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Jul 31, 2020
This is a really sweet but very short story. Delinquent growing sweet is definitely something I always love. It is also Riba/Reversible/Seke/Switch. Which is pretty rare in BL. The art was suitable but some characters looked too much alike which made me double take. One of the biggest negatives is that there are two stories in this already very small amount of chapters. And I only wished it could have been more expanded on. But don't let this deter you! It has some unusual qualities to it which will make anyone who is tired of very tropey BL happy! All in all I very much read more
Sep 10, 2018
This story felt as if it just abruptly stops when things get tough. I hope that there will be more but I also doubt it.

The art was nice. The story is dramatic. The backstory tragic. The relationship is one I could root for for many more volumes. I really liked this story and wished for more.

The version online does show penetration. There is also a trans female to male character in this manga who I had no idea was trans until something was said. Which I thought was very interesting because it is a lot like meeting transmales in real life, you would read more
May 20, 2018
In short rape becomes love plotline in the atyle of early 00’s/late nineties. Jrock hair that doesn’t even stay consistent. Constantly being confused about what is even going on because of breakneck pacing and poor paneling.

This is very cliche for it’s time. There isnt much special about it. I forgot eceryone’s name and never cared. The sexual content is not that good. Usual invisa-penis. The only reason it isn’t a 1 is because this manga didn't offend me on top of being bad in the way some other works have.

Character design inconsistent, sometimes pretty, sometimes chiberized nonsense.
There is no ending to this manga read more
Dec 23, 2017
I would say, this is a very good vanilla hentai if what you are looking for is plot with porn at the end, just like the first in this series.

It has, like the first, very romantic ways of moving the camera. And it really does feel like a full classic OVA which just happens to have sex at the end.

Unlike many hentai, this series does show the guys' faces when in pleasure. Also the protagonist has a harem but not an open harem. So those who like closed poly relationships, yeah this is possibly for you. The protag is a likeable pervert even read more
Jun 12, 2017
So, I say this as a Pokemon fan who has seen... a lot of stuff. This was probably one of the worst things I have seen for the Pokemon franchise. I think saying "this is fine for kids" is kinda insulting to kids?

I mean I guess I didn't mind watching it I at first wanted to rate this 5 but the more I thought of how I wanted to skip to the ending and how much the "singing pokemon" annoyed me until the end when they finally got it together. I mean sure the end result was OK. The drama was OK. I think read more
Jan 2, 2017
First, I would like to say, I was out on the search for a more female audience oriented hentai that featured more consentual acts that didn't have things like x-ray, blood with their virgins, and stuff like that and I more than got that sort of thing.

I also got a hentai which focused heavily on dare I say it, a captain save a hoe style character. He is always there when these women are sad and yeah, he does take advantage of that. But it doesn't feel like it is wrong. He always knows what to say, and what to do, and how to please read more
Dec 15, 2016
It had really jaggy animation and that really bothered me. Awkward running... stuff like that. I also didn't like the maid girl on the cover as much as I thought I would. (and I really like maids..) I really liked the oldest sister character and her style of being a go getter but then being innocent and the youngest sister character. However, the youngest sister obviously gonna make you feel like a perve even if she is "18". I did love her stockings! yeah... and I donno... tsundere+red hair... yawn. I guess I seen it so many times. And The blond just... faded in the read more