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Little Witch Academia (TV)
Little Witch Academia (TV)
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Youjo Senki Recap
Youjo Senki Recap
Feb 19, 2:01 AM
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Demi-chan wa Kataritai
Demi-chan wa Kataritai
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Durarara!! RE;Dollars-hen
Durarara!! RE;Dollars-hen
Feb 11, 10:03 AM
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Aozora Pop
Aozora Pop
Feb 1, 6:46 AM
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Love Live! School Idol Project
Love Live! School Idol Project
Jan 12, 12:03 AM
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Huey Jan 30, 6:18 AM
Eruru_san said:

yeep, it really did. ohh, what will you be doing on this year? (which reminds me i am replying to a 2016 message, shame on me).
i see, i see. yeah, big fandoms such as the drrr one are better quieter, haha.

yeeah, izanamie actually looks aesthetically pleasing to me, too! plus, izaya shows concern for her safety at some points, so i can get behind it. i wish she wasn't so infatuated with seiji, tho... /: still, they're already great crime partners, hahah. which reminds me narita's initial plan was to pair namie with shizuo and i just can't really see it........ it'd be fun to watch izaya cringing about them, tho, hahaha. oookay, i will!

i'm glad to hear that!! ahh, elmer is such a fantastic and unique character, isn't he? he can even be considered a descontruction of the trope, cos he's not that way since he's overcame his past, but because it became so hard for him to handle he ended up accepting it as some kind of role - to make people happy, even if that meant his own suffering, cos it's what people have always done to him either way. elmer's an optimist cos he was broken to an extent he wouldn't be alive hadn't he grown into one, although this still fucked him up completely. he doesn't like when people display another emotion aside from happiness, cos he himself felt like he wasn't allowed to show them at some point anymore, yet he's not actually happy either. anyway, elmer is a confusing void. it's hard to predict his behaviour as well, cos this "wanting to make everyone happy" goal can make him do literally anything, hahah. i'm sorry for the rant, thooo, but thanks for reading it. i love ladd as well. actually, i love everyone in baccano!. i don't remember much about espe, tho ): i should reread the 1700s novels again, cos they're my faves. ohhh, a person whose fave plot twist wasn't lebreau, hahaha, i do remember this, tho!! that novel was one of my faves, cos there's lot of elmer unsettling others.
awww, i see. i noticed you ship them <3 i hope they get a good ending in the 2003 novel btw.

ahh, me too. i began loving their relationship even more after huey softened up towards elmer. i feel like, for the most part, he'd just laugh at elmer being silly now. if elmer sent him bad memes or rickrolled him, it'd most likely go like this "you are literally the only person on earth who would send me this kind of thing, you know?", "i know, but did you like it?" "... it was still better than your usual jokes, i suppose", "i'll take it as a compliment~", hahahha. i miss monica as well. she's literally the only major baccano character who died so far and that is so sad. give huey a happy ending, narita. don't let him kill everyone for the sake of that, but he still deserves to be happy... monica deserves to come back. i just wonder how she would feel were she to know everything huey has done on her absence...
aw, i guess the only way to get more than 10 favorite characters there is paying for it?

as long as you like it, there's no problem with it! i guess some people have to take everything in life seriously. too seriously even for their own good. hating on stuff just cos it's popular isn't cristicism, it's just masked fanbase hatred... but anyways~

yeep, he actually just needed a hug from the witch whose goals he was working so hard to accomplish. i laugh and all but i actually felt a lil sad by the bitchslap he got from her, haahhaahah. it was funny nonetheless. i have too much sympathy for the devil for my own good.

again, i'm really glad to hear this!!
how are you liking the season so far btw?