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Feb 3, 2018
Recently translated into English for the first time, Sequence is a highly evocative buried treasure that excels in communicating its simple themes through its audio-visual presentation. Plot wise, it presents an interesting fusion of time-travel, reincarnation and shoujo romance. This makes it somewhat unique, and perhaps more interesting to those who may find straight romance stories to be lacking in imaginative appeal. Knowing nothing about it going in, I was pleasantly surprised; it seems like a lot of care was put into this ova.

Sequence is very melancholic, dealing with longing for lost memories and connections, and using the synergy between its shot composition, art style read more
Dec 31, 2017
Golgo 13 is an underappreciated classic by the great Osamu Dezaki, one of the most important figures in anime history. Golgo 13 excels in not just one way, but in three. First of all, this movie is a masterwork of nihilistic neo-noir pulp. Secondly it is an auteur art-house film by a truly visionary director. Finally, it is a poignant meditation on the nature of evil. The three elements are all delivered masterfully and tie into one another with incredible coherency.

Golgo is a stoic assassin with little to no personality. He exists to kill and get paid for it, and is always inexpressive and cold. read more
Oct 15, 2017
There isn't much to say about Iczelion. This will probably be hit or miss with most people. Personally, Hirano's character designs are some of my favorites and I am a sucker for hot blooded, fun mecha shows with women as the protagonists. "Fight!! Iczer 1" is one of my favorite anime, and I had fun with this alternate take on that story.

The powered armors in this series are all really cool - and give off a kind of Super Sentai vibe to me. The fight choreography is very good and the visual direction in general is stylish and effective. The antagonists looked pretty goofy, but read more
Oct 13, 2017
"Windaria" is a gorgeous original fantasy film from 1986, featuring breathtaking art and kinematic animation sequences as its primary strengths. This movie seems to have been riding the wave of industry optimism about high budget and highly artistic anime films, following the success of "Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind" and "Macross: Do You Remember Love?" in 1984. Likewise, many of scenes involving hover vehicles reminds one of the masterful scene flow that one can find in the action sequences in the 1984 OVA "Birth": as we are shown rapidly morphing background shots around detailed vehicle motion from different perspectives – making even a read more
Apr 16, 2017
Vifam can be best described as a show that settles upon simple concepts and focuses on executing them as well as possible. The show has a simple premise: humanity has expanded out into the galaxy and has come into contact with an alien race, over time war broke out between humanity and them, a group of children( from ages 4 to 15) got separated from their parents in the fighting, and we follow them as they go on an adventure through space to find them again. They learn to defend themselves, make hard decisions, and grow up a lot along the way.

These children and read more