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Days: 59.1
Mean Score: 7.37
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  • Episodes3,522
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One Piece
One Piece
Apr 2, 2011 7:12 PM
Watching 491/? · Scored 10
One Piece Film: Strong World
One Piece Film: Strong World
Mar 22, 2011 5:24 PM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 10
Fullmetal Alchemist
Fullmetal Alchemist
Mar 15, 2011 7:22 PM
Watching 3/51 · Scored -
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Days: 7.3
Mean Score: 8.50
  • Total Entries20
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  • Chapters1,309
  • Volumes46
Manga History Last Manga Updates
One Piece
One Piece
Nov 5, 2011 7:37 PM
Reading 645/? · Scored 10
Karakuri Douji Ultimo
Karakuri Douji Ultimo
Apr 5, 2011 8:14 AM
Reading 1/54 · Scored 7
Darren Shan
Darren Shan
Jun 12, 2010 6:06 PM
Plan to Read · Scored -


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shepperoni Jul 3, 2011 11:42 AM
YEAH! XD No sweat, cause I'm also quite the disappearing ninja lately!

We face busy times these days my friend! ((((o.o))))/ But we'll all rest together someday in Valhalla!
Zatoichi Apr 11, 2011 1:45 PM
Of course it's brilliant! I always come up with brilliant stuff xD
I've always loved Samurai Champloo. Who the hell would think of mixing hiphop and samurai together? xD
I've been doing some re-watching of my own. I'm rewatching Cowboy Bebop. I watched a long time ago when I was really young. So I may appreciate it more now since i'm way more mature.

Someday it will end. What the hell am I going to wait for every end of the week if it does?........I don't know....
wildinferno16 Apr 9, 2011 10:03 AM
Oh cool, how's Marketing then? Yeah I do maths, too much to revise for the exams which are exactly a month away now :(
Yeah it is kinda ridiculous how overpriced English players are and most of them aren't even that good :/ And fair enough he is quite young but still a lot overpriced, I think 15mil ish would be about right for him, even that I would consider overpriced a bit especially when you consider how much players like VDV and Hernandes cost. Suarez on the other hand is very good value for money I think. But yeah I guess 50mil for both is good.
The new arc is promising and I quite like it too. I think they sort of need to do the talking and explaining and stuff especially since the mugiwaras have been out of the loop for two years so makes sense but hopefully, the story will pick up.
I know, I read a bit of Toriko manga and it is weird but looked good though. Yeah Fairy Tale I am up to date with the manga so haven't watched much of the anime, recently watched upto ep 30 or so, will probably leave it at that until my exams are over. FMA I was reading the manga, need to finish it though, have read 80ish chapters I think so will read the last 30 sometime and also want to watch brotherhood anime too.
wildinferno16 Apr 6, 2011 10:51 AM
Oh cool, what course are you doing again? South-west London, huh, mine's central and I live in sorta northwest London so never been there, pretty much the only part of London where I've never been.
Yeah well you did get 50mil out of it so don't think it was a bad deal at all especially considering how he is doing for chelsea. Suarez looks like he could be a very good buy especially for his price but I think Caroll was way too overpriced, what do you think?
I think Wigan will go down too but the other ones are close, probably one of westham or wolves and blackpool looking at how badly they have been doing recently but I would rather have some team like birmingham go down as they are super dull. And I quite enjoy watching wolves and westham.
What do you think of the mermaid arc so far then? I loved the fact that zoro completely owned that fishman guy, hogi(i think) underwater, considering they are supposed to be x10 stronger underwater.
Well I have been kinda busy to be watching new animes really but some of them aren't new but a few ones I like are Beelzebub, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni and I'm not sure if you are watching it but fairy tale is awesome too, has been going on for around 70 episodes so far. Toriko which is supposed to be starting next week I think looks reall good too and I have read a bit of the manga for it so I'll watch it too. How about you?
wildinferno16 Apr 4, 2011 9:34 AM
Hey dude, its been a long time.
I guess everything is cool, how about you? Yeah I have been kinda busy with uni recently too and have barely been on MAL for the past couple of months. Cool, so what uni you going to then?
Oh yeah I remember those good convos good times, speaking of football have you been watching it much this year? The relegation battle is really interesting this year, who do you think is going to get relegated?
And I hope you have been keeping up with one piece xD
Laters dude
Zatoichi Apr 2, 2011 3:47 PM
I tried to watch it in dub too but you know what they say: Once you go Jap, you never go back! xD

Zoro's/mugen's voice actor a has a badass voice. That's why you can't imagine his characters under another voice.

Oda is a real pro. Even after the disaster. He still cares about us :(
Zatoichi Apr 2, 2011 3:17 PM
Of course I am!!!! I'm all about life.
I'm fine like always. thank you for asking. How about you?
I've been re-downloading and re-watching series as well. It brings back fond memories.

Zatoichi Mar 28, 2011 3:55 PM
Hey mate. See ya in a few months again xD
Merkul Mar 18, 2011 10:19 AM
Yeah its totally epic, he needs to look more bad ass BUT oh well, the opportunity is long gone! Yeah he is haha totaly wrecked that dude, luffy pwned as well :P
Merkul Mar 16, 2011 8:55 PM
Yeah saw that ages ago, thats how i wanted them to look! Usopp isn't far from that lol luffy and sanji rock in that picture!
CL3 Mar 15, 2011 1:32 PM
Aye. I'm at Nottingham Uni and there is quite a rivalry between us and trent, especially at sports. When there are games between us and them, the guys at trent shout things like "I'd rather be a poly than a c***" to us lol :p

When I was young I only watched the "typical" stuff but got into Naruto in my early teens and generally watched more and more as I went along. It was after watching One Piece that I really started watching lots of anime.
CL3 Mar 15, 2011 10:57 AM
I study and live in Nottingham during term, and live in Leeds with my family during holidays and stuff.

I think there are more anime fans in the UK than you realise. I mean there are at least enough for them to keep releasing DVDs and stuff over here.
CL3 Mar 14, 2011 7:36 PM
Glad to hear you liked the review. I also noticed we were only born a week apart! We have so much in common it's almost scary lol :)
supersarah Mar 12, 2011 6:03 PM
I am indeed! Everyone certainly is QUITE awesome. I can't wait for more fiiiiights!
supersarah Mar 12, 2011 5:53 PM