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May 15, 2013
I have to say Reborn is one of the mangas I've liked the most out of the many I've read. What I liked the most, and the reason why I even started reading it is because of the genre shift that made Reborn so famous, and it's something really amazing. It really shows you how the story grows and changes from the original lighthearted and quirky gag manga to a darker and more action based version with great characters and developtment.

Tsuna is one of my favorite characters in all of manga because of his growth from a shy, insecure and cowardly boy into read more
May 15, 2013
Nisekoi (Manga) add (All reviews)
It's true that Nisekoi isn't exactly original when compared to the other harems and romances, but there is something that's unique about it. Yes, it's nonsensical at times and it can get kind of silly but that's part of what i enjoy, I like the way the art shifts depending on how the characters feel and react.

The story is simple but I like the way it develops, especially since we don't really know which one of the 3 out of 4 girls is actually the girl that Raku made a promise with (though, as it normally happens in harems, the writer found a read more
May 15, 2013
When I read the first chapter of this manga I felt kind of happy with myself, even if it was some run of the mill shonen manga I was happy because it was...classic in a way, it's something we don't get anymore cause everyone else wants more complexed stories and settings. I knew there were going to be fights so I had a lot of hope on it.

But it never got off the ground. For this kinds of manga the speed in which the plot moves is vital to whether they live or die, that's why most shonen manga tend to have a read more