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Ankins Jun 18, 2015 9:24 PM
Well, a Vocaloid trial would be for a set amount of days because it's a trial. So different trials differ just as how Clara's trial made you use tiny snippets of it while in Luka's you could use her voice with more ease.

I've seen some Vocaloid songs being made before with the lines and trials before. It looked complicated and hard to grasp. Heightening the bar or lowering it with the specific tone you want to set it at wil affect the sound of the Vocaloid. By this, you could probably get so many different sounds out of the Vocaloid if you really tried. So with the trials you've been through in the past, you've used this system?

Just like how you noticed the kinks in the voice of the UTAU over time, I get that same feeling when listening to a Vocaloid or UTAU song. However, it may not be necessarily the abnormalities in it, but the slight harmonizing or addition of another Vocaloid's voice that I had not heard before.

SF-A2 miki V4 and Nekomura Iroha V4 were released yesterday. :) The Vocaloid 4 version is finally out. They must sound newer and I may have to see how they sound now that you've mentioned them. I haven't been that into Vocaloid lately and have focused my time more on completing several anime before the summer ends. But I do listen to the occasional song here and there.

Stardust looks a lot, lot like Miku. :o She has the pigtails and similar art style that Miku has. Except her pigtails do look like it splits off into 4 ends. She still looks like all of the other Vocaloids I've seen. In my opinion, I don't think they can do much to change the design of the Vocaloids to make it noticeably different from one race to the next (besides skin color and hair style). If their next Vocaloid is a male, it will be a noticeable change with what they have had coming out so far.

So you found trials for Yamaha-based vocaloids on a Japanese site. Unless you read Japanese, that's pretty impressive that you came across those. I find it odd that the Yamaha, a music company who has come out with pianos and other instruments, has also come out with Vocaloids.

I'll take a look at the songs but won't reply about them in this strand for now.
Ankins Apr 14, 2015 6:16 AM
That was confusing on what you had said about the Luka trials. What do you normally do for V3 trials? So you don't have the Full V3 editor but make do with your Tiny V3 editor. Would it be a good thing if you had downloaded Luka through FL Studio since you would have more time to use her voice? VSQ stands for Voice Sequence and is just another name for naming the saved file... ? That's cool though. :) Despite my lack of knowledge, I find it interesting on how the different ways work in Vocaloid song makings.

When you work on a Vocaloid's voice, is it a series of dials that a allows you to change the standard of what you're try to change? Why might Piapro Studio be harder than what you usually do? I've played some instruments for a while now and if I had a try at this, I think it would be neat to change how the melody of the tune may go.

Cross-synthesis sounds thought out. Having a Vocaloid change voicebanks between two notes is a step further, but merging the two voicebanks would be sure to grab people's attention. Using this technique, I think it would be cool if you had a duet with one vocaloid changing their voicebank every few measures along with the other Vocaloid doing the same thing. If you had the right accompaniment, you could make the songs sound really intense with the voices being all over the place and add a level of meaning behind their voices as well.

So you don't like the way Luka's voice ended up sounding on Vocaloid 4. I think EVEC sounds nice to have if it's similar to how V4 Luka would sound.  What does Falsetto sound like on the EVEC? The way you put it, it sounds like Luka's voice banks weren't that well thought out. It seems lazy to give her simple voice banks. If what people are saying about her Soft (English) voicebanks is just a modifies form of her Straight voicebank, it gives me a different perspective on how much time they spent for her or others.

I don't mind you rants at all and I find them nice to read since they have a lot I'd deep meaning and thought behind it. Those songs sound really good. MR. TAXI was good and I liked the beat and tune to it. The one I liked most was Schwarzer Regen. After reading the description, I felt like more meaning and depth behind the song. The composer was really thoughtful about adding the right background music to it to make Miku's voice seem more painful. However I wouldn't know why the song is titled "Black Rain" because it was all in German. Putting it into German must have been a bit difficult if her voice hadn't come out with that language yet. The UTAU song, good night, had a good rhythym to it as well but I didn't like the singer. The voice didn't match what the song was trying to get at. How did you feel about the UTAU song?

Summer is quite a ways off yet. Spring has been around for a little while lately, but it's not close to wrapping up. Good luck on your original song for when you do work on it. ^_^
Ankins Mar 30, 2015 7:37 PM
Listening back to Fairytale, I can definitely hear the growl when VY1 sings "kasaNAAARIII au..." It sounds soooo good that it's mind blowing. After going back to it knowing what I was looking for, it made much more sense. It makes the singer sound much more emotional and a bit natural at the same time. When I first listened to it, I was expecting a real growl as in a sudden "grrr..." to start in the middle of the song.

The growl effect sounds amazing though. I can just imagine a lot of people overusing it since it's out now. But like you said, a lot of people have used it so much that it's slowly losing its effect in the song. It's good here and there, but not too often.

That sounds like a lot of fun to download the trials for Megurine Luka V4 and Yuzuki Yukari V4. If it's still around at this time, I'll look further into it for that excites me. :) Judging by your Bruno and Clara trials, do you think it's pretty similar to what you had to Luka's trials?

Haha, that was a typo. >///> I meant singing, not dinging... Whoops. Well, at least my point was still out there. I make many spelling mistakes when I type my messages and I don't proof-read them either so if there's ever a spelling error, either ignore it or tell me and I'll correct it. :)

I do like the robotic aspect of Vocaloid. ^_^ In my perspective, I think that's what makes it sound like a Vocaloid song and puts it aside from the rest. If it sounded like a regular singer, it wouldn't be that special in my mind and would sound more like a normal song. However, the smoother it sounds, the better I think it becomes as well.

I never knew that a Vocaloid could change its dynamics. I don't think I hear it often, but I guess I do once in a while and don't notice it. I do know what you mean when you mention what the Brightness of a Vocaloid is. I notice it more in Len Kagamine when he sings the Synchronicity series in the 3rd part. Low brightness is not my favorite to listen to since it doesn't sound as strong as others.

I listened to those songs and they sound super good. The Vocals have just the right dynamics and tone to it along with the splendid background music for each song. For Oriental Mind, I liked how Ginsuke made Miku's voice soft at one part but when the chorus came on, her voice came out strong. The music with the bass(?) in it also added a nice rhythym to it.

Bokuda feat. Hatsune Miku by JitabataP also had this popping background which sounded amazing when Miku started singing the high notes during the chorus. Voiceless with Scribble-chan was an unusually good UTAUloid. Since my first-remembered UTAU is Teto, I imagine most UTAUs to have a strong voice. This one had a soft voice and sounded as good as a Vocaloid. The lyrics had a nice start to it as well. I really appreciated all of those songs since they use the Vocal very well along with the additional background music. Did you have a favorite among those 3?

How's your original song going? I hope it's going good since it seems you've been putting a lot of work into that and keeping up with what's going on around you as well. I've been pretty good myself, just a tiny bit stressed out now so thanks for asking. :) I hope you're doing fine now that the days have passed.
Ankins Jan 3, 2015 9:45 AM
That's a good theory on if the rest of the cast had to do the same thing Miku did. I don't really think that was the case since it was never really implied throughout the songs. It just showed what every character did in the situation.

There is Imagination Forest which is also a part of the Kagerou Project. When I listen to Vocaloid songs, I see that song pop up in the "You should watch next" column. I didn't realize that it was apart. I still haven't finished watching all of the songs since I have been busy with other things.

Vocaloid4 was released? Yes... *tiny fist pump* But what is growl? I was reading the comments but when the song finally ended, I didn't hear anything of significance. Do you know at what sections of the song had the growl? (What's growl?) VY1 is a Vocaloid, and the V4 stands for Vocaloid4. So VY1V4 is VY1 dinging with Vocaloid4? The song was so realistic though and I really appreciated the emotion out into I as well. I liked how smooth it sounded and no kinks could be heard in it. I don't think newer versions should get rid of the metallic/robotic sound since it'll lose meaning of being a Vocaloid, personally.

As I listened to those 3 songs, I liked how well the Vocaloids were used. I was wondering, if it is possible to change the volume (loud or soft) of a Vocaloid while they're singing a song. I noticed that only the tone and mood of the voice was changed. I liked the song WIL sang. It was cute and I like those kind of songs with an upbeat tune to them. o.o
Ankins Nov 2, 2014 2:36 PM
So there were 2 Mikus the whole time; the real and the fake, right? I missed the part about the slicing her wrists to write another ending as well. That was a smart idea. I thought something in the coffin she opened must of done it. And the English translator got all that from translating the song? Impressive.

It was starting to make sense about the double, but then it gets confusing where time loops and worlds come in. Were there real and fake actors too then since Miku assumed there were dead actors in the coffin? And the play becomes reality the moment "Bad End Night" is over. I liked the song a lot. When I was about to watch this, I wasn't sure if it was going to sound as good as the others since it is the 4th song. Overall, the series was amazing because I like deeper plots such as this series presented.

I've been trying to watch the Kagerou Project songs lately but I'm only 5 songs in. I'm justa bit lazy to go out and watch a new song every night. Have you been looking into any newer songs lately?
Ankins Oct 24, 2014 11:11 PM
Were they giving out the actual voice bank to use or were they online? That's nice of then to do that. It's like an advertisement in a way.

I don't know exactly how many Minkus showed up throughout the entire Bad End Night series, but that there was one that was being replaced through each song every time. In Twilight Night where everything has the cardboard look to it, Miku is staring at herself slaughtering the members of the mansion which I'm pretty sure means something but don't know what exactly yet. Possibly that Miku is staring at all of her mistakes.

Is the Miku in Everlasting Night the real/original Miku, or is she the substitute for the real Miku? And Miku killed herself to reach the True End by stopping the cycle of repeating plays, and thus saved everyone, right? I liked how the series finished it off with Miku killing herself.

I think your theory is pretty accurate. You're trying to say that there was a different person before Miku came along? And then it gets confusing right here for me because I'm not sure if the cast wanted to stay in the play world or be set free. The mastermind is the cloaked figure I think. It's Miku since their voices sound similar, but how does she fit in? (What you had said earlier.)
Ankins Sep 21, 2014 7:42 PM
I read your last paragraph 1st. :P You have the voicebanks for Bruno and Clara? And more importantly, you made a song and entered a contest? That's amazing! I listened to your song and it sounds really good. I love the way the instrumentals fit with the music. It was soothing. I got curious and clicked on a ton of other links that were posted by the same YouTube user just recently and they sound good as well. :) You make me jealous. You're such a great composer and use the voices really well. Keep up the good work.

If Miku killed herself, it would stop the play from repeating itself because there are a ton of backup Mikus or something so the play can go on and on. The cast got sucked up into the play and all became dolls because they thought the play was the real world even though it was just a play. I don't know why there are so many Mikus though. Also, Miku is the cloaked figure in "Bad End Night" so if you listen to the voice at the end, it does actually sound like her.

Jinzou Enemy is the 2nd song in the Kagerou Project series, unless you were talking about an episode title. The song does get high and I realized something that I wasn't very aware of before: Miku's voice can get a little scary in some of the songs she sings. She gets super high in her voice. Children Record is the 1st song, and IA is the singer. She gets as high as Miku, even a little higher which sounds weird for IA since she usually sounds like an alto singer.
Ankins Sep 14, 2014 7:49 PM
Wow. That PV was wonderful for such a sad ending. The whole series runs really deep. Do you really get it? I'm going to explain what I know because it was all so confusing.

In the first 3 of the Night Series, Miku and the others are all in a play. The theory about the play being in different perspectives for each song was wrong. It's actually the same play but done over and over again. Miku doesn't know that she is being in a play over and over again. But the residents of the masion do, and they keep wanting to do the play over and over again for some reason. In "Bad End Night," that is the fake Miku who is the leading role. The hooded cloak at the end is the real Miku looking at her memories of the play.

Crazy Night is just Bad End Night done over again. In Twilight Night, they have a scene of Miku looking at cardboard Miku killing cardboard residents. What Miku that is, I'm not sure. The last song shows the first 3 songs which clarifies a lot of things. The moment the song Bad End Night starts, that's when the play starts. It ends at the end. In the last part, since Miku has been doing the play for her 4th time now so she figures out on how a different Miku is playing the lead role each time when everybody else dies. So to reach the TRUE END, she kills herself so the play doesn't keep repeating itself. It's so confusing. I'm going to have to rewatching everything and read a lot on it before I fully understand it. >_<

The voices in the last song sound newer. Are they all the latest versions of each character? Len, Rin, Kaito, Gakupo, and others sound different. It might just be the voice bank too, but I like it.

I also started and am almost done with Mekakucity Actors. It's so good and I want to watch at least one song of the Kagerou Project a day. Just thought I'd let you know.
Ankins Sep 11, 2014 2:49 PM
Thanks for telling me the last song for the Bad End Night series. Ever Lasting Night sounds like a good name for another song. Hopefully this one is the last, since I thought 3 was good enough.

I don't think I've ever seen a song based on a novel before. I enjoy reading, so I'll read that soon. :) I found the song a little beautiful yet sad for such a cruel way to die.

That description helped a lot when I was watching the song. I was sort of confused on it. The book helped decipher the song too though. But from Vocaloid Wiki, it says the song is just telling about the girl's death and the thoughts on 'ice.'

The graphics fit well with the song. Where it got white, I could tell that it was based off the ice and the girl. Do you think Miku is narrating the story from the girl's point of view which is why she sounded as she did in the song?

When the song first started, there were little notes. Some of them said that a "new" type of death was taking over her body, on her pale, white skin. A death 503,000,000 times worse was taking place inside of her. Then Miku starts singing her feelings out. It's so sad for just one person to take it all in. That boy is a bully.
Ankins Sep 7, 2014 7:52 PM
Wow. Of course Miku would have the most voicebanks. 15? That's a lot. It's because she's kind of like the idol though. I'm looking forwards to seeing the Kagamine V3 voicebanks. They'll probably sound a lot smoother and richer.

Galaco Red and Blue. So specific. (Not really.) Do some Vocaloids have an "energetic," "cheerful," and/or "depressed" voicebank? Well, those are just personalities, but some of the voicebanks are named off of personalities.

:O. There's another song for the Bad End Night series? Seriously? Sweet. I wonder what it'll be like. Maybe something about the "backstage" of the play. Do you know the English name for it?

When Miku did open the letter, out came a blank page the right size to fit in the book. If they needed to come up with their own end... Everyone would be dead. Cold. Lifeless. That's too sad to think of. I don't understand really well on the point of views and there are a lot of holes. Well, onto waiting for the next PV.

Your turn to choose the "discuss-a-song." :)
Ankins Sep 6, 2014 5:10 PM
Are all of those voice banks for Miku considered a lot for any Vocaloid? I think I've heard several of those, including the Original. I've heard of all those Vocaloids that are going to got new voice banks as well. I'm just a little unfamiliar with Galaco.

Aren't there only 3 songs to the Bad End Night Series? The only way if there wasn't a PV for the last one would be if there were 4 songs; which I've only watched 3. Did the songs ever explain what the TRUE END is? And so, since the TRUE END was never achieved, Miku didn't know what to do which is why she started stabbing people.

Was Miku originally a part of the play when she walks up to the mansion? I would think not; the audience just happens to see it that way. And I've heard a lot of people say that the letter Miku had with her is the last page of the script which is technically the TRUE END. But why are the clock's hands a letter opener? xP Couldn't she just tear it open and read what it said?
Ankins Sep 4, 2014 7:00 PM
I find it odd how I only thought of Miku and the Kagamines in the last message who has Append and it turns out they do. I like their voices with Append. Too bad it was dropped. I can still hear it, but the idea won't be as stunning anymore. It would make sense because only two characters have it. Well, 3 considering Gumi.

I keep rewatching the Bad End Night series. I feel like it has some deeper meaning to it. (Assuming you watched it.) The first story takes place on Miku's point of view. The second takes the other "actors" point of view. The last one in the series is what we're seeing. Or so everyone says.

In the PV of Twilight Night, everybody is made out of cardboard because we're watching a play. But then somewhere in the middle of the PV, it shows Miku looking at the "stage" as well when she was killing everybody. I think it doesn't take place on OUR point of view, but Miku's. She is going over the events of her past, traumatized by it for she actually did kill everyone in the play. Unless everybody dying was an act as well. Her eyes were wide and looked scared when they showed that scene.
Ankins Sep 2, 2014 7:43 PM
I would have replied sooner but someone hacked MAL so I stayed offline for a little while. Whenever someone hacks MAL, some lists are screwed up and it usually takes a week or two before the issue is solved. I can't really afford my list to be messed up. The administrators solved the problem really quick this time so I can come back on safely. :)

That's so cool how LEON's voice could have been that demo that Zero-G sent. "Without warning" though... Obviously someone would think of that as a prank. But it turns out to be VOCALOID demos. That sounds like one of those stories that has an evil plot but then turns out with a happy ending.

I just went onto VocaDB. There's a mobile app for Androidit turna out. Lucky me. I downloaded it, but it looks a bit different than the site. I clicked on a random song (Kagamine Len of course) and it led me to "It's a Whole World." It's so cool seeing people make these wonderful songs out of their own mind using another's voice.

I forgot that Sweet Ann is an English Vocaloid. I was shocked for a moment. I liked the song and her voice. They fit really well together. I have to listen to more of the English songs and then I'll start recognizing the difference.

Is "Append" a new update? I feel as if though I've went over this with you before, but forgot. I see it a lot on the Vocaloid that came out with the boom. (Miku, Kagamines, etc.)
Ankins Aug 30, 2014 3:50 PM
That's neat that Vocaloid was made on a world-wide scale. There must have been a pretty big reason for it to get going.

I assumed that Utaites were the same thing as an UTAU, but they're not. :P I came across a PON PON PON duet one time featuring Len Kagamine and a person named "Anba." Would that person be considered an Utaite? (Correct spelling?)

UTAUs are let into the Vocaloid Database? I would get so confused. A Vocaloid and UTAUloid are different yet similar. But there are so many UTAUloids that I think it would be hard to identify each one after a while. Wouldn't it be cool if there was an UTAUloid out there that sounded so close to a Vocaloid though?

I agree with you that Miku's voice and image aren't the best way to describe Vocaloid in a glance, but I'm kind of glad that an image like Sweet Ann didn't get the boom going. That might give people a whole new image on what Vocaloid is about. When I first listened to Vocaloid, I could hear the roboticness a lot, but it has kind of faded away after a while. I give my respect to Miku who sung "Black Rock Shooter." It kind of made some people aware of the fact that it wasn't a person singing it, but a Vocaloid.

I should pay more attention to the composer of the song just like you. Most people think it's the company who creates the song and then a Vocaloid character sings it. That's not true. It's an actual person who creatrs the song and background music. They should get most of the credit.

I've never heard IA's voice used like that before in Fuka. And I thought Miku's voice sounded soothing in Straggling, but it might be because I haven't heard any Hatsune Miku Append songs yet. I liked Kagamine Rin singing Undead Enemy, and the message was really... I can't describe it, but I've seen situations like that before. I liked all 3 of them, and I don't think I could choose a favorite. They all sound so good. Did you find them on your own?
Ankins Aug 27, 2014 11:18 PM
That's a lot of original songs. And that stinks that you would need to get he chip for your iPad in Japan. Well, Vocaloid is a Japanese product. (Correct me if I'm wrong! o_o) I know Vocaloid is made from Yamaha. I see the Yamaha sign a lot on keyboards, but I guess that's because I don't know what other companies makes keyboards. They're into music is my grasp of it.

I don't think I'll be using the UTAU site soon. I can never seem to find any of the good UTAU songs where the voices are used really well. I was thinking of this earlier too though:
1) Interested in Vocaloid. Guess I'll become a fan.
2) Wow, there's a lot of people who are into Vocaloid!
3) Immerses deeper into the knowledge of Vocaloid. Uh, I guess there weren't as many fans as I thought.
4) Very few fans after all. It was only the big songs that got a lot of hits.
5) Learns every single thing about Vocaloid. There a ton, tons of people who like Vocaloid!
This is my mind turning its gears while I talk to you. ^_^ I like learning about the concept and the every single voice is worth listening too. ...Except for some really nasty UTAU voices that I dislike.

Do you think there will ever be a big boom in Vocaloid again? If there was, I bet that would just increase the popularity. And some characters would be more famous than others; same with the songs. I feel like that just segregates everything though. Every Vocaloid character should be given the consideration to be thought of. Not just Miku everywhere. Other Vocaloids with other languages besides Japanese as well. If people were given the option, Vocaloid would be different than what it is like today.

I like those "hidden gems" that you find. If you find anymore, I'd like to listen to them. (: I also feel kind of stupid for not realizing this sooner, but Vocaloid songs have to be paid for just like a song a famous singer would sing today?