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Sakura Quest
Sakura Quest
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Natsume Yuujinchou Roku
Natsume Yuujinchou Roku
May 23, 12:21 PM
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Little Witch Academia (TV)
Little Witch Academia (TV)
May 22, 2:38 PM
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Durarara!! 18 Shiryaku
Durarara!! 18 Shiryaku
May 20, 7:36 AM
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May 4, 6:30 AM
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Durarara!! RE;Dollars-hen
Durarara!! RE;Dollars-hen
May 2, 4:18 AM
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Huey May 6, 2:36 PM
Eruru_san said:

that's okay~ it always takes me a while to get around to do it, too.
congratulations! i hope you can find a job soon then! yep, the sooner you start looking for it, the sooner you'll find it.

ya know, i've been giving some more thought into this and i can kind of see it now? i don't know if you're gonna agree with me on this, but what i mean is: namie and varona are both stoic characters. i'd say varona is generally nicer than namie, but if you were to take away her obsession with seiji, i believe they'd be more alike than we can see rn. what is in the way of us seeing them as similar is how much namie 'love' for seiji twisted her personality. this makes impossible for her to work out with shizuo. but i can kind of see it how it could work out if things were different. kind of. hahaha, i'd just love to see izaya cringing about them, hahahaha. I EVEN GAVE IT SOME THOUGHT, LIKE, IMAGINE:

namie and shizuo having a dinner and namie pays for it with the salary she got paid from izaya, LOL.

ohh, no problem! yeah, it is nice to see them animated even if it is only for a few mins. hahaha, oh my god, that sounded like a lot of fun. it's always entertaining to watch things with people, even more so if they're the ones we are dating. i bet your fiance actually enjoyed seeing you so hyped about them even if he did not understand much himself, haahaha. it is fun to see the ones we care about having fun after all! but the anime can be understood very well even to non novel readers for the most part. it is just incomplete, for good or for bad, hahah.

yeah, the baccano anime could be longer and introduce all those cool novels only stuff and characters instead of keeping with that teasing (that adele scene in the anime. fuck that. how dare they do this to us), but i'm a scared of that as well. of what could be done. i don't trust the director anymore after that drrr mess. also, i say all those things, but i'm honestly happy with the anime myself. it was short but really memorable to me. i adored the characters and the story. i can't deny i'm starving for more, but as they say: the fish dies by the mouth, hahaaha. plus, sometimes less is more, too. as much as i would love more, that 1cour anime already did the trick to me. whoever wants more can go to the novels.

ahh, so he read it. he just needs to remember it then. ahh, i wish that scene in jail had actually happened... ;_; eventho huey and elmer did that smile promise in 1711, so i doubt that scene actually happened... but just for the sake of huey and elmer meeting up. do you really believe they're only gonna do that in the finale? cos there are so many year gaps in baccano they could've done that and the story is just not telling yet. i'm being optimist here, let me live. ;_; i believe i already told you, but their whole convo in 1711 is my favorite moment of the whole novel. izaya and shinra are just so many feels, too...
hahaha, yeeah. i don't hate drrr s2 like you, but it was still a big meeesss to me. we could've done better without it.

yeah, me neither... i'd like for the 1700s and 2000s to be adapted in the same cour together, so monica is killed in the 1700s and the real main antagonist of baccano shows up in the 2000s at the same time and we are both destroyed and mind fucked. i know i have no soul.

vamp is complicated, hahah. i believe the biggest problem people have with it is the setting tbh. asians aren't as interested about vampires in germany or even in the mafiosi in the prohibition era of america as they are about teenagers mafiosi having fun in current ikebukuro in japan (that, plus the fame izaya and shizuo got with time made drr such a comercial success). amongst this trio, vamp still is even more obscure than baccano, sooo yeeaahh. prayer circle for it, cos otherwise i don't see anything ever happening. we should already be grateful enough if we ever get to read the end of this novel, cos those editors and publishers are such push overs it's not even funny. let narita write what he wants to write, ffs. pretty sure they all have earned money enough with the drrr success already, so let him do something else for a change. i know it's a business, but it can even worsen the novel quality, since inspiration can become harder to get when someone is forcing themselves to do something.
... i thought etsusa bridge was already over tbh, hahaha

i don't think it's going to take too long anymore. i believe it's mostly a matter of when his editors and publishers are gonna let him keep going with it than anything else. luckstreet boys was amaaazing despite the terrible title, hahahaha. i loved it. i should get around to read all of those already, but i've been more of a film/series person lately, so i'm slowing down with chinese stuff, hehe. ... i still wanna read them, tho. ): ohh, i hope you still aren't too stressed out now, friend!

that's great! thanks for your maidragon rec btw. i really loved it. ♥