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Fairy Tail: Final Series
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PseudoWounds Sep 18, 2:10 PM
Sorry for the late response, but yeah, I agree, it really is a shame. I'm brazilian, and here in brazil saint seiya is HUGE. It was the first anime that aired here in the mid '90s, so it was already huge before things like DBZ and pokemon arrived in the late '90s to early '00s. People here are very passionate about it, needless to say the whole community gets very pissed when something like this happens lol

PseudoWounds Sep 14, 8:28 PM
Thank you for accepting! I stumbled upon your review of Saintia Sho and, although I haven't watched that one in particular, I've also been constantly annoyed by how they're always making shittier and shittier versions of Saint Seiya, it's like Saint Seiya became the sonic the hedgehog of the anime industry haha. Your review was great!
VengefulAura Sep 8, 12:21 AM
MAYOII Sep 4, 8:05 PM
it's fine dude

and yea i can understand

if it wasn't for the movie adaptations, a lot of titles (of book series) would remain unknown to many

oh.. that's a surprise
well since you said it i might not watch it for real
i have no idea about the timeline

is there a specific order that i should follow? (sometimes i don't trust the order given by mal)

and yea, but still you can see the difference in power/abilities among them
some are just superior to others by nature

ah, you dislike high pitched voice too like many of my friends

i strongly dislike yandere voice tbh, even more than the high pitched voice you described

and nope, i do not drink nor smoke
though i've tried them before and meh they are surely not for me

do you smoke arkab?'ve done it

for real, what kind of food do you eat at your place?
do your parents cook for you? or do you make your own food nowadays?
Red-Berry-Vodka Aug 5, 9:14 PM
your welcome, tbh i saw your forum post and then i click on your profile, nice to meet (talk) to you!
Red-Berry-Vodka Aug 4, 5:38 PM
Hey, it's funny to find out someone else than me made its comeback to anime watching with DBZ Kai :D it's very good!
-Frost- Aug 1, 6:17 PM
Your Digimon review is easily one of the best reviews i’ve read since joining this website. It’s a shame that it only has 5 votes. +1
Sailor-Sedna Jul 22, 6:31 PM
You're welcome.

Yeah, there was Seiya jumping on top of a guy's motorbike in episode 3 of the original series, but that was more for humor and showing a result of Seiya's training even when he wasn't wearing his cloth.
Sailor-Sedna Jul 21, 4:40 PM
Just finished Saintia Sho's anime myself and I can agree with how bad and very disappointing it was, but have you read the manga so far? While it's got some of the same problems (and Seven Seas considers it a magical girl manga than a shonen one), it's far better and actually develops the characters, yet for some reason, Toei and Gonzo just decided to go for eye candy over character development and story, they sadly were just defeatist and didn't give a single shit throughout.

I think with the motorbike they tried to make Elda act like Priss from Bubblegum Crisis, who was a cool character who often rode a motorbike, but it wasn't cool at all, they may as well not even used that character as she was just there.
bioeffect Jul 13, 12:38 PM
It's Surprisingly quite good.
Superns18 Jul 13, 10:33 AM
I respect your opinion
Superns18 Jul 4, 9:41 PM
02 was 100x better, TK and Kari's relationship was adorable. Davis was my fucking guy growing up
AlexandreFreitas Jul 4, 6:44 PM
Old but Gold.

I think more people will get interest in it and the classic anime,after this month.
MAYOII Jul 3, 11:52 AM
oh damn i wasn't expecting it lolol
you do sound like an avid reader to me arkab
and yes i can relate to them
the books in my room are just piling up without being opened QQ
i just don't have the habit of keeping things organized

the only 'books' that i read are manga and some fiction novels(dystopian is my favorite subgenre)
some of my favorites are the hunger games, warcross, the handmaiden's tale, never let me go, red rising
have you read/heard of anything of these books i just mentioned?

i wouldn't opinion on that one since i haven't seen 02 before
is it worth a watch? i do like digimon adventures but 02 doesn't appeal that much to me and the cast has changed (which primarily discouraged me from continuing the series)

and definitely i need to delve deeper into the digimon verse to understand the power system of the series
but based on my memory, angemon did defeated that clown guy(idk his name in english), who's one of the strongest antagonists in digimon adventure i believe

and yea, as a kid i wasn't that 'curious' about her outfit but looking back right now, it's super inappropriate for kids lmfao

oh that's a pity... since the story really is heartwarming, but i guess it doesn't work for everyone F

oh yea, k-on is considered a cgdct anime as well but it gives off a mature vibe at the same time(direction-wise)

nothing much, hmm, i've went to visit some of my old friends in another state recently, and we had a bbq together
that's something interesting i guess, though i was too much of a wussy to get drunk lol

i went on a hiatus because of work(i received a 3 month job from my dad) and plus i did decided to take some time off and work on my personal skills and reflect on myself too

i noticed you've been binging durarara recently through your last anime updates
you're taking quite a liking to this series huh

Aleczandxr Jul 2, 7:24 AM
If we separate the Palace Invasion from the rest of Chimera Ant:
Palace Invasion > Yorknew > Election > Chimera Ant > Dark Continent so far > Heaven’s Arena > Hunter Exam > Greed Island > Zoldyck family

If we don’t:
Chimera Ant = Yorknew > Election > Dark Continent so far > Heaven’s Arena > Hunter Exam > Greed Island > Zoldyck family