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Prog_upworks13 Sep 8, 6:34 AM
great granblem reiview keep it uup
funtism Sep 3, 12:52 AM
mo penis mo problems
AlterKnight569 Aug 31, 3:48 AM
Another typical Re:Zero hater, just what the doctor ordered. :P
Ded5 Aug 28, 1:36 PM
Lmao that "At least the creators were smart enough to realize how boring and forgettable the characters were so they color coded them." line on your Grandbelm review made me laugh irl. It's a good quote to use for most moeshit. Good review.
AlterKnight569 Aug 25, 4:08 AM
"infamous Re:Zero"
Ah shit, here we go again.
funtism Aug 24, 11:38 PM
mo penis mo problems
Zodazzle Jul 31, 1:08 AM
Alright. I get it. My goal was to try and see if you would actually say anything positive, and all you had to say was that Part 4 was better. I was going to see if you would accept that beyond the villain that you hate and the plot you have a distaste for, but nothing. I haven't even brought up La Squadra, the first group of villains in the series to have an realistic and fueled goal that leave a bad feeling in some people when they die. I haven't talked about the fact that Part 5 was the first part to give all of it's main cast backstories that explained why they are who they are and why they have sworn loyalty to the gang. The first main JoJo to not be inherently good and have questionable goals, along with a fully fledged backstory too. The fact that there are a multitude of anime-only scenes that answer questions, and that DP turned two characters that were hinted to be homosexual into a clear couple. The fact that the openings are literally changed by the main villains. At this point I'm just having to name things that were good to disprove a bottom of the barrel score. But I'll just stop now that this is devolving to ad hominem, and I'm tired of writing long winded messages. Call me thick skulled, it doesn't change my opinion on the part. Golden Wind is not even my favorite, and has glaring weaknesses, and yet you wail on it for all the wrong reasons. I just hope Part 6 is to your liking. Which it probably won't be, because Part 6 is even more averagely hated and isn't a slice of life with plain villain of the weeks like in Diamond is Unbreakable. But slander Steel Ball Run and I will be sure to care.
Zodazzle Jul 30, 7:24 PM
Mate, I have a disagreeing opinion with you. Just because of that you don't need to go spouting insults and saying I have a "lack of understanding" for other opinions when I'm just arguing over one single opinion. Yours. The animation in Part 5 was amazing, every other part had some dodgy drawings but the newest have been the most consistently good. This was apparent to me the second that the first episode was shown, and has stayed pretty obvious in my eyes. The soundtrack, oh the soundtrack. It's main song, the main character's song, has managed to become so popular in the fan base and outside that it's almost overused at this point. Beyond the other songs, which do so much to help either the tense atmosphere or the Italian setting. The voice acting is on a whole level, and has recognizable figures that fit their roles. These didn't raise it from a 1? You realize you save 1 scores for things that don't have any of this?

Once again, there is no "save the world" scenario. Diavolo calls himself an emperor, but doesn't plan on blowing up the planet. He won't enslave the planet. We aren't even certain that Diavolo has the potential for a requiem, and that entirely relies on whether fate decides so. If you want to say Diavolo is bad because he has a few tropes like being a Dio-like character, then go ahead. You can draw those comparisons. Every character has designated tropes, and I would say his are a little clearer. I won't even bring up the fact that he has a split personality and that his design is one of a kind.

Actually, I just realized that I never brought up the designs. I'm not overstating, but the character designs are amazing. Hirohiko Araki literally got his works put in the Louvre because he is great at design. And yet still a 1.

And if you want to call the requiem arrow an ex machina, I guess you can. That doesn't necessarily make it a bad one. Keep in mind that the requiem arrow is literally just a stand arrow but was made better. You want a real ex machina? Part 3's finale was heavily an ex machina, and there was no reason to believe that Jotaro would have "the same stand" as DIO, but it happened. But Part 5's finale didn't suddenly bring up the requiem arrow. Since King Crimson wouldn't be able to take on the main characters very well, the requiem arrow was shown likely to be a simple MacGuffin that would give Giorno an easier time to shine and live up to his potential. It is literally exactly like the Red Stone of Aja from Battle Tendency. It is the key to stopping the main villain, but it's also what the villain wants. Why not bring up a trope like that? Why not criticize it for being introduced a little too close to the climax. Just because something is an ex machina in your book doesn't necessarily make it bad, that is just a plot tool and nothing else.

When you say there is no symbolism... are you joking? The best example of symbolism is Fugo's Purple Haze, which is his inner anger materialized into a stand. Or Abbacchio's Moody Blues, that shows his trouble at getting over the past that he made for himself. Or the fact that Diavolo literally translates to "devil" in english, and thus implies that he might not be just a bad villain, but something far more sinister (possibly satanical). One more, the fact that Gold Experience Requiem's whole power is symbolic of what Giorno wanted at the exact moment when using the requiem arrow. He wanted to defeat Diavolo, and so he got an ability that does the exact opposite of what King Crimson does. GER keeps the cause and removes the effect, while King Crimson removes the cause and keeps the effect. I could go on, and once again there are many videos that try to go in depth.

And back on the animation, it was undeniably good. The style was pretty original, the movements were incredibly fluid, and only in shots where characters were out of focus were there some bad drawings. King Crimson is possibly the most expressive thing all year.

On the dialogue, how is it predictable? Honestly. That's just something more subjective and I myself never found it predictable.

Once again, I'm not saying you are a bad reviewer, I'm not saying Part 5 was perfect. But a 1? Are you aware of how much your review sticks out? Even the worst reviews for it give like 4's or something along that line, and even harsh reviewers give it credit when it's due. I'm just saying that you giving it the lowest score possible feels unnatural and to a certain degree, undeserving. Almost like you gave it a low score just out of spite for something. Hell, you can't even say they didn't take time. DP spend over 1/5 years on the show and were extremely faithful. I know you shouldn't trust the average score of a show on MAL because a lot of people just like to give 10's, but the pros outdo the cons. I personally gave it a 9, but if I had to be extremely picky I would still give it a 6 at the very least. Not to mention that these messages have given me the feeling that you went into the show with a bad perspective and kept that perspective, since you seem to be shitting on everything for the sake of shitting on everything. You also managed to attract another JoJo hater that went the extra mile to call the #2 manga on MAL as trash. Now do you see why you can be interpreted as a troll?
Zodazzle Jul 30, 6:01 AM
Did you give it a 1 because you hate JoJo fans? That's not how you conduct a review. I hate SAO and it's fan base, but I would never give any of it the lowest score. I'll put that out. I'm not saying Golden Wind is a 10, there are flaws centering around the main character, beyond other things. But even saying the plot was bad and the characters were bad, there's still animation, soundtrack, voice acting, and more that raise it up a notch. I didn't read the whole review, that's my fault. I got too fed up with the parts I did read.

The part never revealed itself as a "save the world" situation ever. Diavolo's goals weren't explained all that well at all, but he wasn't bent on destroying the world. He was making life terrible for many people in Italy (and likely abroad), but that was it. Diavolo superiority complex wasn't straying away from Giorno's goal to take down the former, it was making it more justified. We the viewers were shown that Diavolo was selling drugs and increasing crime rates in Italy, and so we want to see him fall so things can be better. Then he turns out to be extremely egotistical and murderous, which is one of the aspects that is commonly used to make villains more of a bastard. And now he wants his daughter dead, and we the viewer now have a deeper hatred. If you weren't satisfied that Diavolo was brought down AT LEAST to a certain degree because of who he is, then I'm surprised.

And I'm tired of people saying the requiem arrow was a deus ex machina. It really wasn't. Stand arrows were prior knowledge, and the newest revelation is big surprise, there's an arrow that is better than the rest. The guy that made the arrows probably wanted to create something stronger, and thus made a requiem arrow. It's not stated, but I've theorized the requiem arrow has a "higher dose" of the stand virus that is on each arrow. Before you say that King Crimson was already introduced and was shown to be stronger than the main characters, he wasn't. Diavolo literally said that the reason why he didn't attack after Giorno and the gang had gotten to Bruno at Venice, it was because his ability isn't good when there are multiple people directing their full attention. King Crimson relies on sneak attacks and confusion. The gang already knew what Diavolo's power was, and Narancia even had a radar ability that would make locating the enemy that much greater. Honestly, the gang could of beat Diavolo even without the requiem arrow.

I would also argue about characters, but there are tons of videos that talk about each and every character from an array of creators.

My general point is, don't give a show the worst score when it's not even that bad on a surface level, symbolic level, or a technical level. It's not perfect at all, that only applies to actual beauties like a certain other JoJo part that has yet to be adapted.
Zodazzle Jul 29, 5:22 PM
I'm not mad about your Golden Wind review, I'm just disappointed. Disappointed that you say FMA and One Piece are contemporaries when JoJo came out decades beforehand. Disappointed that you refer to the part as a "save the world" scenario when it's really "defeat the boss so the main character can take over". Disappointed that you called the main characters cardboard cutouts when they all have plenty of character. I could go on, but I hope that you don't actually believe these things and that you are trolling.
LimeLemonades Jul 29, 7:10 AM
Very good review on the Jojo Part 5 anime. And boy will you have a field trip with parts 6 / 7 / 8! It only gets worse and worse.
Schn1tte Dec 1, 2017 1:33 PM
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Schn1tte Dec 1, 2017 1:24 PM
ahh u know .. thats funny .. cause you wrote "no memes" and .. thats a meme. hah hah .. hah *awkward silence*
Skorpie Dec 1, 2017 1:23 PM

Schn1tte Dec 1, 2017 1:18 PM

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