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Jul 7, 2020
A high school girl falls in love with an adult male, and then she more or less starts stalking him. Telling him over and over that they should be together. Is that romantic, or scary?

Story: Personally I really like this story early on. It's very immature and silly, but adorable. "I love you, even though we met a few seconds ago, let's be together". It's just so refreshingly simple. The problem is that it's a shoujo manga. So there is far too many dramatic back stories and flashbacks. The Man has crafted and sold a gitarr many years ago, and the female protagonist just read more
Jul 5, 2020
Imagine this. A medieval fantasy world, giving someone a digital camera. No reaction at all. But giving someone a fish, still fresh from the ocean, and everyone loses their minds. That's what this story is. [PS: It's more than one year after I bought vol 1, and vol 2 is still not out yet. Is it cancelled? I dunno.]

Story: In this isekai story, the protagonist can teleport between our world and a medieval fantasy world. (why is isekai always medieval??). The protagonist uses knifes and guns to defend herself in this world. She is too weak to throw grenades, unfortunately. Then she decides to open read more
Jun 9, 2020
This is a story about a Crocodile and his animal friends, they visit restaurants all over the country to try out all kinds of gourmet foods. But can a Crocodile truly be friends with animals like Rabbits and Cats?

Story: Do you like Gourmet stories? Do you like animals? If your answer is no, don't even bother reading this manga. There is a repetitive formula here. The Crocodile hears of a restaurant, usually from the Rabbit friend. Then you will get information about the food while they are eating. And some additional information about animals. It's weird enough to make it worth a read if you read more
May 9, 2020
"Oh brave one, collect the Seven Orbs scattered across the world, and thy wish shall be granted." Hmm, feels like I've heard something similar before??? Maybe it's just my imagination...

Story: A princess is traveling the world in search of 7 orbs, if she gathers them all, she will have one wish granted. As if that parody plot line wasn't enough, there is a huge problem with the "romance". The protagonist tells the princess that he will help her find the Dragon Balls if she gives him an successor. And being a 1000 year old virgin, the protagonist is so stupid he did not realize what read more
Mar 24, 2020
"Ryota Yamane sets out to steal a girl's panties and creeps into her room only to find her dead body. Why doesn't he go to the police? Because he is holding another girl captive in his room. The next day, police come to question him suspecting him of murder! Will this pervert be able to reveal the real murderer's true colors?!" - BookWalker (MAL doesn't have a synopsis for this manga)

Story: Wow, this story got real intense really fast. Sure, it's only a one-volume story, but damn I got hooked right away. But there is just one slight problem that many people would question. read more
Mar 17, 2020
Yet another story where the protagonist is telling himself he is "perfectly average". But in actuality, he is over-powered as f**k. Oh so original.

Story: A boy is strong enough to defeat monsters with no effort what so ever.
A boy knows magic spells thought to be lost long ago.
A boy goes to the Magic Academy, and the teachers want him to become the new teacher since this boy knows more than anyone else about magic.
This boy is calling himself "perfectly average". *sigh* I've said it before, I'll say it again. I hate protagonists that are over-powered for no reason. Saitama at least trained read more
Dec 11, 2019
When someone is summoned to another world it's always a Japanese citizen, usually a man. But this time a demon king from a fantasy world is summoned to a different fantasy world. Mind = Blown

Story: Okay so despite the typical fantasy event of summoning someone, this story is surprisingly original. Seriously. A man known as the ruler of demons, eater of children and of destroyer of cities, is summoned to another world by a woman being attacked by a goblin. They fall in love and thus this romantic story begins. *chuckle* The protagonist is ridiculously strong and he could take over the world (probably), but read more
Nov 8, 2019
An adorable talking dog that solves crimes with it's owner. I thought it was gonna childish, instead we have a surprisingly mature story with deep emotions. Along with a few disturbing scenes I wish to forget.

Story: So... *cough* The talking dog is very entertaining and certainly makes a good detective. The whole first volumes was one arc. While not revealing anything about the "main plot-line", the first arc was indeed well made, had a good pace and ended in a satisfying way. They threw in many serious and uncomfortable dilemmas straight away, making in hard to stop reading, but also feel a bit conflicted about read more
Oct 21, 2019
You know those characters that are called evil, but are actually heroes of justice? A Demon Lord that wants to live in peace and harmony, and saves anyone in trouble, stuff like that. I hate characters like that. The protagonist here is like that. So the story is like, role-play? He wants to be a bad boy, but he never actually did anything bad.

Story: The prince doesn't care about his kingdom. He wants to betray the kingdom for the right price, and live an easy life with his woman. Supposedly.
In truth it's a story about a loved-by-everyone prince that saved his country and read more
Oct 1, 2019
Gods love to teleport or reincarnate people in to other worlds and make them heroes, we all know that. But accidentally teleporting a whole house (and the family living in it) to a fantasy world is just not cool. The kids have school and the daddy needs to work!

Story: No, the protagonist is not a hero! He is just a simple employee in a small guild office that is on the edge of shutting down... (there's a lot of bigger, well known guild offices in the city after all) He's in charge of getting the merchants to give their quest to this small guild branch read more