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Sep 28, 2014
Shin Strange+ is the sequel to Strange+ and it comes bolder and more reckless than the previous season. New characters get introduced. Also the main cast gets some backstory, although the show quickly turns it into a source for jokes, rather than an actual story.

The art and the soundtrack have changed into more comical and even if it feels a bit overwhelming, the show still manages to turn out funny, laugh at itself and make you laugh too. The second season is not as vulgar as the first one. Not only there are less controversial scenes, but the gag art style softens their indelicacy.

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Sep 26, 2014
Strange+ can be described with one word: 'What?!'. It is an over-the-top comedy that rarely makes any sense and shamelessly slaps you in the face with randomness.

The story is episodic. There is no actual continuity between events. There is no start or end point either. It is easy to understand however what the show is about. The 5 minute per episode format doesn't allow for much depth or character development, but missing details can be easily made up by the audience. Because: Strange+ doesn't focus on the story, doesn't focus on the characters or, for that matter, on anything else. It is too busy being read more
Sep 25, 2014
Re:Hamatora is the sequel of Hamatora The Animation. The story continues from where it left off previously and deals with the consequences of the Yokohama incident, as well as the issues in society now that the Minimum holders are revealed. This season is the complete opposite of its prequel.

The mood has significantly changed. It is darker and the seriousness is a constant during most of the episodes. Interactions between characters are more mature and the overall theme has rather grim tones. Even the colors lack saturation and the heavier complex shadows additionally boost the expressiveness - in a way leading the viewer to the expectation read more
Sep 25, 2014
Hamatora The Animation is an odd product of a mixed-media project. And as such it brings out in the viewer a complex mix of emotions with its uncommon approach and attitude, and of course, its obvious problems.

The story is about a group of people with supernatural abilities, that take on different random jobs for money and often help the police in solving rare cases. The show starts off with a strong shounen vibe with hints of a lighthearted slice of life comedy. However very quickly after that other genres get stirred in. In contrast to the colorful animation and the cheerful first episodes there read more