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Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!
Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!
Yesterday, 3:26 PM
Watching 8/10 · Scored 7
Dr. Stone
Dr. Stone
Yesterday, 2:11 PM
Watching 18/24 · Scored 5
Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai
Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai
Nov 17, 2:19 PM
Watching 7/12 · Scored 7
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Youmu_Konpaku 2 hours ago
Yupp !
It was totally the kind of story I like, and the whole anime wasn't that bad actually, I really enjoyed it ^u^
Since the start of the year I started noting the animes I watch with more "real" notes.
I actually have a file in which I note every episode individually with 5-6 criteras.
Alpha_Tranny Yesterday, 8:50 PM
I'm super happy with it. It works very well with my brand of shit posting.
Water-sama Yesterday, 8:48 AM
My wisdom tooth has only been hurting for 1 year. My headaches have lasted for about 8 years. I've went to the doctors twice when I was younger but they've only told me, drink more water.
GlennMagusHarvey Yesterday, 12:05 AM
Yeah, a teacher whom I studied with for years and who always has some very interesting insight into his field of expertise.

Feeling like a misfit at a con has to do with not really feeling hugely interested in a lot of the stuff that's going on -- though maybe my hopes were too high the first few times I was at cons. There's a lot of stuff for Japanophiles (and I'm not much of one), and a lot of stuff geared toward subcultures I'm not much into (e.g. maid cafes, or cosplay, though I've at least learned to appreciate cosplay), and a lot of panels on things I thought were already so popular/well-known that people would have picked more niche topics to make panels about (cue me fantasizing about panels discussing my favorite series). So basically I realized that the fandom is a lot bigger than my own tastes, and I also learned to sift through the schedule for panels and other events I'd be interested in, as well as sifting through the artists/dealers for merch I'd like -- rather than mistaking a convention for some sort of paradise that'll endlessly feed my indulgence into my geeky hobbies.

It's a bit ironic that I'd feel like a misfit in a crowd whose niche hobby is the theme of the convention, but it is what it is.
Water-sama Nov 19, 8:08 AM
My headaches have gotten more intense. its gotten to the point where im always in pain. No medicine other than OTC drugs. No doctor yet either. Also, my Wisdom Teeth are coming in. It hurts alot to live.
GlennMagusHarvey Nov 18, 12:23 PM
I disliked MadoMagi but liked BRS.

Welcome to the con scene I guess.

I've always felt like a bit of a misfit at cons, but after going to them a few times I've figured out how to make the most out of my time, between picking out panels I'm into, attending a concert, browsing the dealers/artists alley (including rummaging through this one vendor's giant tubs of random merch from various franchises and picking out some stuff from series most people have barely even heard of but I've watched), and chatting with a voice actor (who turns out to be a fellow nature lover), and snapping photos of cosplayers.

I don't cosplay. In fact, I don't think I even really appreciated cosplay until I started going to conventions.

And I recently got back in touch with a teacher I knew many years ago.
GlennMagusHarvey Nov 17, 4:00 PM
I'm doing okay; not much has been happening on the anime front other than me just continuing to watch Z/X Code Reunion. I did kinda start watching Ms. Vampire (a comedy SOL) so maybe I'll watch more of that. But ZXCR is sorta _the_ story-taken-seriously thing going on in my anime-watching hobby right now. My records indicate that I also finished watching Black Rock Shooter after I last spoke with you. Also I went to an anime convention.

What about you?
RealTheAbsurdist Nov 17, 12:26 PM
You listened to my track? What did you think of it?
I only put one track right now, because I've been busy with school, and I haven't found the time to ask my friend to come over to help me install ProTools so I can properly record, mix and master, another song (although I have tons of written songs).
Do you feel as though you are in a dilemma, where you want to be unique and expressive with your art, while trying not to be too alien compared other works? I feel that when I try to make a beat.
SadMadoka Nov 17, 3:34 AM
Hadn't seen it, nor had I heard of witch house...but there's a Wikipedia page about it.
As far as downtempo electronica goes, my fave is Boards Of Canada. I bought most of their CDs and even a shirt. Here's my #1 song by them.
Julie And Candy
Amethystium is a one man project (with guest artists) blending ambient electronica, neoclassical darkwave and world music. Here's a beautiful track.
And Cybo (her real name) is an old friend of mine who made a lot of electronic music some would call dreamwave.
Shadows Of Reality
I gravitate toward more energetic electronic music, though. Here's a little playlist.

Speaking of dark music...I made a dark music playlist for someone awhile ago. It's a description rather than a music genre, so this features numerous genres.
RealTheAbsurdist Nov 16, 2:56 PM
You're welcome.
Do you know of any music production clubs near you? Like, maybe at school? I joined a music production club at my college, and the guys there know WAY more about the technicalities of music. They've helped a lot with my beat making stuff. I've been told that taking music theory really helps. Thankfully, there's plenty of videos on music theory on Youtube, so you would not have to take a class.
RealTheAbsurdist Nov 16, 11:54 AM
Alright, I listened to your track Anxiety, and I REALLY, really, like it. The way it starts off a little quiet, then becomes loud, was really nice. The instrumentation is less repetitive, becoming more dramatic. The fact that you even made an outro, where the instrumentation quiets down goes a long way than many other hip hop instrumentals I've listened to.
RealTheAbsurdist Nov 16, 11:48 AM
I just listened to your track Methodical, and I like it much more than Frozen. I felt as though the strings (I think they're strings) were too high-pitched, which made me cringe a little. I think you should've added an instrumental to the intro: because the way the track starts, it just jumps straight into intensity, which felt jarring for me.
EDIT: I forgot to add that I also liked how the sound kind of changed up a bit, adding more weight.
IpreferEcchi Nov 15, 1:45 PM
It's the very last step after I watch many more anime.
RealTheAbsurdist Nov 15, 7:36 AM
Sure. Where can I listen to them?
SadMadoka Nov 15, 6:02 AM
Cool stuff, bro! It's a shame your thread didn't seem to get attention.