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May 18, 2019
If you could pay to become the strongest player in a game, would you do it? I mean, it's better than cheating, right? Right? *awkward silence*

Story: A young man, whom is extremely rich, is asked by his younger cousin to play a game together. This game is super popular for being realistic and spectacularly amazing. So he easily agrees, and then the young cousin reveals she needs to find her friend named Kirito. *cough* Apologies, it's "Kirihito". Might it be the supposedly strongest player in the game, the black swordsman? Thus the adventure begins to re-unite with a lost friend.

Art: The art is actually read more
Apr 8, 2019
Instead of dreaming about adventures and beautiful ladies, what if you actually visited a fantasy world every night? Fall asleep in the real world, wake up in the other one. Wouldn't that be fun?

Story: A 25 year old man, has for as long as he can remember, always awoken in a fantasy world the moment he falls asleep. He stays there until he sleeps again. (or dies) It's a typical "transported to a game-like fantasy world" story with some few minor original ideas. There is a level-up system, other races, magic etc. The selling point here is that he accidentally found out he could pull read more
Mar 24, 2019
Once upon a time a girl was so blessed with beauty and brains, her grandparents from both sides fought to claim her skills for themselves. She had an unfortunate death, and her only wish for the next life was to live as a typical average girl. But God has a unique definition of average.

Story: Adele is an average 10 year old girl, not wanted by her father or stepmother, and so she is sent away to a boarding school. Her future is at best to be a mistress for some fallen noble, or maybe even sold of to someone worse. Adele thus decides to disappear read more
Mar 22, 2019
Having a cute little dog is probably something that would be fun for anyone. But if it's actually a huge wolf, said to be the King of all wolfs, that could be a problem. If it weren't already tamed by a young lady.

Story: A young man dies, and asks to be a pampered little pup in his next life. But after just a month he is far too big and scary looking. And so the story about a lazy wolf begins.

As of volume 1, there has been no real goal to the plot. The wolf simply handles everyday problems in a way a loyal pet read more
Mar 19, 2019
Many summoned people that were just normal teenagers becomes arrogant and stops thinking clear when they are called "Hero" over and over. This is that kind of story.

Story: A Demon Lord is conquering the world, so a human country summons a Hero from another world to save their butts. Since this Japanese Hero does not know the world, they tasked a Priest to join the Hero's travels and keep him alive. But the Hero is extremely sexist and refuses to accept a disgusting man to be near him, thus creating a lot of childish drama along the way.

It's a fairly straight forward story read more
Mar 4, 2019
Vending Machines are big and heavy, but they offer a huge amount of different items. What would happen if one suddenly showed up in a fantasy world? Pringles and Coke for everyone!

Story: A man is crushed to death by a falling vending machine while trying to catch it from hitting the ground, and is reborn as a vending machine in a fantasy world. Now he sets out on a journey to see the world. The problem being that he can't move. Or talk. Or transform into a Mecha Robot (I mean, it would make some sense if he could?). He's just a vending machine that read more
Mar 2, 2019
Sword Art Online and Accel World is in the same "universe" with different characters. SAO starting in 2022, and Accel in 2046. Of course the security has increased to a level where it's no longer dangerous to use Virtual / Augmented Reality in 2046. The author is showing in SAO the risks of this newly invented game technology, and in Accel World he shows the evolved version and how useful it is in everyday life.

Story: In the year 2046, they have a device that long since replaced cellphones and computers, and it's worn on the neck. This story is about a certain fighter game knows read more
Mar 1, 2019
An orphan saves a princess from being kidnapped. And is hated by everyone for it, because he's a poor commoner, unfit to even live on the same planet as the "chosen elite". So everyone wants him dead, because no one likes a hero who was born with nothing. Me, I liked this protagonist.

Story: After saving a princess, an orphan boy is forced to go to a school for the chosen elite, nobles and royals. He's harassed, bullied and hated for no reason. And finally he's accused of being a criminal after saving the princess for a second time. It's to make you feel sorry read more
Feb 28, 2019
Potions might not seem like a very interesting thing, but if you've played a game with potions / buff items, you should know just how many different kinds there are.

Story: A person is accidentally killed by God, and then she demands a bunch of super useful skills to make her life in a new world easier. This is a mass-produced story that you see everywhere. BUT! The writing of how it worked, from death to her revival, was undoubtedly unique and well written. She put up a lot of demands, more or less forcing the generous God to obey her every wish. And finally in read more
Feb 23, 2019
Amagi Brilliant Park has the same Author as Full Metal Panic, and it seems he put Amagi on hiatus to work on the more popular FMP. (no new volumes in three years, as I'm writing this)

Story: There's this amusement park with a bunch of cute animals and beautiful girls, and the entire staff is actually from a different world, they settled here on earth to create a place to make people happy. Due to bad management skills, they are nearing bankruptcy, so they turn to a complete stranger (a high school student, obviously) for help.

That's the general story, and it's not bad. There's always read more