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Dec 28, 2011
Saki (Anime) add
Want serious Mahjong? Try Akagi instead. Saki plays it fun and easy, preferring thunderous entertainment over logic, plausibility, and critical thinking. This FUNtastic underground gem needs more love. MAL already has plenty of lengthy reviews for Saki, so I'll keep this one to the point:

Pleasant Surprise #1:
For such a seemingly low-budget title, it's voiced by an all-star cast of seiyuu.

Pleasant Surprise #2:
Rather than play out as gagworthy as I expected, the hints of yuri actually spiced things up. Nothing is ever explicitly stated, everything is implied, and the light yuri factor whimsically floats in that fun stage before relationships get ...
Dec 11, 2011
Recommendation: Watch the original series instead. This is basically a long summary with nothing new whatsoever, so only come here if you're looking for a quicker rewatch.

Starting out, I wondered if I could get away with simply watching these movies instead of the series considering that they both reflected the same story. I knew the series would have more material, but maybe these newer movies might have updated visuals, or might tell the story better or at least more succinctly? Unfortunately, no: I'm pretty sure the movies have no new scenes, the visuals are the same, and the plot moves past succinct ...
Nov 7, 2010
"What? 76 episodes of… boxing? 76 episodes set in a small square ring? Yeah, right."

I had no idea.

What makes this anime special is undoubtedly the characters. How each character is so likeable, so original, and so fully developed that you end up understanding, caring, and rooting for them in the end. How even the ones that only last an episode, even Ippo's opponents can be given such plausible and staggering backstories that you might actually find yourself siding against the main hero for a match or two. And how these characters are just so serious with their lives ...
Nov 6, 2010
I went into this anime not expecting to like it very much. I am not a fan of Shakespeare. I am also not a fan of plots that showcase war and revenge. As it turned out, I am, however, a fan of Romeo X Juliet.

This is NOT your ordinary melodramatic love story. This is an adventure.

All of the characters are presented well and integrate with the story seamlessly, allowing this fictional world to brim with life, with living, breathing characters. Romeo and Juliet are portrayed as strong and brave protagonists that dynamically grow through each episode. The Capulets ...
Nov 6, 2010
D.N.Angel (Anime) add
Just watch the first episode — that’s all it should take. There are plenty of lengthy reviews for D.N.Angel, so I'll try to be concise to save you some time:

What makes this anime truly stand out is how the story, the characters, and the romance are all serious and pure. This is not another silly anime where the characters degenerate into loons or crack stupid jokes. They take their lives seriously, which in turn allows you to take them seriously, and eventually get sucked into their world.

Though most episodes are captivating and fun, the show does stagnate in places. ...
Nov 6, 2010
Bokura ga Ita (Anime) add
My review will be different. I might save you some time:

The first half of the show (up through episode 12) was simply wonderful, hovering between 8/10 and 9/10 for me. I don't even mind what happened on episode 12 — I thought they were both right and both acted right.


Between episode 13 and the end, it kept drawing out, and out... and out. It became a true shoujo soap drama where one character picks on the tiniest little things and makes the relationship unnecessarily difficult, while the other character can't get away from the past. It was slow and tiresome. ...

It’s time to ditch the text file.
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