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Jan 27, 2015
I can distinguish this series from its prequel and sequel due to some powerful scenes (which I will not spoil). To me, that makes it special, but other people might think the real value is elsewhere.

Story (10/10):
What makes the story one of the few 10's out there is that it combines romance, comedy, a tale of growing up, and mixes it with what may be the greatest motivational shounen I have come to know. If i had to find one flaw, it would be that I could never amount to Ashirogi's (the main mangaka duo) drive to succeed.

Art (7/10):
The art's nothing special, except for the read more
Aug 18, 2014
After the string of disappointments this show has given me, I felt as though I wanted to write a review to tell others to stop after season 1.

Story (5/10):
The main concept of the story is carried over from season 1, which happens to appeal to me. The problem is that Ren now decided to add in an unnecessary and unwanted new character, but never developed the romance which was supposed to be the focus of season 2. It's an example of one of the worst teased romances out there.

Art (7/10):
The art is just as good as season 1. (For those who have not seen season read more
Jun 15, 2014
I have not seen Inuyasha in forever and do not remember the story, characters, or anything about it, but one day I stumbled upon a copy of this movie. It's as if something wanted me to remember the days of watching Inuyasha on TV.

Story (7/10):
The story was a bit corny and cliche (well, at first), yet had a certain charm to it that kept me watching. What I really liked was how this kept me up to date on the main story as of yet while still incorporating a movie worthy plot.

Art (8/10):
For the time, it was great art. For this time period, it's good read more
Mar 31, 2014
I find art to be an important element in anime. This is just me personally. Now this is an example of an anime where the art does not make up for its cons.

Story (3/10):
This is the worst part of it all. It is supposed to be about three robot girls going up against four other robot girls that want to kill the Robot Girls Z. Why? Because some person on a screen wants them to die. The lack of reason kills it.

Art (9/10):
What can I say? The art is beautiful, shiny, refined, and colorful. The animators knew when to put less effort into it. The read more
Mar 18, 2014
R-15 (Anime) add (All reviews)
I feel guilty and confused after watching R-15. I'm confused on why I feel guilty, and quite a bit more.

Story (7/10):
I'll give it this. The story had a unique plot, but it was combined with very unoriginal concepts. It need not stick to a very serious storyline, or it would have gone worse. Every time it does start to get serious, something would throw you off. I would say it was funny, but it couldn't get more than a snicker out of me.

Art (5/10):
It was average. Nothing to go on and on about, but still caught your eye as an ecchi tends to do. I read more
Feb 26, 2014
Romance Dawn was the one shot manga made by Eiichiro, before he started One Piece. Same concept, yet it was lacking something. He found out what that was and made One Piece. The OVA tries to merge both the manga and keeps the existence of the straw hats.

Story: (5/10)
Luffy has an adventure on an island while the crew looks for him, allowing the manga adaptation to take place. All is well and good, and is just as lacking. That's when the crew comes and start tearing the enemy ship apart as if saying that it's "out with the old, in with the new".

Art: (8/10)
It's as read more
Feb 26, 2014
This is an often overlooked anime when looking at different anime by Shaft. It's a great example of how care-free you can feel while watching anime. This particular anime is very soothing itself, and should not be overlooked as much as it is.

Story: (6/10)
Nothing too special in and of itself. There are two plot-lines you follow. One is Erio trying to become more of a normal girl after living (what seems to be the majority of her life) in a futon, not doing anything. The other is of Makoto trying to get used to his new life in a new house, living with his aunt read more
Dec 7, 2013
Ao no Exorcist is a short shounen that has become memorable. That's not the same as saying it's great though. Here's why.

Story (6/10):
Rin and Yukio were raised by a priest, yet are the sons of Satan. Sadly, it turns into more of a school setting- based anime. While there are still some good, fast action scenes, there are too many plot holes as the story goes on. They train to be exorcists in this school, even though they are part demon themselves, so that becomes a large plot device. One of the better ones too. It's OK, nothing spectacular.

Art (8/10):
I love the art. It complements read more