichikuou Rance is a phenomenal game, and is always usually in their Top 3 Favorite Rance games. The music is also absolutely great, and one of my favorite iterations of Rance (Edgy-Demon God and Arrogant Rance) comes from Kichikuou, so you should totally check it out. You should probably finish Rance IV and 4.1, 4.2 before playing Kichikuou though.

Alicesoft poured their hearts into Kichikuou Rance because it was made around a time they were going bankrupt, and they thought they were not going to be able to produce games anymore, so they wanted to put everything they thought of and wanted to do for what was supposed to be their final game ever made. When it was finished though, Kichikuou Rance ended up doing REALLY well, and it's one of the highest selling eroge games of all time, which was why Alicesoft continued to make games.

Plus, I think Rance has the coolest outfit in Kichikuou, but that's only because I think green and red look very good with each other (they are both my favorite colors)

And don't worry, the game is translated, this is just a screenshot of him wearing that outfit in the fighting game.

I didn't really have the best experiences using an iMac, in fact, I think they're terrible, so I understand. Good thing we both have our handy PC's.
Glorious_Showoff Mar 26, 12:48 PM
Well, you are my friend too, so yay! I can talk a lot (I just found it sort of awkward in how my typed messages are lengthy compared to your one or two sentences :D)

I've probably played less VN's then you, do you have a VNDB? I bet you gave MLA a 10. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Have you seen the videos I linked to you on the 23rd by the way? You may need to make an account in order to watch the stuff, but niconico is a pretty neat video site that's practically the Japanese Youtube. You can find a whole lot of stuff that is unable to be posted on Youtube. A ton of non translated Alicesoft Games, and untranslated games in general have footage, not only that, but there are a whole lot of great fanmade content on there.

Glorious_Showoff Mar 25, 11:07 AM
What a neat goal! I have similar goal like that as well, especially when it comes to Alicesoft. Well, I'll be there to support you along the way, don't give up on mastering the holy language that us weebs have yet to decipher!


I've been really wanting to play a lot of the classic VN's from the late 90's era, they all practically seem to have cool game play, and really nice music.

Alicesoft's more superior era comes from the games that they've released in the past (1989-2003), and they're music for those titles are great. Two of their retried composers, SHADE (guy who did Sengoku Rance and Daibanchou plus many more) and DragonAttack (Daiakuji, Prostudent Good etc.), are like legends to my eyes.

An example of some of their best soundtracks comes from their title called Only You. I haven't played it yet, but it's one of the games that I'm aiming to play once I am confident in my Japanese. There is a classic 1996-1998 version of the game, a 2001 remake with updated graphics, and another remake which was released for the PS2 in 2006 that is all-ages, and features animated cut scenes and voice acting, one of the very few Alicesoft games to do so (go console). Only You is about the closet thing you can get which features an Alicesoft protagonist that is more genuine and heroic, especially since most of their mains fall into the extremely perverted category. (Rance)

Sure, what he basically comes down to is practically your usual, generic, fighting hero lead that you've seen before in games or anime, but he's got a lot of depth to him. Only You is about his journey from starting out as a loner, outcast kid who is very flawed, and has social disabilities to becoming a full fledged inspiring hero who stops at nothing to protect the heroine girls that he talks with throughout the game, the same girls that relieve his stress and make him become a better person. I uploaded his theme song awhile back, I like how fitting it sounds for a character such as him, but the video is pretty long, so you don't have to watch it all.

The people I have talked to that have played Only You have told me that it was a very good game, and one of Alicesoft's best alongside Sengoku, so it makes me all the more want to play it, especially the 2001 and PS2 remakes. It may be very obscure compared to other Alicesoft titles, but if it weren't for a few characters such as a badass Tiger, then it probably wouldn't have gotten the reputation that it has, well in Japan at least. Anyways, that Tiger is a pretty famous character, and practically everyone that has played Only You like him a lot. I'd say he's one of Alicesoft's most iconic characters alongside Rance.

Sorry I went on and on for so long, I usually talk like this when I discuss things I enjoy, I'm usually rather silent, and my case is probably the exact opposite of yours, in which I have trouble forming words while speaking to people directly rather than typing out all of my thoughts, which I am much better at. Such is the fate of the shy (:

Glorious_Showoff Mar 24, 7:47 PM
I'm the same way, well, I have two years of Japanese experience, thanks to four semesters of it in school, but after not studying it for nine months, I forgot most of the stuff...yep.

I do study/review bit by bit of it though "daily", hopefully it will be enough for me to be confident in being a fluent reader/speaker of Japanese. I might translate the Alicesoft games that have no chance of being licensed someday, and who knows...I may even get a job from it.
Glorious_Showoff Mar 23, 7:27 PM
Can you read it? How much Japanese do you know?

Speaking of funny stuff, I found the best video ever: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm8726295

This one is pretty neat too, I'm sure you'll adore it:


Glorious_Showoff Mar 22, 5:03 PM
Yeah, I agree about wanting more Alicesoft pictures with characters together, and the funny thing is, Alicesoft themselves love crossovers, as I've said before that they love referencing themselves, and their various titles throughout their games. One of these many examples are when they put Kanami in Daiakuji, or Rance in Daiteikoku.

Alicesoft also does a gag comic (sort of like Lucky Star's original material) every other week, which include characters from they're many titles. I'm actually surprised that they've used some of their characters from the older games rather than the ones from their newer ones in order to promote themselves.

You'll like this girl in the school uniform by the way, she's a Kuudere. (:

I remember you having quite a bit of MLA merchandise, Indigo is letting me borrow his version of Muv-Luv because he told me that the torrent translation for it sucked.
Glorious_Showoff Mar 19, 12:19 PM
The summer? But you got to play it nooowwwwwwwwwww, lol, Just kidding, you are free to play it whenever you can. That picture for HoshiMemo looks cool, reminds me about how I need to get to reading all of these other VN's that aren't Alicesoft related.:P

That full cast picture looks nice, and the characters look very cute. I've been wanting to use an Alicesoft crossover art like that (because I like a lot of their games, even though I can't even play most of them.) But, crossover Alicesoft pictures can be quite the challenge to find, which is sort of funny because Alicesoft loves to reference themselves a lot with their different games as they feature many cameo appearances, (espically with those like the Hannies, Hannies are in pratically every Alicesoft game) not only that, but Alicesoft has multiple crossover games such as Widenyo (an all star party game crossover, with little to no story, but practically tons of gameplay, and a lot of characters.) and Alice Senki II which is the fighting game I sent you.

The closest pictures that I can find for an Alicesoft crossovers are the ones fans take their time to make using a lot of their card games.

Here is one picture that an admin for the Alicesoft wiki made using the Harem Master Card Game:

And here's one I tried making using Alicesoft's Lycee Card Game

My best made picture though is probably the one that I spent 4 hours making featured on my MAL profile. It's not the best, but I am quite satisfied to see how well it ended up looking, it may be over the top, but that was my aim, considering that I was trying to show off all of my favorite Alicesoft characters, although I would have included more, like Hatsune from Atach-Nacha, it's just that I haven't played every Alicesoft game yet.


Now I should probably explain why Daibanchou is my favorite VN, actually I don't really have a specific reason,I could explain why I like it so much into detail, but I'm saving that for my review that I eventually have to do. Maybe it's because that it was the very first Alicesoft title that I played that got me introduced to their works, yes, even before the legendary Sengoku Rance. That and the main hero and one of the heroines are my favorite male and female characters of all time, because of how likeable and relatable they can be, and it's all just so phenomenal in my opinion. It's quite the shame that it is sort of beyond obscure, as it definitely has what it takes to be exposed to mainstream culture, especially with it's sort of generic "shonen" plot, (minus the H-scenes of course) Non-Rance Alicesoft games just hardly get talked about as much, so I get extremely happy whenever I find out about someone new wanting to try to play it as it is usually my first recommendation for games that people should play alongside Sengoku Rance.

This Opening Video just turned 10 years old yesterday by the way.

Glorious_Showoff Mar 18, 10:21 AM
Yeah, I've noticed your channel art, are those all the main/major characters?

Speaking of Muv-Luv, I gotta really start that soon, and you need to start Daibanchou soon.

We got to play both of our favorite VN's soon. (:
Glorious_Showoff Mar 17, 7:47 AM
I heard that Saya was a good horror, I've seen a bit of her, and played as her in the Nitroplus fighting game. Funny enough, I've been into a ton of non-Alicesoft visual novels that I've been wanting to play, I just forgot about most of them, since I have been investing so much of my time into Alicesoft since October.

Speaking of fighting games, looking back at the videos I published last week, I am so disappointed with how the they turned out, although the music files for that game in particular has always been weird, any Alicesoft game music files are weird.

That reminds me, in your Sengoku Rance podcast, you kept on going on and on about how cringy your voice sounded. Honestly I don't think that was the case, because it was mostly whatever the background noise was, not you, so I wanted to let you know that. (: If anything, you sound about eighteen years old ish which is good, because you would be the same age as me

The only thing that's cringy are how screwed up my music videos turn out, that and how my Youtube channel art looks, haha.

Some good Alicesoft mains.
Glorious_Showoff Mar 15, 3:50 PM
Hey, Thanks (:

Ah heheh, from all my talking so far, it makes it seem like I only like Alicesoft stuff, but I do enjoy other VN's, although I'm just getting started with them. I've played Danganronpa 2, and School/Shiny Days, some Blazblue if that counts too. I've been wanting to try out Saya no Uta and Muv-Luv very soon, especially since a lot of people, including you like it a lot.

I have a VNDB account list, but I mostly just keep track of the VN's that I have yet to play on there. On that website though, I'm a bit more prone to my arrogant tastes more than usual, so if you check it out, be weary that I may sound different than how I usually speak like (:
Glorious_Showoff Mar 15, 1:04 AM
lmao, it's okay.

I released a buttload of videos 5 days ago, and they all pertain to that fighting game I just sent you. While most of the text is untranslated, it still is a very fun game that is worth playing, so you should definitely try it out. Especially since it has one of the best Alicesoft soundtracks of all time. SHADE, who is the composer for most Alicesoft games including Daibanchou and Sengoku Rance, did this soundtrack.

One character I think you'll like in particular is Hatsune from Atlach-Nacha. She is a spider demon who is the bisexual villain protagonist of one of Alicesoft's titles that don't even have any gameplay, and is just a straightforward VN.

Glorious_Showoff Mar 6, 5:07 PM
Ayyy, no way I can just let you search for it hours upon hours on end, only to end up with nothing :P

The link is very difficult to find, so I'll save you the trouble: http://pastebin.com/kQjqdtcc

The game has net play too, meaning that we can play against each other online some time, although I still have to figure out a way for the online to work.
Glorious_Showoff Mar 5, 7:39 PM
>Ive been wanting to see an Alicesoft fighting game for a while.

Well, your in luck..there is an Alicesoft crossover fighting game called Alice Senki II, and I discovered the full version of it just a few days ago (: I feel so proud of myself.

Anyways, the game is really fun, and I've played it since Jan, and I like it a lot. I can give you the link if you want to play it sometime.
Glorious_Showoff Mar 4, 3:56 PM
Wow, I'm still quite surprised at this, let alone the fact that she was in a Digibro video. Though, it's not like I should be surprised, because I've seen Shizuka and Kentou get body pillows.

I really like this remix, if Kenshin was in a fighting game which should be bound to happen at some point :P this would be a prototype as to what her theme would sound like.