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Mar 15, 2017
What do you live for?

Neither the question nor the answer to it might particularly interest you, yet reading this manga's attempts at trying to give you answers to this very question can still be a great investment of your time.
The name might strike you as very odd, "Alice" from Disney and in"the borderlands"? Will there be over-the-top humor and a little girl protagonist or what?

Borderlands primarily targets 2 kinds of audiences.
The first one being people who enjoy to read manga with games of life and death and an abundance of characters that make these sort of games interesting to spectate.
The second one are people read more
Sep 11, 2016
Straightforward to what this manga offers/doesn't offer:

- MC: The main character is your stereotypical whiny girl that can't do anything by herself and cries instead of taking action. She can't stand seeing others get hurt or hurt anyone herself.

- Story: Similar to the author's other work, it's about Mahou Shoujos, also known as Magical Girls, once again. This time, however, from the viewpoint of the Mahou Shoujos.
Similar to their other work, the story of this one also moves at a fast pace. It doesn't overwhelm with a too complex story and instead focuses on creating opportunities for the characters to shine with what they're read more
Mar 5, 2013
The Wizard of Oz, The Neverending Story, Peter Pan or The Little Mermaid.
All these tales share the same mix of fantasy and romance with Kiss Wood.


What starts out as some sort of a family drama in a rather modern world, soon shifts our main character to a colorful world within a giant forest where he is soon to find out that things work a little different from where he came from.

The hero in our story is an old man who happens to be obsessed with plants in all forms and shapes. Sadly for our hero not everyone knows to appreciate his interests and even his read more
Aug 19, 2012
To be completely honest, there is no reason to watch this anime if not for the incredible visuals.

Each episode is a few minutes long and aside from the nice drawing style there's only few that keeps your attention. It's a poorly made excuse for a toyota commercial that at first still tries to teach driving lessons at the end of each episode and a bit of slice of life enjoyment in each episode. But from "useful driving lessons" they slowly start to hover over to even more toyota advertising by listing the advantages by driving exclusively toyota cars instead of actually useful driving tips.

The positive read more
Apr 28, 2012
I'm not gonna make a big review, so anyone that wants to just read what the anime is about and if it's worth watching in a short summary, keep reading.

The Genre Horror listed for this Anime is not justified at all in my opinion.
This Anime has no Horror in it at all. You won't get scared.
And even though they list the Anime as "supernatural and drama" this Anime is more of a psychological seinen and a mystery show more than anything.

The soundtrack is incredibly well fitting so if you search for new OSTs to listen to this Anime might be for you.

Very few action, read more
Jul 7, 2011
Lord (Manga) add (All reviews)
This Manga tells the story of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, very similarly like the Manga Ravages of time in its very own interpreted way.

The whole story is from the original RotTK, while at some points the story takes turns and twists which you would NEVER expect as a fan of the Three Kingdoms story. It will serve you what you expect and want from a Three Kingdoms tale while still keep you interested with its very own "what if...?" kind of turns.
It starts out with the meeting of the three brothers and their pledge in the peach tree garden and sadly stops read more
Jul 7, 2011
Gantz (Anime) add (All reviews)
Beforehand I want to say, Gantz is my absolute favourite Manga, but the Anime is certainly not.

Gantz has a really interesting story, the first episode of Gantz is likely the most interesting thing you will see in the whole Anime.
A everyday guy goes his usual way while you as viewer can listen to all of the peoples thoughts of what they are currently thinking. This is certainly something you will not find in any other anime, definitely worth the watch because it's such a different experience and very interesting from a psychological point of view.

What happens then is, the main character gets hit by a read more
Jul 7, 2011
When I started to watch this anime I expected from its title a typical zombie story. A zombievirus gets spread, some people manage to survive it and fight together for their lives.

I got exactly what I expected.

The Story - begins quite interesting somehow because it starts out in the action and afterwards shows kinda how the virus actually started to spread out and then it continues in the normal zombiestory manner.

Mindless gore, people try not to get bitten and stuff. It's nothing special but if you are a fan of zombies then I'm sure the story won't disappoint.

The Characters - are the biggest critique read more