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Jun 14, 2008
Fuyu no Semi is a wonderful, bittersweet love story. What I liked the most about the show was, without a doubt, the characters! Cliche'd characters like Shuuichi and Eiri from Gravitation have their appeals as well, but Fuyu no Semi was the first yaoi show that I have ever watched where I thought to myself, "Wow, these people are 'real'.". I could really empathize with Akizuki and Kusaka through both the highs and lows of their relationship and their experiences together led me to reflect about aspects of life and love that I otherwise wouldn't have given much thought to in my read more
Jun 6, 2008
Seikimatsu Darling was a short and cute show. It is an old show so the art was not as stunning as I'm used to, but the story makes up for it. It's the kind of show that you wish there was more of, but at the same time you're not disappointed about what's there.

Seikimatsu Darling has something for those hard-core yaoi fans and those new to the genre wrapped up in an absolutely hilarious show. I was chuckling to myself from beginning to end and at some parts found myself laughing hysterically. For those of you who are confused read more
Nov 16, 2007
One of my childhood favorites!! I wrote down that I watched it 20 times, but truthfully I probably watched it many more times than that ^.^

While not entirely faithful, the main plot doesn't deviate much from the original Swan Lake story. However, the wonderful character development, the way the mood seamlessly slips from light-hearted comedy to heartfelt romance (and everything in between), and even the little quirky characters like that squirrell that chewed through a bunch of wooden handles make this movie one of the most memorable I've ever seen.

Since the movie was made in 1981, the art is a bit read more