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Feb 23, 2009
I never thought that this season of Code Geass would be more intersting than its first season. Though I'm not a fan of CLAMP's works, I love this series, plot-wise and art-wise.

Compared to its first season, R2 has a lot of twists and turns that will eventually keep you at the edge of your seats. it has beome darker and more dramatic as the characters verged more of their serious side. The characters maturity adds to the mind-boggling plot of the story.

Speaking of characters, some of the come-backing characters have their vengeful plots. Addition to that is the appearance of new characters which will surely read more
Oct 31, 2008
Charisma Doll, written by Kurahashi Erika is a nine chapter manga with one special chapter.

Storywise, the story focuses more on the love story of the main characters. it's sad that it didn't give more attention on the struggle of Sara to be famous just by herself, not as Sala. As for the characters, some doesn't have much personality development throughout the story. The character of Sara was, of course, clearly established.

The drawing is nice and clearly drawn. Every character in the story is either a bishoujo or bishounen. It is also detailed in drawing since the mangaka drew the characters big enough to see.

Though it read more
Oct 31, 2008
I already heard a lot of comments from those who have watched this anime. my classmate said that this is a good anime. Others have said that this is quite psychotic. So i gave it a try. After watching the first 2 episodes, I jumped to the last episode since I'm fond of watching the last episode to make sure if it is interesting (especially if the anime is not that known to me). What was my reaction? It's weird. The main character was killed (ooopppps...spoiler..gomen). Another one was killed. you will say that I am bias with my reaction because I've only watched 3 read more
Oct 31, 2008
"Time waits for no one."

Was there a time in your life that you want to go back and probably change the actions that you've done? The heroine of the story, Makoto Konno, can actually leapt through time and return to the past. She got her power by accident in the Science room of their school.

The animation of this movie may not be the best, but I can say that the story is one of the best. There are scenes that were repeated a couple of times (because of the leaping) but didn't appear to be boring. It just shows how the time leaping affects others read more
Oct 31, 2008
In Imperial Academy, students are classified into ranks. the ranks ranges from Gold, Silver, and Copper. Haine Otomiya, the heroine of the story, ranks as Copper in the Academy. She is inlove with the Koutei (Emperor) Shizumasa Tougu, the only Gold ranked student and heir of the Tougu family.

This 47-chapter shoujo manga was written by Arina Tanemura, same mangaka of the popular Full Moon wo Sagashite. The story revolves around Haine, her family, friends, and lovelife. Expect this manga to provide you with lots of twists every now and then. As the story progresses, same goes to the development of the characters.

The characters were drawn read more