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AltoRoark Sep 21, 5:02 PM
What is it about the show that you like so much for it to earn that spot?

I suppose my liking for crime-oriented shows and films is a large part of it, but I genuinely think Cop Craft is brilliant in many ways that most anime typically aren't. First of all, Kei and Tilarna. I'm just filled with joy every time those two are on screen. Their dynamic adds so much flavor to the experience with their constant passive-aggressive remarks to each other. Not only are their interactions well-written, varied, and at times comedic, they're very fleshed out characters who progress from bitter hatred of each other to dubious companionship. The side characters are almost equally great, particularly Cecil and Mr. Zimmer.

On top that, its humor is golden. It's one of the few, few anime that actually makes me laugh out loud. Episode 6 is legit one of the funniest episodes of anything I've ever seen.

And lastly, the story is just full of surprises, and paces them out in such a way that provides intrigue and tension in a near-perfect manner. And no, I'm not really counting episode 3 as an example of that, lol. But stuff like the vampire, Dennis' fairy dust nuke, and pretty much anything to do with Zelada brings such an arcane flavor to the setting and rises the action just when it needs to be there.

And yes, these are sadly held back by the production issues, which makes the matter all the more depressing. That said, there's a reason I'm not putting that much scrutiny on the visuals: it's because I fully expect them to be amended in the Blu-ray releases. This is one of the few cases where I can accept the production falling short as long as it gets fixed later on, because this team is clearly passionate and would certainly love to have it all polished up when given the opportunity and resources. This is the studio that worked on the 2D animation in the new Berserk (the 3D CG was handled by GEMBA), and when you look at the Blu-rays and see how certain 2D samples compare to the original, it's honestly astounding. Some 2D-animated bits in the TV Berserk '16 are comparable to some of the worst you see in Cop Craft, but revisit those same parts in the Blu-rays and the difference is like night and day. That alone gives me enough faith in the Blu-rays of Cop Craft, along with the fact that Shin Itagaki himself is a perfectionist.

Honestly, I don't think I've ever enjoyed an episodic anime this much since Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo. If this isn't the author's best work, then Full Metal Panic! must be phenomenal.

You've seen Ben-To, right? I don't like that show (because the source material sucks, presumably), but it's a well-directed show by Shin Itagaki that has fight scenes shot similarly to those in Cop Craft. But the difference is that they have the high number of frames to make it work. So again, I really think the fault is in Itagaki and Millepensee's low resources not reaching a compromise, rather than Itagaki himself.

Damn, what a textwall I just wrote. I guess Cop Craft as a topic just gets my juices flowing, or just 'cause there's a lot I have to say about it (^:
AltoRoark Sep 13, 3:39 PM
Ah, understandable. Tho good to see we're on a similar boat regarding the topic, so thanks for indulging (^:

Btw, about the director...I can't say he's at no fault whatsoever. He has a style of directing fight scenes that's very erratic and unusual, disregarding spatial awareness and other basic principles in cinema. It can work well, as evident in other shows he's directed, but it needs many frames or else it ends up disorienting, which is evident in Cop Craft. So if the director's to blame for anything, it's his refusal to compensate for lack of frames and manpower in action scenes to stick with his vision.

*sigh* ...This all just makes me sad, both for the show and the team. Such a marvelous show with tons of blatant passion put into it that the production values just can't live up to :c
Kuroko-chan Sep 11, 12:57 AM
Thank you, I guess?
HanamiDango Aug 25, 5:59 AM
Thanks! I only recognize New Game from this list. All the others look interesting as well, especially Mushishi. If that clip doesn't get you intrigued I don't know what will! Not what I expected when asking for slice of life recommendations.

I prefer sub over dub, it sounds so weird with english dialogue. To each, their own though. I don't understand the sub vs dub war that seems to be going on sometimes.
HanamiDango Aug 24, 3:06 AM
I find that I enjoy them more than I thought I would, however I need to take a break with something easier. For example, when I watched Re:Zero I mixed in some Love Live and Monster Musume to feel some happiness between all the anxiety. :P

I haven't watched a lot of slice of life but I like the ones I've seen. Like you say, the lack of/"loose" plot is nice. Can you recommend some SoL?

I might actually have seen The Fly, now that I think about it. But that's ages ago so I don't really remember much other than the overall plot. The Fly 2 is best to avoid though, at least that's the impression I got from reviewers.
HanamiDango Aug 23, 2:03 AM
Yeah, but it's been reduced to a meme now. ("Sorry, I love Emilia")

Which The Fly, Jeff Goldblum or Vincent Price? I haven't seen either but it's nice with recommendations. I know what it's about though. I've seen the Simpson Halloween parody. :P

I generally tend to avoid movies and shows that are emotionally taxing because I usually want to be entertained and not have to think and feel more than usual, however since I sometimes stumble on things that surprise me (like Re:Zero) I find that I'm more open to those themes now.
HanamiDango Aug 21, 10:15 PM
Instagram is indeed for pictures, you follow people to have their pictures show up in your feed and you leave comments and likes. It's very much a social media but it felt like a constant strive to post pictures constantly or lose followers and that's bad. Like it's getting a way of life and not an aspect of life.

I understand that Re:Zero isn't the perfect anime and I also understand why people find flaws with it. I tend to be fairly uncritical while watching shows. If it's not something I really dislike I look past the flaws and just "like" it. I don't know how to explain it better than that.

Some spoilers ahead:
Episode 12 is when they gather at the capital and the contestants for throne is announced. Subaru makes a fool of himself despite promising Emilia he won't do something stupid and she gets disappointed and leaves him there. After that he tries to make things right but he (and everyone else) dies a lot. Episode 18 is where he finally breaks and tells Rem that they should run away and live together beacuse he is useless and hates himself. Rem tell him how much she loves him and in detail explains the future they would have (how many kids, where they would live and such) only to have him reply "I love Emilia".

I had to force myself to watch it because I felt bad for the characters and though I wanted to see what happened I got very emotionally attached to them so it was hard.
HanamiDango Aug 21, 9:13 AM
Yeah, I hear you. I had an Instagram account a while back, trying to do what I'm doing on MAL now. Everyone was a kid literally half my age. It felt difficult to relate so I dropped that idea and unistalled the app.

Re:Zero is very bittersweet and emotional to me. I liked it a lot (I gave it a 10) but it got quite hard to watch consistently. Episodes 12-18 was rather difficult for me to handle so it could take one or two weeks until I watched another episode.

What did you think of it?
HanamiDango Aug 21, 1:22 AM
Thanks! Yeah, I get the impression that most fans are in their teens or early twenties. Makes me feel old. :P

It wasn't a particular anime that made me return. It was a lot of small things that made me curious again. Random clips on youtube, games on steam and avatars on forums and stuff like that.The constant exposure to JoJo memes/references and waifu wars on internet and similar things.

The first anime I watched after returning was Re:Zero.
Nithirel Aug 11, 2:44 PM
No problem, it is indeed a good watch. Idk if my original post made it seem like the country was awful, but more just some things that I learned that didn't really sit well with me personally, but everyone has their preferences on what they like and don't like, as well as what they can tolerate and what they can't.
GlennMagusHarvey Aug 5, 2:56 AM
Ah, I didn't know you meant the city. I also had no idea who dubbed Asterisk War.

Yeah, Digibro is short for "DigitalBrony", but I think he's better known for his anime youtubing these days.

I think some of Charles Dickens's and/or Jane Austen's works were published in serial form.
GlennMagusHarvey Aug 4, 5:47 PM
Well, said youtuber is Digibro. Make of him what you will. He says that he decided to check out the show because it seemed reasonably popular at the time, despite his own misgivings and understanding that the show was not up his alley.

What's "L.A. dubs"?

Yeah, I sometimes find that "filler" episodes are actually quite nice since they basically give more time to "hang out with" the characters and flesh out the setting. To some extent I wonder if I have a greater appreciation of something like mono no aware than the average western anime fan...?

And I don't think it's really all that meaningful to try to draw a line between "high literature" and other literature (or similar distinctions in other media). A number of things we regard as classics these days were themselves just commercialized, serialized stuff of yesteryear, anyway. What's more important is the journeys that we experience with them.
GlennMagusHarvey Aug 4, 12:18 PM
I've seen both seasons of The Asterisk War, and I definitely feel the characterization, particularly the character introductions in the first half or so of the first season, are the weakest aspect of the show. It tried to play up the romantic-rivalry/harem aspects, but I think the storytelling got better when it stopped focusing on that and instead focused on the meat of the plot, such as the conspiratorial forces trying to do various things within the backdrop of the setting, and how the characters respond to it. It's also got music by Rasmus Faber which is quite nice, especially the first season's ending theme.

I think the show had/has(?) a reasonable fanbase but it's just that it got a lot of negative attention from a having certain famous youtuber make a twelve- (or thirteen-) part video series complaining about the show. (Incidentally he also says that he prefers Failed Knight more, at the end of that series of rant vids.) To be fair, he does admit that it's not his sort of show in the first place, but even then I think he was just really nitpicky, and he also got some details wrong (for example, Julis's comments about the political situation are not baseless, but actually a preview of details that appear much later).

Re Colleen Clinkenbeard, a funny thing is that I've never actually heard her in her most famous role (Luffy).

As for what I look for in anime... I like stories that let me get to know the characters and the setting resulting in me feeling fond of them or finding them or their experiences relatable, or that leave me with a feeling awe or gratification at the events that transpired, or that otherwise inspire interesting thoughts/feelings. I'm not really sure how to say it...sorry if that was kinda confusing. And I pick what to watch based on them having some "hook" that interests me -- such as character art or a theme song that I like, or a premise that seems intriguing, rather than based on reviews or scores.
GlennMagusHarvey Aug 3, 8:35 PM
I felt meh about Failed Knight until late in the series when it got better. I guess it was worth my time? Well, there's that and also the fact that I think the OP is a really nice song. On the other hand I found Asterisk War to be a more enjoyable show, in apparent contrast with popular opinion...

Anyhow, hopefully the sub works out better for you.

I do have Colleen Clinkenbeard listed as a favorite voice actor, because I'm just very fond of Éclair from Kiddy Grade, but I haven't added anyone else to my list, in part because I gradually realized I couldn't actually recognize voices, but simply came to like voice actors based on liking the roles they played. (And indeed, Ms. Clinkenbeard has shown up in roles where I totally didn't know it was her.) There's probably a handful I kinda can recognize, most notably Todd Haberkorn since he has played at least a couple characteristically hapless sandy-voiced male protags (Jil from Druaga and Kyrie from Sands of Destruction), and maybe Nana Mizuki based on her roles and the fact that she often shows up alongside her songs (though I recognize her style of singing more than I actually recognize her voice).
GlennMagusHarvey Aug 3, 9:26 AM
Well, for what it's worth, I watched the dub too, and found it just fine...of course, your mileage may vary. (I haven't watched it subbed for comparison either.)

The most prominent bright spot in my opinion is one of the fights late in the series. I'm not typically impressed by fight scenes, but this managed to impress me. And it was particularly effective after one of the characters in said fight was portrayed quite seriously in some backstory scenes.

The thing that made me drop it was that I felt the characters were quite annoying, specifically Stella and Shizuku, in the ways that they interacted with each other and with Ikki. (I also didn't enjoy the middle arc that much, but at that point I was already committed to finishing the series.) To be fair, as the characters settled into their roles they did thankfully get less annoying. But if you don't feel this way about the characters to begin with, then you'll probably enjoy the show more than I did, overall.