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Jan 10, 2019
You know how romance anime tends to capitalize on the main couple-to-be? because they're the only interesting characters in the whole story because of their high concept? because nothing exists in a relationship past the confession? because they have to stretch it out and keep publishing chapters for their one successful title?

At a first glance, it may look like one of those high-concept romance stories, with the mutual secrecy and the 'class hierachy' between the two. However, everything reminiscent of a cliche gets resolved quickly and satisfactorily, and only serves to kickstart the story.

For once, you shouldnt judge a romance story by its cover, because read more
Feb 12, 2018
Be advised; this anime is probably gonna be hit or miss. either you will enjoy it very much, or find it very dull. if you like anime similar to Girls Last Tour and other slow, thoughtful shows, you may enjoy this anime to unwind to. it's only getting stronger every episode, and some drama seems to be brewing

What is it?
it's a series of little tales, not about the main character Violet, but those around her. Violet herself is dull, and her personal growth is perhaps slower than it could have been, but her job is to act as a foil. through her, we see things read more
Nov 16, 2017
If you were to ask me what i just read, i'm no sure how i'd put it

i needed something different from what i normally read, so i found this obscure random thing, and started reading, thinking, 'this seems dubious, dark and possibly smutty', and i was fine with the prospect of some emotional smutty vampire s&m garbage with some supernatural bs, you know?

it's not what i got.

it was so classical a story about vampires, some biblical undertones, vampire hunters, the church, amoral science, creepy kids, but it was executed with a mixture of maturity and childishness. the main characters were mature people, as though they read more
Jun 10, 2016
I'm on my fourth rewatch, and it still fills me with a nice and warm sense of happiness
It is a form of realistic cuteness, which you wouldn't expect to work, but it does. Not in spite of it, but because of it.
It just hits you unexpectedly, because you've never seen anything like it before, because there is nothing like it. So give it a shot, if only out of curiosity.

There isn't much to say about it; polite and adorable child gets 'adopted' by busy guy, and together they work out all the mundane problems of life... Their interactions are so heartwarming and above all, earnest. read more
May 25, 2016
Let's make this brief;
This is a show you can safely show to your little innocent cousins.
What you see on the box, is pretty much what it is. It doesn't do a Madoka Magica on you. It doesn't shift its genre. It stays true to what it is, throughout the whole; a fairytale about hope and love and dancing and fate and sociopathic sidekicks.

What makes it so unexpectedly popular and enjoyable is the execution. Every character sparkles a little more, surprises you, engages you, more than you'd expect, even though it stays true to spirit. The story is clever in such a non-obvious obvious way that read more
Mar 24, 2016
I saw the ending coming, and I still cried for like 40 minutes straight during the last two episodes, and that is -not- normal for me.
Who could have possibly thought that music is a fantastic medium for conveying feelings?

The animation is bright and gorgeous, complimenting the liveliness of its characters and drawing you in. It is utterly pleasant, and will brighten your mood in its first half.

The anime is worth a watch for its music alone. The recordings are fantastically clear, the interpretations stand strong on their own, the music choices and performances are all full of personality. With the sparkly animation, you get a read more
Mar 24, 2016
The best way to make the plain old moe highschool trope work, is by adding a shitton of contrast.

The two sides of the story is handled both uniquely and well. So well, that the serious side (spoiler: its zombies.) could have made a refreshing survival series on its own.
The Moe moe highschool fun part greatly benefits from the setting (confined to highschool) but even so, it might be able to stand on its own against all the other such anime.

So, it is the best of both worlds, complimenting each other, and making a delicious series.

Animation is adorable/grim, solid, the pacing is devilishly well done (encourages read more
Mar 24, 2016
The setting, art and music are all refreshing and well done.
The main plot of the story subverts your normal revenge plot.
The main trio of characters all unveil into something quite unique.

Imagine taking the character roles and motivations of Berserks main trio, watering it down, and making it a feel-good adventure anime. It is a classic sort of fun (think, say, Fullmetal Alchemist), with unusually intriguing characters and motivations

Sadly, the anime doesn't have a conclusion (as of now), but if you find yourself curious by the end of it, then the manga is still in progress, and will scratch the itch for romance and motivations.
With that read more
Mar 24, 2016
In short; this is an action packed show with great characters, which is made into something else by its subtle depths.

Watching this solely as a mindless action series would work as well. The pacing is fast, the animation is solid, the characters are badass in their own convincing ways, and the setting is something quite unique. (the dub only helps on this effect)

The thing that would make this into something more than just action, are those subtle depths within the setting and characters, which doesn't interfere with the action or enjoyment. Whether or not you pay attention to it, you will still feel it.

There is read more
Mar 23, 2016
This is an anime that is simply trying to be itself. With that, I mean that the pacing, stories, whatever, just kind of happen. If you just think about it as 'things that happen in the life of not-quite-a-detective person' then it doesn't really matter. Don't watch it expecting nice coherent stories that all tie together. It is not.

It is not quite a detective story, since this season only just introduces the overarching theme of detective-ness. Instead, it is Sakurako-san and the boy, who goes around and solves the mysteries of dead bodies and the motivations of the living alike, from the sinister to the read more