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Feb 24, 2018
I'm not going to be the one to hype this 'masterpiece' up to those unaware. No, I read the manga first, then saw the movie, so maybe I had more plot and development to go on, which affected my vision of this movie. The movie treats Risa as nothing, Kanae as filler, and Akari's feelings are left unexplored. Only Takaki is given any depth, and his mannerisms are without reason. Please, please, if you are interested in this, READ the manga. The manga is a masterpiece of emotion, heartbreak, and unrequited love. The movie is just lackluster, even if it is the original source. Maybe ...
Feb 22, 2018
Death Note (Manga) add
Everybody pretty much knows what happens in this story. A battle of wits between "L" and Kira. I'll keep it short and straight to the point: the art is incredible, especially the hair, but the plotlines with the different tactics was awesome to read, especially towards the end where "N" and Kira give their big monologues about how they got the advantage on the other.

While reading the story, you may come to understand Kira's side (evil needs to be wiped out, but can only be done by a divine presence. I believe that's a truth in this world.), but you will love L even more ...
Nov 5, 2016
Cross Epoch (Manga) add
Ah, let's see here. The characters are nothing like themselves from their respective manga. The saving grace is the art. The story is...what? Look, this was the most unenjoyable read since Medaka Box. Just save yourself the awfulness and keep your eyes away from this one-shot.

Oh, and I couldn't even tell if Vegeta was a villain in this, and where was Gohan?? Wasting of the dragon ball, why does Piccolo need a train when he can fly? Why is Krillin a conductor? Master Roshi choosing sex over saving people? Though a good jab at his personality, it is in no way how he would've ...
Jul 28, 2015
Sukedachi 09 (Manga) add
Preliminary (2/25 chp)
Seeing as how there's been no reviews, I'll make one. Sukedachi Nine...I'm sure we've all heard of Seishi Kishimoto by now. If not from his series, 666 Satan, than from having read his twin brother's work, Naruto. Let's get down to it. If you're looking for a long series, then you're fresh out of luck. This series only has TWO translated/scanlated chapters, with a total of 6 chapters out right now. Search as you might, you'll find no cause or reasoning for this. Mangastream was the only group scanning this series, and they dropped it for unknown reasons. On that note, there is little character ...