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Huey Oct 21, 2017 4:19 PM
Eruru_san said:

That is okay, friend! Dw about it, really really. I wish you good luck with all these things, even though I’m sure you’re done with them already, hahah. Have you been able to breathe again?

Hahaha, Yeah. Go ahead!! You don’t even have to credit me if you use it! Because just seeing a picture of this idea would be enough for me, hehe. I’ve only seen a few of your drawiings so far, but I really like them btw!

Yeep, but I still believe Drrr s2 could have been way better if they didn’t change some things and if every season had one or two more episodes to build up a proper pacing, so things wouldn’t have felt so random at times. In no way could natsume ever have had this same issue due to the episodic slice of life nature of the series. It’s just following the same formula again, which isn’t slow nor fast to begin with… if I am making sense. ANYWAY, I’m happy to know you’re less salty about it now. What is done is done after all, unfortunately. :/ Hahha, there’s a good side to it at least then.
… Oh my… I didn’t notice that at all. It’d be really nice if they could release anything about it, even if ovas like drrr did. I mean, even D. Gray Man got a new anime on Its 10th anime birthday… But I guess that is the pain of being impopular… Hahaha, I can imagine that’d be odd and also funny.

… Any news on when the new baccano novel might come out btw? Is narita still at the hospital? Narita as always overworking himself… Hahah, I wonder what kind of closure this is going to get as well. There are too many plot points that need to be answered, so I’m wondering about how narita is gonna tie everything up, especially because I hear the last novel is more like a big summary of 1936-2003, which is funny because... okay, we all know 1935 is the end for a lot of characters. Also, that Huey's 1930s experiment failed. So it is in a way an ending, right? But then there are more things going on in 2001 and 2002… So how can a summary of everything do justice to it? I was expecting the last baccano novel to have even more volumes than 1935 tbh, because Huey is still trying to revive monica; Fermet is there; there are many news characters in the 2000s; even some plot points from the 1700s are gonna be left untouched till then; It’s also unlikely that Renée will die in 1935. I hope something happens to Melvi at least, but Narita has issues with killing characters. … Anyway, I really want to know how a summary is going to cover up so many years and also really end the whole thing for once and all… SORRY FOR THE RANT BTW, HAHAHA. I just worry about the end of this series.
IT IS. We can only expect it to happen ‘soon’, hahaah. Oh god, hiatus x hiatus is that one manga that’d be finished already wasn’t it interrupted by those hiatus all the time, but I’m not so bothered by them so much anymore. It’s enough as long as I can see its end before I die, lol. I think that sadly nana died forever… I don’t even have any hopes about It anymore.

Awww, haha. I hope you get to know that soon then. Yeah, at some point I wasn’t sure whether Baccano would come back or not, so I was so happy it did. … Ah, yeah, rushing it for the sake of sales wasn’t a good idea… /: It’s also sad that the only way for Narita to be able to rest was going to the hospital… /:

Hahaha, oh my god, did you? It wouldn’t surprise me if Panic at the Casino became a thing tbh, hahaha
Yeeep!! Speaking of which, I’d like to recommend Tsuki ga kirei for you! I think you didn’t watch it because of the director, hahah, but I think you’d like it at least were you to give it a try.

I’m okay!! Thank you for asking! Hahaha, I wish I could be as often on tumblr as I used to, but I’ve been busier lately. Still, I show up there from time to time, since reblogging nice art and funny stuff is always refreshing. Ahh, yeah, I love Shirou tbh, hahha. He’s exactly the kind of character I like, though I’ve sort of dropped apocrypha for now, as the new season started and shows that picked up my interest more started coming out. But I still plan on reading it at some point, because then I at least won’t have to deal with the quality drop of the animation. >.< But oh well, just A-1 being A-1.