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One Piece
One Piece
Aug 12, 7:58 PM
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Shingeki no Kyojin Season 3
Shingeki no Kyojin Season 3
Aug 12, 7:57 PM
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Grand Blue
Grand Blue
Aug 12, 7:57 PM
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Shingeki no Kyojin
Shingeki no Kyojin
Aug 13, 5:52 PM
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One Piece
One Piece
Aug 7, 8:15 PM
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Grand Blue
Grand Blue
Jul 21, 3:19 PM
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Congintive Aug 9, 6:57 PM
Happy Birthday! my friend.
SeidouTZ Aug 9, 5:09 PM
Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day.
SeidouTZ Aug 9, 3:04 PM
From my understanding he was getting burned out due to the fact he decided to not take any breaks, so the affect on the manga was noticeable. If are curious you here is a link to it:

Glad to see someone that also recognizes how great of a character he is :)
Ping Pong in general did everything right when it came to the characters, it was superb. Wenge internal struggles about wanting to prove himself and how he overcome it when he experienced a defeat and found his passion for ping pong again by helping others. Trully outstanding.
SeidouTZ Aug 8, 3:35 PM
You summarize everything rather nicely and yeah i agree completely, some of the points you brought up i also dive into in my re review. It was really a shame that all the plot elements that the first part introduced got reduced to nothing more than a messy story about defeating the main baddy indeed.
From what i gathered with his afterwords letter is that he was afraid to take a break since he thought if he took one it would be harder for him to get back at the same working schedule and routine wich in turn would make him start to hate drawing. Despite that, such decision that you rightfully said so was his and his alone so he has no sympathy from me when he uses that as a excuse.

lol well you can view it as a experiement to try enhance your social skills and get to know some new people with the same interests, or you can try the FG wich you dont need much to start a conversation just go into with a open mind and face everything as fun.
SeidouTZ Aug 7, 6:15 PM
Good to hear that you are doing well :) By the way since we didnt talk in awhile did you finished TG:re? If so what are your thougths on the finally.

Hmm i see, well since now MAL has some of its functions down is not possible but have you thought about maybe try out maybe the clubs or the forum games? A good number of people that use MAL generally to keep track of the anime/manga they watched/read, spend their off time on the clubs and in the game section.
Personaly i like more the discussion and social aspect of the site more, but if that isnt the case for you then maybe the clubs and FG can give you something that would make your time on here more gratifying.
SeidouTZ Aug 3, 7:32 AM
Hey man long time no talk, how's it going? You had your profile comments disable for awhile what happened?
Hell_Slayer May 22, 10:24 AM
seriously man what is going on with Berserk
Hell_Slayer May 20, 7:28 AM
hey hey please give me that Ace and Blackbeard gif's link.
xk1ng May 17, 9:14 AM
what's up my dude long time no see, just came to check on you, btw the gifs on your profile are sick ima steal them :devilface:
Hell_Slayer May 17, 4:27 AM
Yo! How you doing?
Hey that Ace vs Blackbeard Gif is really nice
CrookedPanther May 3, 2:34 PM
Yeah i agree with you, i would like another female too. Actually maybe cause i am a girl i would like it if at least Robin learned how to use haki as well. Even Ussop showed some signs of it and he used to be the weakest... that didn't sit well with me.

Out of the minks i guess my favorite was Pedro and Nekomamushi. I really liked Ceasar too he was really funny xD Too bad he went off somewhere.

About Jimbei, i can't say am a big fan of him, he seems kind of bland ? I don't know, i do agree the crew should have a fish-man for the diversity.

I think i ll watch the anime when the whole arc is finished maybe it ll feel more worthy that way. I do read the manga weekly of course!
SurgeonOfDeath7 May 3, 12:57 PM
Btw bro, digging your new profile page! Katakuri and BB vs Luffy gets you a hardcore thumbs up :D
YorozuyaSeele May 3, 12:56 PM

So you're watching Gintama that's great.

Well let me give you an advice.
Just for your information.

The first Episodes and following few Episodes can be quite average.
I know that it can be for many people, so maybe for you as well.

But it will improve a lot afterwards.
So I hope you will keep on watching Gintama
SurgeonOfDeath7 May 3, 12:54 PM
Wano's going to be INSANE man! There's so many directions Oda can take us in....*MIND EXPLODES*!! You're right, the next time it'll be Luffy vs Big Mom rather than Katakuri. He'll most likely be matched up against our vice captain, RORONOA ZORO! The battle of BADA$$E$! Holy shit I can't wait ☜(˚▽˚)☞

Dude how HYPE was 903! My man Luffy a Gokou!!! FAKE NEWS Morgans going strong XDDD
But seriously to see Shanks, BM, Kaidou and BB all in one chapter again along side so many other amazing characters has me jumping all over the place! Avengers Infinity what?!? I'm sorry but I'm too busy indulging myself in a 1.5 billion berry bounty XD! And hahahaha Oda trolling all the Zoro vs Sanji fans with a power up and 10 million increase in bounty! Man's a fuckin LEGEND LOL! Oda just resolved so many queries and demands ppl had of WCI with this chapter! DAYUM!!!

Bro Miura fuckin trolled us hard! Lmao after all that build up to Caska finally meeting Guts, he literally just took another hiatus with that chapter! Literally bruh, the chapter was equivalent to a hiatus for me lol. Please Miura, just show us the fated meeting, I NEED TO KNOW!!! Hahaha this is so bad for long time followers of the series because Miura took 16 years to get off the wretched boat, and begin the Fantasia stuff! ಠ_ಥ

I watched Bleach during my childhood, and yeah it was good, but had severe problems later on with the story. But then again maybe Bleach was more about the fights+designs and less about the story like Jojos ¯\(ツ)/¯

Hahaha yes you def need to hurry, but chances are you've prob caught up with Kingdom since my replies are always so god damn late :p
SurgeonOfDeath7 May 3, 12:37 PM
Told you bro, Mr Morj is one hell of a youtuber. I just wish he would increase his uploads, but I guess his life must be busy since his passion for One Piece is evident! But yeah haha he's def refreshing to watch. To see him in a Reverie stream would be brilliant! Hopefully soon :D