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Oct 24, 2020
It was a very good manga , as it said about agriculture and Coming of age story .
First time saw the anime 3 years ago and now finally read all the manga with the ending !
Yes somewhere half way get a bit boring but then take off again.
The ending was a bit hurried but at least gave as a closure , and of coure hope some day(like in 2021 or 2022) for a new manga chapters even a few.
*Hope some day like in 1,5 year to read it again in japanese (if have time) ....

Gin no Saji or Silver Spoon is a manga by Hiromu read more
Aug 20, 2020
Started nice and interesting but turn out it was a disgusting Trapppp !

What a waste ............
What a waste ............
That was super awful .
Nobody could like this episode .

It was more a B Movie Anime than an actual Hentai .
The story in this is actually some good for a hentai as backstories are explained and characters are developed to give this world some life. It's an interesting mix of futuristic and medieval monster killing that seems to focus on an elf and her desire to protect her home village. It's also fairly wholesome as the only sex scene is consensual sex between the main characters who read more