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Kenryuu_ Mar 28, 6:22 PM
Ahahahaha fair

Ye she's crazy as hell, can't wait to see what she's capable of since Gustang trusted her with such an important mission, I would say that she's probably one of the strongest family members. That will be fun for sure, and it will happen most likely since Khun is going to stop them I think. True, she didn't need to kill so many ;-;
I definitely spoil him, not too much tho xp I see, that's understandable.

And then we see him in his goofy ahh outfit when he was climbing the tower LMAO I dont think that it's bad, but rly funny tho. Ahahahaha true it was so weird. Oh can you send me the link plz, I went to TR's reddit and didn't find anything.
Nah I get you, it's definitely weird, but I can see why that would be a thing in shonen, where boys like to fantasize about stuff like that.

Ye I completely forgot about it. When I saw that she actually cared for her I felt so relieved. Agreed, it would have been great if the anime got a bit more episodes to flesh out some things better but oh well. I can't see how they get out of that without killing Rei's father or moving to the opposite side of the world ahahahaha

I've only rewatched the 1st 2 seasons when the 3rd one was announced but I definitely need to rewatch it. I've always liked watching culinary and cooking tv shows but I wasn't expecting to like an anime about it so much ahahaha
That's something I never understood, ppl cringing at something and finding it funny, I cant process that lmao Oh for sure, I appreciate it XD
Saaaaaaame, I want to read, watch, reread, rewatch and play so much stuff, it's tough out here ahahaha I like him for the exact same reasons xp I don't remember everything properly, but whenever I think about Aomine I think about this video: I don't watch many anitubers but this one makes insanely good videos analyzing characters and all of that.

I'll read BL manga after I end PH and BSD s4 ! I saw that, I'm hyped for it but I hope that they do a better job with the animation but since it's a movie I'm not too worried. In the anime he did seem a bit bothered that Kunigami didnt make it through but nothing too special, I'm glad you told me that, I'll read from 88 then ty ! Shidou does seem to be an entertaining asshole so I'm expecting good things ahahaha Ohhhh now you have my attention !
IKR ! Mushoku Tensei as well, I'm rly happy with these announcements.

BSD 5th season has been announced for july 2023 as well !!!
Kenryuu_ Mar 24, 10:03 PM
Wouldn't recommend it ahahaha but maybe you'll like it since it's portuguese who knows.

Ye same, gotta drop the like in the chapters to support the GOAT. Ye I hope so.
True that's another way to look into it, one can only hope. Ahahaha same, we've got a glimpse already but we need more ! Reminds me of them changing the bananas that Rak loved for chocolate, wtf went through their mind to change something like that.
Ye he's 11 years younger than me xp damn is she that scary ahahaha it's good that you get along with them, it always confuses me when I see siblings hating each other, it's crazy for me that people can get to that point, but who knows what happened in their lifes ¯\_(ใƒ„)_/¯

Same for me, it's not even close tbh. Couldn't agree more ! If you asked me for a top 10 I wouldn't be able to make one, there are so many that are insanely good, one that always comes to mind is the outfit of the current Jahad, everything fits perfectly. Wakui did not miss with the designs that's for sure, only thing that I can rly complain is that the necks were huge xD glad to see that someone else rly liked Wakasa design, easily one of my favorites. That cover of Bonten on those stairs went so hard ! And now I'm getting sad because of how fun this manga was and how it ended....
Ikr, I rly hope I don't end up being disappointed, because ppl rly make it out to be insanely good, and if it turns out to just be good it's going to be kinda wack but oh well. Now that you mention that, the MCs do have for the most part the blandest designs, what comes to mind first is that they do that so that the readers can kinda of insert themselves more easily in the MCs shoes ? It doesn't make that much sense but I wouldn't say that it's completely dumb ahahaha

Ye that's fair. Its kinda hard to see it ending up well for all of them considering the line of work that they are at and how severe the consequences are if they try to leave it, but at the same time ending up to be a tragedy doesn't fit IMO, hopefully they dont drop the ball with this one !

Ahahaha all good dw. It was definitely weird, but so funny at the same time because of how ridiculous it was, I rly enjoyed it, I need to rewatch it in the future. Well I aint touching it then that's for sure lmao

I hadn't thought about it that way b4, but now that you mention it, it does fit perfectly ahahaha I'm glad to read that ! Idk why but I cringe so much whenever characters start speaking english in anime holy fuck XD Oh ye, thanks for making me listen to that again, I for sure don't want to bash my head against the wall ๐Ÿค—
Hmmmm I would say that it's between Aomine and Kise but I will go with Aomine since he's better written imo, his theme goes hard af as well ! What about urs ?
Kenryuu_ Mar 21, 7:26 PM
It's fine, we all have things that we cant get into.
Ahahahaha well his voice is indeed insane but that music video was something else as well.
Thx ! I rly liked the 1st, 6th and 10th ones. Oh I get you dw, I can't listen to portuguese rap, I don't understand why, but I hate it.

Exactly, they are the ones being harmed, I swear someone inside Naver or Webtoons has something against SIU. I don't even mind the fastpass, as long as the creators are getting paid extra by that.
Agreed, I rly hope that they do a better job adapting season 2, and for some reason there haven't been any news about it yet....
Can't say I understand you completely because we barely fight, IG the difference in age makes us not get into much conflict, since I don't get too worked up about stuff he says or does. But now I get why you wish you had a brother, since you have 2 sisters I bet you would have liked a brother to contrast that xp

Ahahahaha understandable. Ye nah the characters in this manga are a bit crazy for sure LMAO

From what I've seen it would probably fit but can't say for sure. It's a decent design, but ye nothing special, honestly reading ToG might have ruined that for me, even characters that appear in 1/2 chapters and never show up again get good designs, some of them are actually insanely good, and then even the main cast in OP looks barely decent ¯\_(ใƒ„)_/¯
Ohhh I see, I'm definitely looking out for it then. Ye I don't think I'll ever read/watch something that has such an intersting and fascinating setting and lore as ToG does.

This episode was a rollercoaster, I was either happy or depressed. I was close to crying when Kazuki hugged Miri and then I couldn't handle it when she left with her mother ;-; hmmm I actually believed her, but that's the thing that annoys me the most, if she knows Miri was way happier living with them, she could at least be considerate of Miri and ask them to visit her constantly or something like that instead of just taking her away and since she herself said that she doesn't have much longer to live, so it doesn't even make that much sense to just take Miri. True, we still got 3 more episodes, and I bet that this next one is going to be a depressing one with both of them just feeling like shit most of it, I truly hope Miri ends up living with them and that somehow they can live happily and run away from the org somehow.

Ok ok I see, next sports anime I'll watch will probably be Haikyuu, I think you even recommended it to me b4. I've watched Shokugeki no Souma and enjoyed it quite a lot (sadly it got a bit worse by the end but I had a blast watching the anime nonetheless), somehow the author made cooking battles insanely hype so nothing surprises me at this point, I can totally see a card game being hype as well ahahaha
Exactly ! I've always seen great things about Nana, but seeing that we kinda of have the same view about romance and you dislike the MC I can imagine I wouldn't enjoy it too much.

Hype as always ahahahaha I enjoyed it a lot, I was expecting Bachira to finally awaken and score a goal and then picking Isagi but they got me with that plot twist lmao it pains me that Isagi had to get separated from his team tho, I was enjoyed their chemistry quite a lot. Seeing Bachira suffer in the middle of the match pained me a bit, poor him, at least we can see him being a goofball again xp omfg dont remember me about that, it pained me so much listening to them speaking english, shivers go down my spine just thinking that next episode there'll be more of that
Kenryuu_ Mar 16, 8:08 PM
Understandable honestly, I only got into rap when I got into college and a friend I met there introduced me to some songs that I ended up liking. That's fair, he's insanely talented. Oh I completely get that, I like listening to rap that has good lyrics, I listen to some that are kinda shitty as well but mostly because the beat sounds nice. Ye I had a couple of songs I would listen to constantly from them ahahaha I've heard some songs from PatD b4 (High Hopes), and I've heard a lot of songs from both Kelly and Avril on the radio as well.
Now that we're talking about kpop, I gotta create a playlist with some of the songs that I listen to, I have some scattered on youtube and spotify. I dont think I've ever heard kdrama OSTs, could you tell me some of your favorites for me to listen plz ?

Ahahaha true ^^

Same ! Idk how he manages to publish so many chapters, he's spoiling us fans, we don't deserve it :') how crazy is the fact that people that only read from webtoon and don't fastpass will be like 3 months behind in chapters if they only unlock one every week.
Agreed ! Baam has become so sassy, I'm loving it ! When I saw him saying that Ren "fucking sucked at fighting" I lost my shit LMAO
That's fair xp even though I said that, he's rarely annoying, he's a good kid, he deserves the world.

That's understandable, if I'm reading something that I'm not that into I go back sometimes as well to read the last panels. That panel was great :') Indeed, the author did get me by surprise, I was expecting Elliot to be the one that had Glen's soul, not Leo. While we are on the topic of the author getting me by surprise, when Jack appeared for the 1st time I was kinda suspicious of him but as the manga went on I kinda forgot about that and BAM ! he was the main antagonist after all, shit do be going down atm.

Tbh I'm not that hyped to read OP, I think that the thing that throws me off the most are the character designs, most of them look so fucking bad LMAO but I've heard that the world building is insanely good so IG that that's something to look out for. 1st I have some stuff I want to watch and read b4 it so I won't start it anytime soon tho

Exactly, I had to change the score to a 9, it's sitting at a 8,5 atm, I'm loving every second of it, but then those final seconds at the end made me anxious af again ;-;
I've only seen good things about Chihayafuru, IG that it's other romance that it's worth watching someday. That's my problem with most romances, things can be solved so easily sometimes, but the characters' collective IQ can't surpass double digits with the amount of dumb shit I see, but tbh IRL it's kind of the same thing at times as well so ¯\_(ใƒ„)_/¯
Sh1ro_ Mar 15, 8:28 AM
Btw how's Nana? I wanted to try reading the manga, but right now it's on hiatus :o
Sh1ro_ Mar 15, 8:26 AM
Oh, he looks cool! Not sure if or when I will continue reading A Bride's Story, but feel free to let me know if anything interesting happens!

Reminds me of our turtle. At first, I couldn't even touch it but then I got used to it. Now I only hold it when I'm cleaning his place ^^; Budgies are loud, but after living with them for more than 5 years, you definitely won't even hear them in the room anymore lol. And I've never been to Asia either, but I'd sure love to! So many cool things to see and try there.

I listened to their album, it's quite catchy actually! Should've expected it since the duo never really disappointed me haha. I love their song "Kaibutsu" so much though and I will listen to the second album too.
Well, most of the original show is episodic. Vash's brother isn't mentioned until later and there's not much of a "plot" at first. So yeah, I don't think there will be a second season, sadly.
Haha, it goes without saying that Vinland Saga S2 is my favourite so far. Kinda curious about Bungou Stray Dogs too. But you said non-sequel, so I'll pick Trigun Stampede or Buddy Daddies. Hikari no Ou could've been soo great too, but this adaptation is lacking something. And it seems like it will only have 10 eps :(

Yep, it's impossible not to notice Barou and I kinda like him with his hair down too but maybe that's because I'm usually intrigued by characters with god complex xD And I love characters like Tokimitsu! He reminds me of Yuta from JJK a bit. Wish he would appear more haha. Also, the last ep was quite exciting. I'm curious if they will choose Bachira or Rin if they win :o
Aha, that makes sense. Griffith does appear more, Millennium Falcon arc is one of my favs Berserk arcs, and he's a main character there. Are you wondering if he meets with Guts again? I can't wait for new chapters since it ended with a cliffhanger and we got to see some really heartbreaking scenes.

Yeah, I'm actually curious if the manga gives us a few more details about him! Haven't started reading it yet, but I definitely will. There's no rush though, I can take all the time I need :')

Sure, let me know if you ever get to them! I haven't been reading ILY for a few weeks now, I'm waiting to have more to read haha. There's a youtube channel that analizes every chapter and that's a lot of fun to watch too, it helps me understand the chapter better or notice a few details I would've missed otherwise.

Yeah, my thoughts on the whole show so far are exactly like you wrote in your tag. Keeps going up and down lol. Never been this conflicted xD

Be careful, Jinrou Game is really bad xD Oh, so you like Squid Game? I heard a lot of praise for that one, but never got around to watching it. Omg As the Gods Will definitely seems like something he'd like! I might check it out too, it seems short.
I heard some people say Alice in Borderland is boring, but idk what to think as there's a lot of praise for it too.
Omg xD Why are English translations like this? I think I'll like the anime more in this case lmao.

Oh, haha. A lot of people get confused about whether or not I really like edgy stuff xD And I do, but not everything. Like, there's a limit. The good kind of edgy: Psycho Pass, Ergo Proxy, Berserk, Ghost in the Shell SAC, Fate Zero, etc. The bad kind (though I can still enjoy some of them):Akame ga Kill, Babylon, Cossette no Shouzou, Satsuriku no Tenshi, Perfect Blue etc. Hopefully this makes sense lol.

I see, so you're the type that won't update their profile often haha.
Kenryuu_ Mar 10, 4:30 AM
Oh I see that makes sense then, impressive nonetheless ! J. Cole and Mac Miller are my fav rappers, if u had asked me for my favorite band/s a few years ago I would say Linkin Park but I don't have a band I'm crazy about atm, tbh there has never been a band I was insanely into the more I think about it xp Kpop mostly, there aren't any bands I listen to specifically, just some random songs here and there. What about you ?
One of the reasons I prefer anime over manga is because of the OST, so having some music enhancing the experience while I read is always a plus. Exactly ! Ye the lyrics are a bit freaky to say the least LMAO

Aww but there is no reason for that, I was the one that asked for them xp

Couldn't agree more, she's a bitch but there's a certain charm to it since it's the 1st time we actually see a princess being ruthless. Exactly who could blame her, but damn they are all dying like flies ;-; Ikr, it's like he has learned a bit with White, the way he talks and is rather cocky, love to see it, that's my MC :')
When he's being annoying af sure ahahaha That kinda sucks, but at least you can share and talk about music ig

Honestly that's probably it, if you read so much stuff sometimes things might get a bit mixed up or forgotten. I can definitely see that happen, there's a lot of things thrown out of nowhere. While we are on the topic (PH), I wasn't expecting Elliot to die , I liked him a lot.... but ye things are starting to get serious, I'm liking it a lot.
Oh mb I said "watch" but what I'm gonna do if I pick it up, is read the manga and watch the fights animated xp

I feel you, I'm a sucker for that as well ahahaha but in an anime as wholesome as Buddy Daddies I would hate it most likely. That's exactly my problem with romance ! Might be kinda dumb and random from me but I'm not the biggest fan of love triangles either. I see, makes sense why it has such a good score then, if I'm ever in the mood I might watch it xp
Kenryuu_ Mar 5, 6:01 PM
I get that feeling, it's always nice recalling things and puzzling them together.

Holy shit that's impressive o.o I listen to some korean songs as well but that's that. What are ur favorite genres of music ? Besides anime/game OST and anime OP/ED I listen to some Hip Hop, Rap and Breakcore.
I have it playing 90% of the time I'm reading PH ahahaha Pandora Hearts is a good one as well, the vocals do it justice too, there are some songs where I think that the vocals ruin the songs but then there are some that just make them 10x times better, like "Chamber" from Kevin Penkin. Ye those are all great ! That's fair, I don't listen to many character songs either, I was going to recommend you this one: which isn't rly a character song, but it's sang by Megumi Ogata as if it's Nagito singing it and I love it. Don't you worry, I'm liking them all and it doesn't bother me ahahaha
I'll do that !

Ohhh now I'm even more hyped, will have to wait tho xp

Ahahaha ofc, didnt mean it in a bad way, quite the opposite !

Agreed, the translation team on Kubera is an actual joke, they don't even add the author's notes at the end, at least Babo Kim Scans does a great job with both. SIU dropped 2 chapters this week as well ;-; tomorrow they will be translated most likely so I'm waiting for it, from what I saw, some people were saying that so far they were the best chapters since the return so I'm expecting great things ! But still worried with SIU.... Things went from 8 to 80 real quick O.O same I literally told my friends I was kinda sad that she already died since I liked her design a lot... no one does it like SIU, dropping such great designs which makes you think that they will be kinda important at least for a while to just murder them right after LMAO She will definitely fall for him ahahaha
Same, it's such a big mistery, curious to know why V didnt sign the immortality contracts as well.

That's fair, usually if I like something a lot I remember things quite easily so it depends with me xp (Kubera is a different story since it's so complex but hopefully after a reread I'll have it fresh in my memory for the most part).
I feel you, but 2 of my friends have been bothering me so much to watch it as well, one day I'll have to do it as well ig ahahaha
Ye I try to recommend things that I think that he's going to like for the most part, like shonen and edgy stuff, he's 13 so he's at that age xD that sucks, thank god my brother actually liked the 1st season, he watched the anime which well, isn't the best thing as we know but he has read a bit of the 1st season as well and he still enjoyed it so that's nice. Damn you're actual opposites uh, at least regarding genres.

Nah I couldn't take that, such an wholesome series for the most part, that would destroy me ;-; I get what you mean tho, wouldn't mind a 2nd season at all ! I'm glad you're liking it way more than b4
I remember seeing ppl praising Romantic Killer, was it rly that good ? Romance is a weird genre for me, I don't dislike it, some of my favorites have it, but I kinda have to be on the mood to it, which isn't often. Same with me, for the most part I'll know if I'll enjoy it or not by reading the synopsis and watching the trailer.
You hate to see it, guess we just wait ;-;
Sh1ro_ Mar 2, 9:13 AM
Yeah, I tried to convince myself of their cultural thing but I can't enjoy the story much since he looks like a little boy ^^; Are you up to date with it?

Well, crabs or fishes don't do much in general xD I'm not sure about the US, but budgies aren't that uncommon here in EU or at least not where I live. Ahh I like cats especially because they're more lazy and they like to cuddle haha. Dogs are cool too, of course.

Ohh I didn't know! That's why it is so catchy! I'm seriously thinking to listen to more of their songs, even though I don't usually do that :o
Yes and, as expected, after we got Kazuki's past last week, we got to see Rei's now too. Poor guys. Hope they get to live happily, all three of them :)
Apparently, there will be 12 episodes. I honestly wish for a second season, although I know there's not enough content for a second one :') I'm having so much fun, this reboot is probably one of my fav shows in this season. Which ones are you enjoying the most?

Besides Reo and Nagi, I'm also curious about Barou, Kunigami and the one on 3rd place, that strong cinnamon roll who's always anxious haha. Kuon really disappointed me, so he doesn't count anymore :') I feel bad for Reo though, Nagi was a bit too harsh on him. But it seems like he finally has a goal or motivation. He's still lazy, but with a purpose xD
Well, Griffith is probably one of the most hated characters in all fiction and for good reason. He is not likeable at all. He can make you feel angry, disgusted, betrayed and so on. For that reason alone he is an incredibly well-written villain. There's also his appearance, I love this huge contrast between him and Guts. They are nothing like you'd expect them to be. I still totally understand why you can't like Griffith at all though, I just find him incredibly fascinating.

Oh god. Ging. He should get an award. For real xD

Yes "Grey is" is the main story, which is a lot darker and has no colours, just like a manga. The Clippings are so wholesome though! And everything is in colour haha. Both are great imo. I love them a lot and wish MAL would add Grey is to the database. Ohh same with I Love Yoo, I live for the drama xD It also has a lot of symbolism so I end up thinking about recent chapters every week. But the characters are probably the best part, I love how they're so multi-layered, real. and I'm such a Nol fangirl xD
I will get back to Your Throne soon too, can't wait to see more of Medea and Psyche being cool badasses :D

Wait, what? I would've never guessed that! But her character design is indeed cool, and the fact that she is a former hero makes her even more interesting. Hope to see more of her.

Sure thing! He recently read this manga and wants to read all the sequels xD He seems to be more into gorey survival games these days, so maybe BL is better for me actually haha. Especially if it's a lot more edgy than the anime :)) But I've recommended Tomodachi Game a few times to him too! It seems edgy enough and if you say the manga goes downhill then I might read it too! Might be fun.

It's unusual for you to change your profile, so it took me by surprise haha.
Kenryuu_ Feb 27, 6:43 PM
Same, hopefully it gets a good adaptation, it deserves it.
I'm certain I will appreciate it way more when things start getting connected and explained ! It feels a bit slow but I'm liking it so it's fine xp My favorite so far is Break which I assume is yours as well ahahaha

Trust Me! is one of the few songs ik how to sing like 90% of it even though I don't know what is being said for the most part LMAO I've heard it too many times ahahahaha just listened to "Bird" and liked it a lot as well.
I'm seeing that ahahaha didnt want to name it anything too basic or normie so I went with that xD I added 12 songs from PH OST to my Favorite OST playlist, my favorite is Another Dimension, I rly like how eering it is ! I mean tbf quite a lot of them have that eerie feeling but I liked that one the most, the vocals on it are rly good as well. I actually decided to watch the anime when I go to bed because of the OST and since it I saw that it has good VA as well lmao while I'm at it I get to revise some stuff that I've read already and might have missed xp from what I've seen people said that the last 3 episodes should be skipped so I'll do that.

Well let's hope that it's where you are expecting it to be, I'll read the manga after the anime ends anyway so it should be fine ig

Ahahaha I get you, I was rewatching hxh again to then reread the manga so I could read the latest released chapters but I started reading Kubera and now PH so I'll put the blame on you ¯\_(ใƒ„)_/¯

How ridiculous is that tho, and then people on that industry complain about piracy, I wonder why uh, not to talk about how the scanlators do a better job at translating the chapters as well. Btw another 2 chapters have dropped already which is fucking crazy, I hope that SIU is taking care of his health, I love seeing new chapters every week but he needs to focus on himself 1st. Ye it would be insane, specially since for years people thought that he was the son of Arlene and V. There is another theory as well that the real king of the tower should have been V and Zahad is kind of an impostor, and so Baam is still V's son and the prince of "Zahad", but it rly is weird how everyone that talks about V says good things about him, but when Baam asks about his dad to Gustang, he says that he's the worst person ever, and we know he hates Zahad so there's that.
Ahahaha agreed, it comes naturally to him.
Same, I was expecting to see her again in this arc but it was a pleasant surprise nonetheless ! Ye he had already used a suit in season 2 but seeing him using one again ๐Ÿ˜ณ I aint complaining that's for sure ahahaha Ikr, and most of the designs are so good, he just keeps delivering nonestop.

A lot of my closest friends watch anime (and some read manga/manhwa) but none of them are that interested in analyzing and discussing theories like I am which is kinda sad but it is what it is. Thankfully I annoyed some of them to read ToG and 2 of them enjoyed it a lot and so we have been going crazy talking about the newest chapters which is cool xp currently one of them is close to catching up to One Piece and he's going to read Kubera next which im quite excited about. Ahahaha I get that, I've been bothering my brother to read ToG but the he's still a bit young and isn't that much into reading but I'm sure he'll like it quite a lot when he finnaly reads it xp

Btw what did you think about Buddy Daddies latest episode ? Ik it would come the time when Rei's father would stir up things but I'm not ready for it, I hope nothing bad happens (which most likely wont but i can't help but not be a bit anxious). When I saw that that freak would be the one driving the car Ik he would bring some kind of problem to the 3 of them and lo and behold.

Kenryuu_ Feb 23, 8:52 PM
Ye, even the authors would die b4 finishing it xD that's true, the 1st one that comes to mind is Witch Hat Atelier, it's so detailed and pretty.
I totally agree, just thinking about the fact that I used to have it on my favorites at one time :')
Ahahahaha that's fair. I appreciate but I'll pass the offer, there is a lot of other stuff that I want to read anyway. While we are on the subject, I've been reading Pandora Hearts ! I'm currently at chapter 39, so far it's good, but nothing too special, I suppose it will start getting way more interesting soon, like around half way in ? I'm expecting all of what has happened so far to be a buildup to what is to come.

Top 5 OP:

Kyoukay no Kanata - Daisy
Vanitas no Karte - Sora to Utsuro
Tokyo Ghoul S2 - Munou
Fate UBW S2 - Brave Shine
Ao no Exorcist - CORE PRIDE

Top 5 ED:

Durarara!! - Trust Me
86 - Avid
Jujutsu Kaisen - LOST IN PARADISE
Shinsekai Yori - Wareta Ringo

Honorable Mentions (i'm so sry but I was spending too much time debating by myself which ones I should include but I can't choose between them all ;-;):
Beastars - Nemuru Honnou
Samurai Champloo - Shiki no Uta
Ao no Exorcist - Wired Life
Blue Period - Replica
Anohana - Secret Base

I had so much more that I wanted to include... this was painful to make, funny thing is that every song that is on the HM are ED lmao, in case you are curious to see which other OP/ED I listen to, here you have my playlist:

That's fair, I'm rly picky tho, I like making my playlists with the ones I enjoy the most, even tho I have a playlist with almost 17 hours (and it's missing a lot because I didn't bother downloading some of them or adding others that are on spotify) but let's forget that xD
Funny that you mention Yuki Kajiura, I've been listening to some of the Pandora Hearts' OST while I read the manga ! Hmmmm my favorites are Kevin Penkin, Hiroyuki Sawano, Masafumi Takada, Shiro Sagisu and Mikio Endo.

She's rly good as well, easily on my top 10 for sure !

Exactly ! Ahahaha can't judge you
After finishing the last episode I literally told a friend of mine "Guess I'm not watching Blue lock for another 3 weeks" because I thought the next match would be longer than the others LMAO guess I was right xp

Ahahaha poor Biscuit. Great tastes as expected ๐Ÿค Honestly after rereading Dark Continent Expedition and Succession Contest arcs, the 3rd and 4th place might change.

They just dropped 4 chapters in a row like it's nothing, I was taking my time reading them as well, couldn't help but constantly smile, ToG rly is back :') these 6 chapters were insane, there's so much to talk about and theorize, specially the main bombshell, who rly is the Prince of Zahad, I'm starting to think that it rly is Baam, I've read a huge theory on why Baam was the PoZ, even tho I thought it was rly well written and that it could be a thing I wasn't that inclined to it, but now it's starting to seem more like it. The reunion between Baam and Endorsi was so funny and cute, when Baam grabbed her hand and told her "It's been a while." I couldn't help but be extremely happy, her reaction was so precious. I'm like a child when it comes to ToG, I rly can't contain my excitement LMAO Ye this arc is going to be insane, a war breaking out between 2 families is going to change the tower for sure.
Facts, Khun in that suit tho ๐Ÿ‘€ Gustang rly is a cool character, can't wait to see what he's going to reveal, in fact, I can't wait for the next chapters !!!
HitgirlPlatinum Feb 23, 3:46 PM
Saw you on a blue lock thread and from your profile I gotta say your taste is incredibly based
Kenryuu_ Feb 20, 9:12 PM
To me it seemed more like he was teasing her, but ye random pairing for sure.

Exactly, we can appreciate such a masterpiece for free and people are going to complain about something like that ?

That's true, it kinda sucks when the manga is monthly, only 12 chapters a year seems kinda criminal specially when the story is big, but I can't rly complain, some of my favorite manga are/were monthly xp
I hope I never get to experience something like TR ending ever again, it almost felt like a betrayal, all that build up to simply throw it away in the final chapters.... the more you talk about it the less I feel like touching OnS again LMAO

It's up to you, if you end up buying the bundle and playing the games let me know, I would love to know your thoughts ! I can't pick between them, they all sound amazing to me ahahaha Same !!! I'm constantly listening to music, I have playlists with only chill/hype OSTs to listen to whenever I'm doing something, I mostly listen to the hype ones when I'm playing a competitive game or something like that and the chill ones while doing anything else xp
Exactly, like I'm straight right, but whenever I listen to that man's voice, my goodness ๐Ÿ‘€ you're right, I've never thought about it, the only ones that I remember him having a main character role is Suoh Mikoto from K and Narihisago from Id:Invaded.

Ye my main issue with him was him being so stubborn so it's nice that that changed. I was there like :O "he rly just said that, damn..." but I kinda understand where Nagi comes from, he was trying to comfort and encourage him and he keeps behaving like that so I cant blame him either xD ye that was rly sweet, everyone needs someone like Bachira's mom in their lives.
Btw now that I think about it, I've never asked you about your top 10 characters in HxH and your favorite arcs ! Mine are:
Top 10 - Killua, Meruem, Hisoka, Chrollo, Kurapika, Machi, Biscuit, Neferpitou, Ging, Netero HM: Gon, Leorio, Komugi, Knuckle, Kite, Shizuku, Feitan (it's hard making a top 10 for HxH, there are a lot of good characters ;-;)
Arcs: Chimera Ant, Yorknew City and probably Heavens Arena (tbf tho there isn't a single arc in HxH that I think that isn't good or entertaining)

YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW HYPED I WAS WHEN I SAW THOSE NEWS !!! I opened twitter and saw that ToG was back and I lost my shit, I was geeking out, I saw some panels and some fan translations, ToG fans are eating GOOD, and then I see that he cameback out of nowhere dropping 6 chapters, SIU is the goat ๐Ÿ™ I'm actually so happy that ToG is back, can't wait to see new ToG content, specially theories !
Kenryuu_ Feb 16, 12:16 PM
Honestly her design was the only thing she had going for her, and it wasn't anything special lmao

Thank god he didn't end up with her, that would have been an awful couple imo, even tho ik a lot of ppl wanted that to happen, Hinata was the one that ended up being with him and she was the one that deserved it the most so I was rly happy with that.
Exactly ! Same, most of the things that I kinda forgot were about the final arc as well. Hmmm can't remember it tbh, couldn't see it being a thing either xp

Ye I saw that in one of the latest chapters b4 he went in a hiatus korean readers mass downvoted one of the chapters for w/e reason, I can't remember it, they are actually insane idk. I don't remember it clearly but in one of Currygom's comments she was saying that some readers were complaining a lot about the type of text that Currygom was using or w/e and I remember seeing a comment from a fan talking about korean fans hating on something. Like how are you going to be picky about something like that, it's so weird.

How is there so much to be explained after all these years, now I understand why you said that it could take at least another 5 years.
Idk that's so random, can't even imagine how the previous chapters were if you say that that chapter was kinda decent ahahaha

Oh ye the franchise is rly popular, even though the last game was released in 2017 the fandom is still quite active. What a timing, I opened steam and Spike Chunsoft (danganronpa's publisher) is having a sale from today until day 27, and there is a bundle with the 3 games at 70% discount, so if you are interested in getting the games to play them, now is the best time ๐Ÿ‘€ idk how you feel about OSTs and music overall, but the danganronpa games have some of my favorite OSTs, specially the chill ones, if you are interested give "Climax Reasoning" and "The Day Before the Future" a listen ! Most of them have different versions depending on the game so feel free to give whichever a try.
Hmmmm nothing comes to mind tbh
Ikr, her and Kenjirou Tsuda are the ones that always come to mind whenever I'm asked about my favorite VAs. There's still a few scenes that give me goosebumps in the game whenever Nagito talks or laughs. And I won't even talk about Tsuda Kenjirou, I'm pretty sure we all feel the same way whenever we hear his voice ahahahaha

The last match was so hype ! I like how Isagi is handled, having a character that can change and adapt easily is rly entertaining since it's not always obvious what he will do, and him trying to win the game with only Nagi while using Barou as a simple tool was nice as well, tbf I was starting to get a bit annoyed by Barou. Thank god Barou evolved so he could reach Nagi and Isagi, I wouldn't have liked it if he was reduced to a simple supporting character after what we had seen of him. Was cool seeing him treating them as equals as well, BL keeps on delivering, hopefully it stays consistent with how hype it has been ! Reo was in complete shambles ahahahaha it's kinda fucked thinking about it, since Reo is still this desperate to get Nagi back, but Nagi is just chilling and doing his thing with Isagi.

Sh1ro_ Feb 15, 9:24 AM
Also, cool profile pic! Is that Reo? :3