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Mar 20, 2009
I wonder just how many times R2 jumped the shark, because I lost count at around 50 or so. Everything that was great about the first season of Code Geass was absent in R2. Every character became annoying, the plot twists were idiotic at best and character alliances changed like the freaking wind. It almost seems the target audience R2 was aimed at are 14 year old brats with extreme cases of A.D.D. By the end of R2 I stopped caring who won, and who died... I in fact wanted everyone to die. No plot twist, no matter how clever could have saved R2 from read more
Sep 10, 2008
The premise is simple, three complete strangers drawn together by fate to embark on a long, very parlous journey across unfamiliar territory. However, it's not the plot which makes Samurai Champloo note worthy, but rather the characters themselves. There is a very strong relate-ability present in the main characters Jin, Mugen and Fuu; no matter who the viewer happens to be it's a more than safe bet they will instantly find common ground with at least one if not all three. This element within it's self is the very one which drives the series forward, it offers added interest and added suspense as each of read more
Sep 5, 2008
Elfen Lied is often criticized for it's excessive use of graphic violence, dismemberment, sexual situations and of course nudity. However as with many things which come into the line of fire, the majority of critics often times miss the entire point. It is clear many focus on content alone and over look context completely.

Elfen Lied doesn't employ things of graphic nature for ratings, nor does it use them as a hook, although some of the lower level viewers/critics may see it as such, it's in truth much deeper than a simple marketing ploy. Elfen Lied provides a very symbolic look into the world in which read more
Sep 5, 2008
Captivating, engaging, thought provoking, intelligent, and moving; everything that anime should be. If "11" were a rating option I would not hesitate to award Ergo Proxy with such a score. If Ergo Proxy confuses you, don't blame the series, but rather your intellectual short comings.
Sep 5, 2008
I found Death Note to be of exceptional quality, both in animation and in it's content from beginning to end, and when I say "end" I'm referring to episode 25. As far as I'm concerned, episodes 26 through 37 simply aren't relevant, especially when said episodes only serve to either dumb down the premise or even perhaps the viewer with a sort of "shock and awe, look at me and my overly predictable plot twists!" It also doesn't help that the most interesting and intelligent aspect of Death Note isn't even present at the series conclusion, but rather replaced by an extremely annoying, younger knock read more