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Dec 22, 2021

Somewhere between the release of .Hack and the year of 2013 the isekai genre devolved into a downwards spiral of recycled ideas being vomited out by any studio looking to make a quick buck. The World’s Finest Assassin tries to break free from this cycle, spicing up the genre by making the protagonist a world-class assassin instead of a loser otaku. If that isn’t enough to satisfy you, he’s also an anti-hero with the mission of bringing down the hero of the world. Apparently, any slight change to an isekai is enough to get an A+ for originality from the anime community.

You read more
Dec 21, 2021
A nice short with some fun visuals.

It isn’t revolutionary in any way and can be potentially forgettable, but there are worse ways to waste 25 minutes of your life. Some of the more dramatic scenes are lackluster because of how brief they are, and the most enjoyable parts were easily the more lighthearted moments that were more present in earlier episodes. The depiction of Okinawa was something I really enjoyed, being expressed through the experimental art style.
The ending theme is also really nice, enough for me to add it to my music playlist.

Overall, it was fine. Better than another Demon Slayer episode at least.
Dec 19, 2021
As much as I would love to write a troll review giving this 10/10, it's so awful I can't bring myself to do give it anything higher than a score below five.

Why does every series about an orc need to include a rape scene on every second page? There’s no meaning behind it, it’s weird fanservice that is neither enjoyable nor funny. It doesn’t make the series mature. It’s about an orc trying to find a woman that he can impregnate, this is some middle schooler type shit.

Characters are boring, the plot is stupid in a bad way, and at the moment it doesn't feel read more
Dec 19, 2021
This review contains mild spoilers for Part 1

Worldbuilding has become such an overblown thing in anime. It doesn’t matter how many maps you can draw of the world, how many different species of dragon there are, or how many generic medieval town look-a-likes there are, a bad anime will still be a bad anime. Mushoku Tensei markets and presents itself as an isekai with a large focus on worldbuilding and adventure, and this is truer than ever in the second installment of the series. I love a good adventure as much as the next fantasy fan, but in Mushoku Tensei good character writing, a believable read more
Dec 10, 2021
This is nothing but a complete waste of what could have been a fantastic anime. I’m not kidding when I say that at its core Blue Period has some of the best characters, themes, and ideas you’ll find in recent anime. But for everything it does right it also does something wrong. The series is completely devoid of life and personality, and to call the finished product disappointing would be an understatement.

Blue Period is about passion. It’s about identity. It’s about the differences between hard work and talent. And of course, above all else, it’s about art. Putting the actual presentation aside for a read more
Nov 17, 2021
Move aside shoujo fans, this is what peak manga looks like. It is, quite simply, a masterful work of fiction with unparalleled greatness. Watching a girl masturbate in order to draw manga is nothing but an incredible premise, and I must commend the author for his masterful execution of the issue.

There are numerous genuinely humorous moments so you’ll either be laughing the whole time you’re reading this or just be horny. It’s a win-win. And, because it’s just so amazing, it manages to include cute romance with a nice ending. The only challenging thing about this manga is successfully finishing a chapter without getting read more
Nov 15, 2021
This manga is impossible to take seriously. It tries to cleverly criticize the idol and theatre industry but instead is filled with ridiculous plot conveniences and painfully on-the-nose characters. The absurd premise is only there to get people talking about the manga whilst cheaply introducing the setting and characters at the same time. One of its only saving graces is the unique and impressive art that can lead to some pretty engaging page turns.

By far the most frustrating thing about this manga is the forced drama. Scenes are way too exaggerated, as though it has no way to maintain readers’ attention unless it pushes mediocre read more
Nov 9, 2021
Kowloon Generic Romance is an interesting manga. It can be slow, unpredictable, and often puts its own spin on themes and ideas typically not found in manga. The characters are fairly standard; however, they all have a certain amount of mystery surrounding them that goes along with a slowly unveiling plot. To no one’s surprise I’m sure, this is anything but a generic romance.

The setting of Kowloon is definitely one of this manga’s strongest points. It’s clearly designed to give off a nostalgic feeling, and the idea of nostalgia is something this manga has really held onto over the course of over 40 chapters. Like read more
Oct 20, 2021
Yami BL (Manga) add (All reviews)
This is one of the worst things I’ve ever seen. I want to burn my eyes, rip them out, and make sure I can never see anything like this again.

You know how some people will ask ‘if you could erase your memory of any manga or anime what would it be?’ This is it. This is the manga I would erase my memory of. I would cut out my brain in order to forget this.

It doesn’t even make sense. Everyone just kills people for no reason. Don’t like your dad? Kill him. Don’t like your boyfriend? Kill him. Like your boyfriend? Kill him anyway. And read more
Sep 25, 2021
It’s rare to see an anime that handles its themes as tactfully and down-to-earth as Kageki Shoujo does. I’ll be honest, going into this anime I had originally dismissed it as another shoujo that was targeted towards a different audience to me. The tall, energetic girl and the short, reserved girl contrast never stood out to me early on, and the setting of a prestigious theatrical school never grabbed my attention either. But then each episode would tackle some new theme or explore some new character, and before I knew it I was drawn in by everything this anime had to offer.

While the anime does read more