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Feb 4, 2020
'Bai She: Yuan Qi' or the English title, 'White snake', explores the conflict and divide between the human and demon race as well as the romantic unification between two individuals from these respective races: Blanca, a snake-demon and a human snake-catcher. Xuan Ah. This film is based off the Chinese fairy tale, the White Snake.

Blanca was saved by Xuan Ah after her failure to assassinate the general who was destroying her kind for the sake of immortality and both go on a journey to recover Blanca's lost memories and her identity.

I gave this Chinese film a 7 because it measures my enjoyment of the film. read more
Feb 3, 2020
I love Ilya Kuvshinov's artwork, which was what interested me into viewing Birthday Wonderland because his style was prevalent throughout the film. However, in the end, his beautiful art style couldn't save this boring and predictable film.

The story itself, for me, felt lacking. Events that have happened, for me, felt like they came out of nowhere because it's cause and effect felt deficient. Not only that, specific scenes in this film were unnecessary and either contributed nothing or information dump that made me yawn or want to do something else while the characters were talking at their dinner table (BORING.)

However, the parallel world the characters read more