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Sep 23, 2019
Preliminary (5/12 eps)
"How to become an Enabler 101" would be a better title.

The granny fox (she is not a loli by any standard) simply enables all the toxic behaviors Dead Eyes Guy (DEG or short) has and has a negative impact on his health overall.

Lets say its about alcoholism instead of overwork.

Granny keeps rewarding DEG behavior and no matter how drunk he gets home she takes all the blame and pampers him, she even uses the word "pamper".

DEG keeps getting drunker and drunker each episode and granny REMOVES all other responsibilites from DEG so he can drink in peace.

DEG health keeps getting worse and worse yet granny ...
Jun 15, 2017
A hentai done by people who have no idea how sexual attraction works.

This was a lazy work with every shortcut taken from its inception, for starters all the males and females have the same character design except for the haircut. The sex scenes themselves are boring and repeatiive, they are not even vanilla since they lack the elements which make vanilla interesting such as kisses and foreplay.

The sex is just IN-OUT ith a shitload of cringy quotes. There was an entire episode dedicated to constipation mentioning it every few seconds.

This mechanical sex lacked any form of intimacy, sensuality or even shown attraction between the characters ...
Nov 27, 2016
I will start saying that if the sisters had kissed at the final scene this would have been a 10.

The first two episodes are very formulaic, they are sexy and entertaining for the voice acting, character design and because the girls seemed to be having fun. The MC is actually cool, he doesn't try to make a comedy out of his good luck and feels blessed for whats happening to him without forcing anything.

The sisters are a pair of sluts, simply and plainly, they throw at him but it seems they had good chemistry with him after all, we see them having conversations and experimenting ...
Nov 9, 2016
The character designs were exquisite, the girls were bombastic and had very sexy bodies, they usually wore very minimalistic and simply lingerie which made her look even more attractive, there was a lot of talent on those designs... which makes me wonder where did that talent go?

The story is the blandest you can imagine it can be resumed in 5 words "guy gets paid to fuck". And the execution was even worst because the guy didn't even knew how to fuck. The entire hentai it never shows any intimacy, emotion or even lust. just "go on the bed and take my cock" literally, no kissing, ...
Sep 4, 2016
This had me laughing madly for the entire episode, there are many non-sensical twists which actually made sense and non-sensical dialogues which actually made sense too, such as the "adults always betray" speech.

All the characters you like appear and have a role on the special, it uses all the themes and jokes on the series in a fresh way and both, becky and rei were looking stunningly sexy.

The art is what you would expect from a low-budget shaft. It changes quality at random and mixes real life pictures, stills and text frames (not so many as in bakemonogatari, just when mentioning scores) and the most ...
Jul 31, 2016
This is domestic violence made 'romantic'.

- The guy has temper issues and is always swinging from being cheerful to literally throwing kicks at everyone around him

- When he is cheerful he completely ignores the desires and decisions of the main girl. Even trying to prevent her from going out.

- He tries to control her friends and even treatens them with violence, one of them was almost pushed out of a fucking building.

- **HE BEATS HER MANY TIMES** No seriously, more than once he made her bleed from punching her and then gave a pathetic excuse "sorry i was angry".

Only watch this if you enjoyed movies ...