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May 9, 2012

Okay, I'll try to be very straightforward. I went to this manga with zero expectations. And for the first ten chapters, I read a simple but likable romantic triangle. Not great in any aspect, but at least, enjoyable. But, in the last two chapters, what I read was a pathetic, and I really mean PATHETIC, try of the author to give readers a big mindfuck, by suddendly changing the thematic of the manga. And that was atrocious, ridiculous. Well, let's go to the main points:

Story: 2

As I said up there, that was a big fail of the manga. And no, I'm read more
Oct 21, 2011
It's funny to talk about Fairy Tail, because, what in the middle of the series, became one of the most interesting and enjoyable shonens (even with the monstruous fanservices), it later became one of the most clichéd and exagerated mangas around. And I mean, today, it has embraced, if not all, most of the clichés that exist today...

I believe everyone may be aware of the plot, in general, so, I'll skip to the main points of my review:


Hiro Mashima knows very well how to estabilish a good plot, with various mysteries for you to wonder, etc. The problem is in the development of it. Most read more