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Mar 26, 2020
A fun shoujo manga about a Sadist prince and Masochist wolf-girl. The story doesn't drag out and it hits all the minor cliches in an interesting way. A prime example of romantic storytelling. If you are looking for a game-changer manga, this is not really it; If you are looking for a great example of shoujo manga that is an enjoyable read, this will scratch that itch.
Sadio-masochism plays a major role in the relationship between the two main protagonists and those who hate the idea of S&M play will likely hate this manga. They will complain that the ML doesn't evolve read more
Mar 5, 2020
Short Review: Ok, full disclosure; This manga is not a 1/10. It is, however, the worst romantic comedy I have ever read. Art aside this has no redeeming characteristics and I only finished skimming the story to give a competent review: The story is boring, the themes are childish, the characters are pathetic.
Basically read anything else if you want a touching romance story, this is a pathetic shounen manga, including the obligatory harem, with an underserving MC. There you go, no spoilers, just don't read this.

Long Review: Here I will reference some other manga that I thought about while reading this dumpster fire.
Kazuya, the MC, read more