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Oct 13, 2015
Just like my previous review i won't compare this show to anything else due to the simple fact i'm reviewing this and nothing else.
OK lets keep this pretty quick and straightforward.
1st of all i wanna touch on the story side of things, i neither like it or dislike it ,it's a rushed 30 minute movie i treated it more like an OVA ,which it basically is.
There is a story but its so short there no point on me talking about it ,the synopsis itself tells u most of what's going on.

-Its visual appeal was really good ,i enjoyed the animation thoroughly.
-The sounds, ost's and what read more
Oct 12, 2015
Oh boy ,where do i start.. i'll just get this out of the way ,i'm not gonna talk about the underlying messages and all that ,ill leave that for someone else to do, and i won't compare it to other shows.

I'll be quick and straight to the point ,this show delivers what it promises which is just dirty jokes throughout the whole show and if you were expecting something else well ,i'm not really sure what you're doing watching it.

I won't talk about the story ,it's just there to hold the show together.
If you think otherwise, well everyone has their opinion, i won't judge.

Ok read more