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Feb 22, 2018
Imagine you are walking up a staircase of your memories and on top of those stairs lies the exit to real life. There are many memories that you wish you forgot, there are those that are bittersweet, funny, ridiculous; an amalgam of emotions and thoughts. You are going on a journey of enlightenment with patience and endurance for whatever comes in the way. Suddenly, the staircase ends and you are not even close to the surface. You start pondering whether your quest of reaching the top was fruitful or completely for naught. You consider waiting for the rest of the staircase to appear and keep read more
Aug 13, 2017
"You know y Danganronpa the Animation was not good? It did not transcend the troll levels. Let's troll the world."
-Kodaka, 2016

The art of trolling or what I like to refer as shock factor and pretentioussness galore is a rather modern art that has become so mainstream that anyone will try to do it and the one who does it the best gets recognized, while the rest become casual fodder or the elephants in "The Room" (I question my life with every breath I take. Please do not mind my antarctic cold humour). If recent memory serves me well, Arrival did the biggest fu troll in read more
Jul 27, 2017
Remember my review for Baysona 4 the Cash-grab animation where I mentioned that many adaptations are very rushed and characters seem bland due to skipping major character development? Well, Danganronpa The Animation falls into that category of video game adaptations. The difference? It actually has an interesting, original concept and it is ambitious. Nonetheless, it falters a lot on all possible levels.

Michael Bay-sama would use an interesting concept and find as many ways as possible to milk everyone's money untill it runs dry and then move on to other concepts. To be honest, the producers tried to avoid this technique and seemed to care about read more
Jul 17, 2017
Fuuka (Anime) add (All reviews)
I recently got more familiar with the music genre in anime and there are usually three paths the series follow: 1. It becomes one of the best in the medium excelling in other issues and themes the show deals with (e.g. Nana), 2. It is not great but it is decent and there seems to be some effort from the production team to make it work although they fall flat in some areas (e.g. Fukumenkei Noise) and 3. Cringe-worthy, despicable and irritating cash-grabs that have no merit at all and everything modest about the show is completely tossed out of the window. Unfortunately, Fuuka is read more
Jul 5, 2017
Anime is a medium in our society that deals with many sensitive topics such as incest, rape and terrorism and there have been cases where the topics are treated with care and understanding and other ones were it is just in there without any proper thought given on the topic. For example, Koe no Katachi handles the theme of bullying with a lot of care by showing what happens from the victim's and the bully's point of view. But, that sometimes works against it, because the victim who is deaf is treated as a person to feel sympathy and no other emotion. This example shows read more
Jun 30, 2017
Music as a genre in anime is usually a mixbag for many viewers since most of the times either the music is not to the viewer's taste or the series deserves to be thrown in a trash can and beaten a thousand times with a baseball bat. However, the anime gods have blessed us in the past with decent and even great shows, like Nana and Beck to name a few. Even getting a music series with a decent plot and not a rushed and shit conclusion is a miracle. Fukumenkei Noise is not at all from the best of its caliber, but *angelic voices read more
Jun 15, 2017
Remember in my Psycho Pass Movie review about the movement of Michaelbayanism? Well, in a few words, Persona 4 the Golden Animation belongs in that movement. You could literally rename it to Persona 4 the Cashgrab Animation or Baysona 4 the Michael Bay Animation. In short, it is not good and a disgrace.

When I saw how Golden in comparison to the Original, its score was almost 1 mark lower than the former. I did not think it will be bad until I watched it and...yeah it was poorly done. Despite that fact, there were very few moments when I had fun one being the read more
Jun 14, 2017
Video game adaptations are very tricky to do well. You have to make sure you please both the people who are accustomed with the game and those who are not. The story must have a sensible flow of progression and the cast of characters must be faithful and if possible, better than the game. Nonetheless, there are so many cases where the adaptations are schlock for the sake of schlock, recently Assassin's Creed. But most of the time the best level the adaptations can reach are usually up to the level of guilty pleasure and badassery, which at least makes them enjoyable as a popcorn read more
Jun 5, 2017
I will make just a small review since I have reviewed the first movie and my impressions for both movies are similar. However, Kizumono II made more distinct its air of pretentiousness through its dialogue. It is weird and the topics are also, but that is what makes this series fun and pretentious at the same time. The animation got a bit messier on this film in comparison to the first one but it still looks gorgeous. soundtrack was more pronounced in this film and more memorable and it paid off. The story finally got more speed and started to evolve. Same opinion for characters read more
May 21, 2017
This review is dedicated to all the people who have been there for me through my worst times and my family.

Discrimination is a global phenomenon that happens in all levels and areas of society. By definition, it is the negative distinction of a part from the whole by either victimization of the ones who belong to the part or creation of scapegoats to whom society throws away its problems. In one way, discrimination is a major cause for bullying and especially in elementary school, where kids have not fully grasped an idea of flexibility on their believes. Therefore, whatever seems different or standing out more read more