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Nov 4, 2015
I was lucky enough to be able to see this film at one of the select American theatre screenings in Boston, and I have to say it was well worth the price of admission.

Made by the same team as Ano Hana, their style and influence can be seen throughout Kokosake. Like Ano Hana, it's a story about characters who went through tragic events when they were younger which have affected their lives significantly.

The main girl of the show, Jun, is still alive, but has lost her voice due to guilt from the breakup of her family as a child. However, she believes that she ...
Dec 9, 2012
The Towa no Quon series picks up significantly in its fourth outing, with Guren no Shoushin. It improves at least slightly in almost all areas, and manages to be both a philosophically fulfilling and thrilling ride. The naive aspects of the show are more maturely realized here, and feel more like powerful idealism fit for characters battling with their lives. It's not prolific, but it certainly is good enough to entertain.

The main themes of this episode have to do with forgiveness and culpability. The battle between the Custos cyborgs and the superhuman Attractors continues on, but it becomes more complicated as one of ...
Dec 9, 2012
Towa no Quon 3 is definitely the strongest of the episodes thus far. Set mostly in a sub-sconscious/dream world, this installment focuses on the traumatic pasts of the main Attractor (superhuman good guys) Quon and the main antagonist cyborg Kazami. It sets up a very emotional stage that allows the viewer to understand the motivations behind both young men as they struggle against each other, showing how their own misjudgements about each other differ from reality. (They both had assumed the other emotionless or without humanity, but at least Quon is able to understand Kazami's past)

As I've been watching these mini-movies, I've been wondering how ...
Dec 8, 2012
"Flowers don't go well with murder."

The theme of the second outing in the Towa no Quon series is all about flowers. There's a new Attractor (super-human) in town with the power to control flowers and their fragrance, which also has the power to evoke strong emotions and insanity in humans.

The first half of the episode is presented in a pseudo-detective manner. Two of the rookie cyborgs working under Custos (a secret military-like organization set out to destroy all Attractors), Kazami and Asuka, use the advanced technology at their disposal to investigate crime scenes that have been popping up around the city. They suspect an ...
Dec 8, 2012
I came into Towa no Quon 1 with almost any expectations, having been linked to its page from another random anime I was viewing at the time. When I saw that it was a 6 part mini-movie series, and in the action genre as well, my interest was piqued. Katanagatari uses a similar 50 minutes per episode run-time, and the art and action in that had impressed me so well that I felt confident a new series with the same set up might as well, despite the different setting. This first episode isn't quite up to par with the greatness of that other series, but ...