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Jul 16, 2011
Vagabond (Manga) add
Preliminary (Unknown/327 chp)
A manga you can ignore if you're not into it for the art.

Neiru2012 pretty much brought up all of my distaste for this manga but I think it's unfair to over-simplify Vagabond using spoiler cases.

That is because Vagabond can simply be said to be Shamo set in a samurai period using a famous character like Mushashi.

***Skip to the last paragraph for summary***

This isn't so much saying one is a clone of the other or that one came before the other or that others came before these two.

It's simply my way of attempting to provide a low review without taking away what the manga is by ...
Jul 16, 2011
An underrated fetish manga labeled as ecchi manga.

I don't know what's the modern barometer for ecchi nowadays but to me this is not it and this is what makes Mika a fun short manga to sit down and read up on.

Execution wise, it seems the first plot gets most of the accolades but I think anyone looking for a special short story would be disappointment.

What makes Mika great is how much it gets things past the radar and by great, I mean in a sort of referential kind of thing. Not in terms of quality.

One way to look at it is if you're familiar with ...
Jun 10, 2011
Wow. I didn't really check all the side stories for Hokuto no Ken but this is one of the few side stories that is it's own manga and IMO it even succeeds over the original in many ways.

For those who've never read Hokuto no Ken...actually scratch that.

If you've read Hokuto no Ken, it's safe to say that the series is pretty complete as it is and many of the characters just aren't that interesting unless you are a completionist of canon.

Among all the side stories I skimmed though, Jagi was always the one guy that stood out.

Now for those who hasn't read Hokuto no ...
Jun 10, 2011
Shamo (Manga) add
Preliminary (Unknown/338 chp)
If it weren't for the manga being on hiatus, I would consider this the true spiritual successor to Fist of the North Star. (Hokuto Shinken)

One has to only look at the first few panels to wonder why I'm comparing this to something more fantasy based as FotNS.

...and I think this is what makes Shamo a masterpiece if it actually had a legitimate ending.

The manga is just pure existentialist material for me.

On one hand you had the basic premise. Shamo shattered any doubts I had that a legitimate exciting MMA manga could be made.

On the flip side, Shamo's failure in doing that, is something that would ...
May 25, 2011
Brain Powerd (Anime) add
A horrendous mecha anime that is worth a peek.

Understand that I'm writing this review from the perspective that none of the current reviews represents my perspective of this anime.

Normally this means a show is either worse or better than what the overall reviewers have portrayed since I'm not the type to write a review without looking and considering the rest of the reviews that's been written. Brain Powerd is this one exception.

Let's get the bad out of the way first: Is this as horrible or cookie cutter as many of the bad reviewers have written?

In many ways, it's worse. I'm telling you right now I ...
May 18, 2011
Mixed Feelings
Curling sports manga? More like a manga that's as enjoyable as Ranma 1/2.

I haven't finished reading this manga when I reviewed it and judging by the length (Manga Fox has 3 of the volumes released and the info says it only reached up to volume 4) it's highly unlikely that the manga even comes close to being rated as good as Ranma was but there's a lot of similar things you might enjoy coming into this series.

I won't spoil most of it but let's just say like the sports event in Ranma, there are tons of quirky characterizations in this manga. It doesn't get as ...
May 16, 2011
Kiseijuu (Manga) add
Groundbreaking even today.

Although many have tried to look at Parasyte as an Alien Invasion manga (and it is a fresh one at that if not slightly relying on a successful shonen coming of age formula) what none of the reviewers have alluded to is how much realistic Parasyte is towards explaining the role of parasites in the ecosystem.

Albeit the manga doesn't scientifically "verify" the role of parasites, many of what you see in this manga happen to coincide with real parasites all over the world.

If parasites' existence were easy to explain this manga would only be slightly noteworthy but the things from how parasites need ...
May 13, 2011
Preliminary (49/258 chp)
"What a great manga! I wonder why it's not popular like One piece?"

I wanted to write those words but I've never fully checked out One Piece. The main character just didn't interest me.

Instead this was taken from a Manga Foxer who made that comment.

So from my perspective, it was more because it was a fresh pirate world. If you like Shonen animes, this manga doesn't have much build up to the fights but it's chock full of elements that makes the world unique enough to be on par with some of the classics.

The characters are a bit hit and miss: being too hot blooded ...
Mar 24, 2011
All you need to do is to search "I will protect you" on Fakku to understand the notability of this H-manga.

I don't know how much it ranks but this is arguably one of the most hated Netorare manga out there.

For that alone, it's worth a peek if you can stomach plots centered around a childhood friend being raped and stolen away and then being re-united but the relationship has long been destroyed.

What makes this really different from other Netorare is that this contains a strong female, a Shinji-like pacifist character, a sort of tradition gone crazy plot and ultimately an ending that is more real ...
Mar 23, 2011
A more realistic re-telling of the manga 'Monster'.

People who haven't finished reading the manga Monster may not get this and in many ways the art and the story spoils the final plot developments of that manga, but it cannot be denied: this manga at least is shorter and is much more realistic in the sense that there's no hero to the horror and the timeline of the story is much closer to how long real life serial killers' careers last.

This doesn't mean this is realistic though. From the first panel onwards, it is clear this is meant to be more poetic than realistic. Those who ...

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