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Mar 27, 2013
If you're wondering whether you should watch BTOOOM! I'll ask you a few questions. If you answer yes, than this anime is for you.
Are you looking for enjoyable anime with no great plot or twists?
Some gore?
A lot of fanservice?
Go watch BTOOOM then! :D
Basically, a lot of people got letters, asking if there's anyone that they dont want in their lives. And those people who were written, dissapeared. Now, they didn't vanish in thin air,they got transported to an island in the pacific, where they were forced to play a real life version of the game BTOOM!.
As for the animation, it's not bad, but I must ...
Mar 24, 2013
Now, now, now. I've been informed that certain people think that Nazo no Kanojo is ecchi. I've also been informed that a lot of people think it's bad that it has some originality. Well, guess what? It ain't so. Not often will you find an anime which revolves around drool, and this one did a damn fine job in doing so. So, you think that people sharing drool is nasty? Well, guess what, it is. Oh, but you watched only the first episode of the anime and took upon yourself to be an arse and immediatelly toss it aside? Well, guess what, not all anime ...