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LucidNyxx 1 hour ago
Yeah, where I live there is already a new case with the new variant. This sucks since they said the vaccine might not work with the new variant.
Kunii 5 hours ago
Yea, will see how it goes now
Kingofglory77 Yesterday, 7:05 PM
Oh ok i dont think we have talked bout much anime, whats ur favs? Or ones you could rewatch again
lindapearl Yesterday, 6:50 PM
The only times my family will have people over is if something needs to be fixed and my dad can't do it. That only happened 2 times. Most things especially mechanical ones my dad can fix himself.

I think many cancers are genetics. If the family have a history of cancer then it's a concern, but otherwise not really especially if you are healthy and young. Many people don't need to have cancer screening until they reach 40-50, I think. It depends on the kind of cancer as well. I heard that women should get pap smears once they reach 21. No one in my family see doctors on a regular bases and all females in my family don't bother with going to the obgyn unless if they are pregnant.
Crow_Black Yesterday, 6:15 PM
That would explain why you didn't notice as much yeah.
Crow_Black Yesterday, 6:06 PM
My teachers ahd their favorties as well and unlike in your time in school it was pretty obvious.
Kunii Yesterday, 5:57 PM
Yea, it seems to be fake news with her and GD
Crow_Black Yesterday, 5:49 PM
Oh my god dude! i had teachers in high school that were like the latter and good lord these guys were really super cringey af!

Those same teachers would also pick on you if you liked stuff that was different than they did like really!? There was a reason why i had to keep my personal interests to myself during my time in school.

Flirtatious teachers well not too my knoweldge during in my time in school but since i left it wouldn't surprise me if there were teachers that came before or after that had to leave for being too flirty.
Kunii Yesterday, 5:42 PM
Yea, I remember they made Tzuyu apologize for waving a Taiwan flag
Crow_Black Yesterday, 5:41 PM
Dude! i had teachers that were like that to try and be hip with the kids in high school and they come off as really hella cringey as fuck.

I've met people like that irl and online as well and i could hardly believe it myself that they were little shits in the past.
Crow_Black Yesterday, 5:11 PM
There has been stories of people who were bulllied when they were younger and become police officers and not for the reasons you would expect them to do idealisitcically its to get that sense of power and authoritity they never had and to abuse it on other people as revenge.

Ironically one such Karen incident led to a law being put in place funny ennough is named "Caren" act to help prevent misuse of 911 being called every few secondds because it wastes police time and resources that could be used to resolve other serious crimes instead of walking the dog.

Human stupidity really has no bottom in its abyss at all whatsoever. :/

I see lot of Karens at Wal-Mart and boy what a place that is.
Crow_Black Yesterday, 3:20 PM
My closest friends online are near my age but i'm kinda older than they are.

Alot of these bullies haven't grown up at all and you can easily tell that they haven't if you looked at these incidents with these so called "Kevins" and "Karens". I got many of an aqquaintince and a friend that dealt with shitty customers and karens were one such type of customer.

I hadn't taken any public transportation since the pandemic started but before it did i saw alot of immature adults who hand't reached past the terrible 2 stage from multiple people while boarding the bus instead of saying excuse me they just contiously stepped on one guys foot and i can recall an incident where my uncle was beaten randomly by a few people while he was on the train. Another time my cousin and his friends got into a fight with this drunk dude who was harassing them and one of his friends like myself has some knoweldge of martial arts they left that guy with a hefty hospital bill and both got kicked off but my cousin and his friends did the right thing defending themselves since he was being very agressive and an nuisance.

Its not just that there's also people who put their feet on the chairs and don't give the disabled people any seats as well like bruh! I can do an entire thread of shitty people on public transit and these are just a sample of shitty behavior adults do that hadn't reached past highschool.
Klefki_of_Awsome Yesterday, 8:22 AM
Well confinement is not good for the psyche, that's why health care workers recommend that people go on walks or at least go outside and take a breath of fresh air every now and then.:o>

Kunii Feb 27, 11:49 PM
Glad that kind of solved it, but heard one of the SKZ member going on a hiatus?
Kingofglory77 Feb 27, 8:34 AM
Was your mom like that too? Or only your dad