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Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Movie: Take On Me
Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Movie: Take On Me
11 hours ago
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Fate/Grand Order: First Order
Fate/Grand Order: First Order
May 14, 4:43 PM
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Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon
Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon
May 13, 6:23 PM
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R.O.D: Read or Dream
R.O.D: Read or Dream
Apr 14, 7:39 AM
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Touhou Sangetsusei: Strange and Bright Nature Deity
Touhou Sangetsusei: Strange and Bright Nature Deity
Mar 14, 5:12 PM
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Touhou Sangetsusei: Oriental Sacred Place
Touhou Sangetsusei: Oriental Sacred Place
Mar 14, 5:12 PM
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Glorious_Showoff 8 hours ago
Teehee yeah ^_^ Daibanchou Harem Master are only excluded to the BBA Guide Book, luckily a hero from the Alicesoft Wiki was able to rip them onto images from the internet.

Satella is cute, especially in the remake. I can see Demon Rance being with her, since he shows the same amount of feeling for her, like he did in his human form with Sill, especially in Kichikuou. Rance is practically on the verge of destroying the whole continent since Sill was taken from him.

Oh wow, and here I was thinking you were getting tired of the Iori/Fighting Game photos, since that's all it seems like I'm talking about. Sorry, I just like fighting games so much (it's my favorite genre) and Iori is such a great character.

Also, Saya >3

Glorious_Showoff May 24, 12:48 AM
Yeah, Iori is a pretty serious guy who can't deal with annoyances..an intense, desolate childhood where the only woman that's given you affection disappearing from your life forever can do that to a guy..but that's exactly what I like about him.

Nice Asuka btw,

Me staying up all night when the family is asleep.
Glorious_Showoff May 22, 10:23 PM
Well, I understand what you mean by when your not into overly musclely men...I once showed this to a female friend of mine who was also a Touhou fan, and she almost pucked.


Iori is not overly muscular to the point where it's unbearable like Reimu over there, but he's far from being cute, as his character is more on the mental, dark and serious side.

What I do when no one replies to me:

Oh wait, did I just call Iori not cute?

Shame on me.
Glorious_Showoff May 22, 10:26 AM
>Not to into overly muscley men

If were still talking about Ryu and Kyo, I just happen to like Kyo A LOT better since Ryu is a boring bland piece of sh-

Also Iori deserves enlightenment..loners deserve enlightenment.

Glorious_Showoff May 21, 10:53 PM
Great Taste. Akuji, Rouga, Rance, Nagito, Rick and a whole bunch of my other favorite anime characters. (Psst. You need to play more BBA...and I need to start Muv-Luv)

Oh Kyo is definitely more attractive than Ryu..I mean, just look how hot he is in this picture (I'm a guy and I'm saying this smh :D)

More girls seem to be attracted to his rival, Iori though. (the guy with red hair and purple flames) A lot of people think Iori is the greatest fighting game character of all time, and with a very tragic backstory like his...I can't help but agree.

Glorious_Showoff May 21, 12:14 PM

I see, I think it's good that you don't care about what people say about the things you like, I wish I was like that too, however, I get the slightest offended whenever I hear or see somebody calling something I like shit, I should really not care, and accept the fact that it is their opinion, but I can't just help but feel angry at the same time, you know?

Also, I'm very happy that you like Rance and all..but maybe it's time to give the obscure Showoff some love,as Another great Alicesoft man he made proud enough too add to my harem, at the top spot where the best are at too..Kitsune is getting there soon.

I realizing this nowadays, but I've noticed a lot of my favorite MALE characters are assholes, in anime, JRPGS, Visual Novels, AND Fighting Games. The guy in my profile picture currently is an asshole, the guy in my last profile picture was an asshole too.

I know I 'm pathetic Kyo, I know I am.

^#BetterThanRyuSince1994^ ^_^

Glorious_Showoff May 20, 8:13 AM

You are the first girl I have ever seen who's talked positively about Shinji, Rance and Kotonoha...I am generally really happy most people dislike them Practically every female youtuber that has talked about School Days hates and gives constant shit on it in general. Most anons on /haniho/ also have stated that they wish they could meet a haniko (a female gamer who likes Rance and Alicesoft) since it is very unlikely for them. It's kind of a running gag that most male anons on haniho (which is every anon :P) will never meet a girl who likes the Rance series for what it is...little do they know that I, the proud Rouga fag have met one, I don't plan on telling them either ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Fufufufu suckers.

Shinji is one of my favorite anime characters of all time as well, he is my 2nd favorite male anime character (right behind Shaoran from Cardcaptor Sakura) I related to him a lot being an emo failure who listens to music nonstop and that's what made me end up liking him so much, that and the story and opening theme for the show is one of the best of all time.


I'm watching a whole bunch of Digibro videos...seeing him shit on anime he's dropped like Clannad and Fate/ is quite funny (don't worry, he shit some of my favorite anime too like InuYasha, and Akame ga kill.) and now, I'm watching his series in with he shits on Eromanga Sensei with the Best Guy Ever. I'm watching Eromanga sensei too...and I don't know what to think about it, I like it in some aspects, but I can see it being a pain to watch in some areas, it's currently airing right now. I don't necessarily agree with his opinions about every anime he's talked about, but I will acknowledge that he's a good youtuber, and I loved his Evangelion videos.

I love Best Guy Ever though, putting Rance as the number 1 spot on the best husbandos list with anime and game character is respect.

How do you feel about seeing your favorite stories getting hated on? I've seen Shinji, Haruhi Suzumiya, School Days, and Rance (don't forget about Rouga on /haniho/) get hated on so many times, but I guess I'm so used to it, and acknowledge the fact that it's other peoples opinions...I don't know. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Glorious_Showoff May 18, 8:31 PM
Thank you, Thank you ^_^

I finished my finals yesterday, so now I'm done And I overslept a bit longer than usual I hope you do well too!

Zerodomai Kitsune just might be favorite Youtuber, I enjoy his content more than the usual anime youtubers.

Glorious_Showoff May 17, 7:10 PM
It's unfortunate to see how it's not working, I'll try harder to look into it some other time. I appreciate the concern though.

Hehe, that's interesting, I look forward to getting to know you slowly but surely though, as I like you to the point where I can say that your one of the best friends I've made on MAL, exactly the best (:

My last day of school was today, I took my last final, and unlike in my previous class, I wasn't the last person in the classroom to finish. :D

Zerodomai Kitsune just made a video about Daibanchou on his second channel, I can't wait for the full review to come out!
Glorious_Showoff May 16, 4:16 PM

I could watch a video about it, though my computer is really weird and different, and probably different from theirs (it's a Windows 10)

I'm not even sure if I can set it up properly without a screenshot, and I can't really use the one on the guide because it features a different version of the computer. It's dangerous to take risks, but I don't see the harm with showing your last name as you could easily delete it of my page, if you wanted, I could give you my last name so you could stalk my weeby Facebook page ;P

Shouldn't you be almost done with school though? It's May, right? I just took my final yesterday.
Glorious_Showoff May 15, 5:35 PM
Can I live in the castle?
I looked at the guide already, I don't think I'm telling it where it is properly, how did you do it?

Ohhhhh, Discord, ohhhhhh
Glorious_Showoff May 14, 8:43 PM

Lia is good, I'm glad she stopped torching grill sets, Rance convinced her to use the oven instead.

Whoa, you have a harem with over 300 grills and guys?! :O Does Dark Lord Cecilia live in an evil castle or something?

Something tells me I'm not doing things correctly:

psst, did you make a Discord yet?

Glorious_Showoff May 14, 12:12 AM
Thanks hun, I'll go see if it works and notify you if anything goes wrong.

Quest looks really fun, IX looks really fun, 03 looks especially fun, as I've tried it out before, it's super fun despite not knowing what all the characters are saying! (partially) at least 03 is voiced, so it will be easier to read the difficult letters as they speak I guess.

Glorious_Showoff May 13, 5:11 PM
Hah, thank goodness you texted me back (I was waiting), I need your help. I tried looking for Touhou Hitensoku on my PC, but I couldn't find it anywhere! I think I spent more time looking for it than usual, and I still couldn't find it. (I have like over 1000 files downloaded on my PC)

I had an English version of Touhou 12.3 with all the characters unlocked, I figured since I couldn't find it anymore on my PC I would go download it again, but I haven't found any good links believe it or not, do you know where I could find a download link for the English version with all chars unlocked? (I sort of don't want to do anymore searching, I was pretty burnt out searching for a proper Alice Senki II link as it is.)

Rance 03 does have a chance at being licensed, since it is a newer Alicesoft game, but it's too new right now as it is (it came out in 2015), so it will take awhile for it to be licensed. Also, Mangagamer will have to get to translating Rance 01 before they do 03, and you also have to consider the fact that nearly all of the fanboys have been requesting for Rance Quest to be translated, and ever since 2014, Rance Quest was being translated, so I guess they are going to pick up where they left off. I think they might localize Sengoku Rance next though, since they just finished 5D and VI, though, some people think localizing Sengoku Rance would be pointless since it's been translated since 2009, although, it being officially localized is a benefit to supporting the company.

Yeah, Discord is an app. You can download it on your PC, and phone.

Glorious_Showoff May 10, 6:50 PM
I have friends who like SF too...but I don't like it that's because they make most of my favorite characters look bad in the shitty crossover fighters That, and Capcom makes some really poor decision. A lot of people in the Capcom community are very annoying also.

That being said, Ace Attorney was a game made by Capcom right? There has to always be one decent game made by a bad company overall, the only Capcom game that I like is Asura's Wrath

Reiuji looks cool, I'm going to have to get back to playing the fighting game at some point.


Man, I just went through a history of Alicesoft translator posts...and it's actually quite sad to see how things turned out. No wonder why everybody on /haniho/ is either all butthurt or depressed.

As an average Alicesoft fan myself, I can't help but feel a teensy bit bad for them, although I don't know who I should side with, the Translators, or the fans at /haniho/. I would like to side with /haniho/ but I've seen how bad/cancerous they can get, so I can sort of see why the translators stopped posting on there.

People were really happy when they found out that Rance Quest was being translated (I mean, who wouldn't, it's the game that takes place after the legendary Sengoku) but the tranlator pretty soon, threw the project under the towel, and never intended to release it freely in the first place, and instead partner up with an official translation company called Mangagamer, so that the newer Alicesoft titles can be localized. A lot of people were disappointed by this.

People put a lot of faith in the translations, especially since the translations for 5D and VI were going extremely well and fast, people also wanted to see Alicesoft games like Pastel Chime, and Atlach Nacha translated, while others wanted to see Daiteikoku get translated just to see how much of a letdown it was compared to the first two Dai games.

You know, I'm actually pretty happy that Daibanchou was the first game in the Dai series to be translated, it would suck not being able to play it until I understood Japanese, since it grew on me to the point where I could call it my favorite game of all time.

(Also, sorry if I overwhelmed with this out of usual long message, lmao)

This is actually quite funny, considering that both Haruka and Kentou have the same voice actress, and the fact that they are both ninja. Psst, you should make a Discord so I can constantly bombard you with messages about Daibanchou being a great game :P