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Sep 27, 2016
We all know Non Non Biyori is god-tier already so I'll keep this short.

+Hotaru had fun
+The main theme was remixed to sound all french and shit when they were cooking
+Candy Store had kitten mittens
+Hotaru had fun

-Natsumi almost got killed by an old zipper lady in Komari's dream
-The animation for the flying squirrel gliding over Komari's head was used twice
-Hotaru couldn't see the squirrel babies in the tree from the ground
-Pechi's woofs still sound eerily human

To conclude, Non Non Biyori has seen a dramatic decrease in quality ever since they completely fucking forgot about Gu. Gu was a classic season 1 gag and he always brought read more
Mar 24, 2016
Erased follows Satoru, a jaded pizza boy and struggling manga artist who plays vigilante after connecting a string of murders that took place during his childhood. Like all pizza boys, Satoru is burdened with the ability to time travel, an ability which automatically activates whenever someone in his immediate vicinity is nearing fatal danger, allowing him to save lives.

It's established within the first episode that this is an ability that lets him travel 1-5 minutes into the past to prevent something bad from happening, yet, when he comes home to find that his mother has been murdered and the unknown assailant has set him up read more
Dec 4, 2015
From the get go, Tokyo Ghoul :re set itself up to have a mixed response-with its time skip, amnesiac protagonist, and how it seemingly forgot 90% of its cast and replaced them with a plethora of new characters with wacky designs and sudden significance to an ongoing story where before they hadn't even been mentioned. These factors, along with a major change in art style understandably lead to some fans of the original manga feeling disinterested, or at least intimidated; however with more than 70 chapters under the sequels belt, I'd have to say I'm particularly impressed with a vast number of aspects the sequel read more
Sep 22, 2015
Having finished the first season of Non Non Biyori, and shortly after, stumbling across a promotional poster with the cold stare of Ren-chon, water pistol in hand, and the ominous words "I'll be back", I couldn't have been more excited.
I absolutely adored the first season and couldn't wait for more; however the large majority of my focus turned to the horrifying possibility that it wouldn't live up to its predecessor.
Now that I've finished the second season, I can safely say that not only does Non Non Biyori meet the charm of its first season, but in fact exceeds it (for me at least, that is.)

If read more
Jul 3, 2015
---The review contains spoilers---

Story: 4/10
So uh....basically there's this school right? and in that school there are witches...7 of them
and uh..they have powers...and they use those powers by kissing people..UH and there's this dude and he copies the powers of witches if he kisses them...but he doesn't know. BUT THEN he trips on the stairs...and accidentally falls on a girl and kisses her... AND THEN SHE IS A WITCH and her power is to swap bodies, so they swap bodies and he has a vajajay and she has a weenis, and then they switch back but start kissing lots to swap bodies and pretend to be read more