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Aug 21, 2017
Have you ever imagined it that you’re so small just like an ant when you’re in your childhood or even now? Well, this series has brought for you.
Follow Hakumei and Mikochi, two girls who their body so small that live in forest below a big tree.
It’s a warm story that tell the daily lives of these two girls, despite being so small, they can do a hard labor work like make a construction or even repaired it. They can even ride a small creature like insect to travel or help them to carry a heavy stuff, makes a relationship with others small being like them read more
Jul 20, 2017
Wow, I never thought that i can found another hidden gems.
The story is great, even though there just a few chapter, but it is worth the time you spend on it.
There's a boy who is an expert in reviewing a Light novel, he meet a girl who write a light novel and help her to make a good light novel to enter in selection. It's a heart warming story, there's a bit of sweet romance in it, but enough to make you get a diabetes.
The illustration is beautiful too and clean. Anyway just try to read it.

I think that just it, it's my read more