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Jul 1, 2020
This shit sucked cock. for a xianxia anime it didn't do shit divulging anything about its universe or lore. I mean fuck the most cultivation we saw throughout the series was text saying nascent soul and the fact they made fucking pills. The characters fucking sucked and there was no plot whatsoever. I'll be honest I'm sick of the whole powers being hidden therefore emotions are too. The end result is a boring fucking mc who doesn't do shit. it worked with mob psycho because the entire show revolved around mob accepting his feelings and what his powers are; trying his best to not let read more
Jul 1, 2020
Alright, this season is a sub-season, really a precursor to the 4th season which will begin to tie a lot of plot points together, or at least I'm told. This season isn't shit but it certainly isn't great or anything. There are a couple of good fight scenes but that's about it. It's more or less dumbass being a deceptive jackass and babe being clueless like always. Very unmemorable season, but it seems like it set things up very nicely for the next (I hope). Much like WoW this show is showing me the fallacy of the sunken cost theory, even though the only thing read more
Oct 31, 2018
I know I'm late to the party but I haven't seen a review do this show justice yet.
Shuu without a doubt has the best scarf I've ever seen. I mean fuck he has a whole batch of them and they're all badass. His voice in the dub is hilarious, and his sub is basic Jap sub. But honestly if I had a scarf half as cool as his I'd be pulling dons in like Yung Gravity. Inori is terrible nut material and it's funny that Shuu will be forever alone.
Overall if I had one wish I'd chose to reincarnate as a sentient scarf read more
Sep 26, 2018
Pretty good main characters, ok side characters, the sex scene was ok I guess I dont know I busted a nut to it regardless. Ikkis power is kind of bullshit, but whatever its cool. Sara is good nut material. Edelweiss is probably the best but this series is never going to be translated past volume 9 so its kind of pointless to read unless you want to sit around waiting years for every volume to be translated.
Overall there's some pretty good nut material here. Or hentai haven but if youre here like me for good nut material you probably already knew that one.
Edit: read more
May 10, 2017
This is an anime that doesn't have any clear direction. It felt rushed and had little development throughout the story.

Story 5/10- The story didn't flow very well. Events happened that didn't seem to fit the flow, random new injections occurred all the time leaving the viewer to question what they should be paying attention to.

Art 7/10- The characters looked fine, however, they didn't have the most detail. Colors were used wisely to fit the mood the creators were trying to get at. But the Gastrea looked really weird and failed to impress to me.

Sound 8/10- The soundtrack was done very well.

Character 4/10- The characters read more