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Oct 30, 2016
This week on sports I never thought I'd be watching: Cheer Danshi! an anime about something I didn't even fully digest was a sport until now. Now onto the review.

The story is rather simple. Kazu forms an all male cheer leading group. Why all male? Because it's a new and refreshing idea in the cheer leading world, or so I'm told. It actually slipped my mind how forgettable that reason was and I ended up watching the recap just to remember. And assuming it is a convincing enough reason to get their first few members, it is where a good portion of the minor conflict read more
Jul 10, 2016
No.6 (Manga) add (All reviews)
Before I begin, I'd like to say that I have no point of reference because I haven't watched the anime or read the novel so don't expect any comparisons. That is all.

The story of No. 6 is of a utopian world which is revealed to be dystopian. The problem? We’ve seen this pattern a million times and No. 6 does nothing to stray from that pattern. They don’t execute it particularly badly nor do they use it cleverly. Nezumi is driven by revenge as most everyone is just struggling to survive. Not much depth is given to the world and is left vague from start read more
Jun 17, 2016
Think of where you are in life right now. Are you happy? Unsatisfied? There has to be something you're unhappy about. Think about that decision you made a year or two ago that put you in this situation. You'd like to try changing it, yes? Do you think you would become a more well-rounded person through that change? Now how would you change it? All you have to do is keep thinking about it until you reach the perfect answer to reach an ideal outcome.

That is, if you're fine with looking for something that exists in neither reality nor your imagination.


Tatami Galaxy revolves around our read more