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Oct 15, 2015
This review is for the story and literature/writing style so it may not contain any plot discussion and no spoilers of course.
This could be one of the longest reviews I have ever written and the reason is that no matter how many praises you give this novel, it still doesn't do it justice. The novel is one of the most, if not the most, underrated novel. I have read many novels and light novels but this one easily smashes them in every aspect. The biggest reason this light novel went undetected is because of the unknown author and the other reason is the read more
Oct 10, 2015
This review may contain very minor spoiler or no spoilers at all.
Zettai naru Isolator or The Isolator was adapted/turned from a web novel into a light novel. The web novel was written 10 years ago and went on a hiatus since then until it was picked up on 2014. Reki Kawahara, or should I say the writing machine, produced this piece of literature after working on two very successful novels, SAO and Accel World. I will spare you from the explanation since it's written above in the synopsis.

Story 8/10:
I apologize for this half-assed description but I don't want to revel too much of the read more
Sep 19, 2015
There's a short version at the end if you don't want to read this (even thought it's not that long)

Probably no one expected something interesting from this anime. It looked like some generic fantasy anime with some fanservice and no plot. By the fourth episodes, it turned into one of the most thrilling anime this season. It started boring but the mystery element and the cliffhangers, made the viewers excited for the upcoming episode. What made this anime unpopular is that it's adapted from a light novel, which is written by Ishio Yamagata. We know for the last couple of years, light novel adaptations were read more
Aug 5, 2015
MY First Serious Review ! The review doesn't contain spoilers

People say that the anime industry is going down. Well, that's completely wrong. What's going down is the quality of the anime. Unique plots is something rare to see in modern day anime.

Story 4/10
One of the worst parts in the anime. The setting is in a fantasy world where magic exists. Yeah, you probably heard that in most synopsis of new anime. There's probably nothing special about the plot. Fanservice is there and in an excessive amount that makes this series unwatchable. This anime is probably going to the harem route but it's just a read more