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Jul 5, 2010
Story: Hmm.... I really don't know what to say for's okay i guess. The 'cliff hangers' make you want to read more and more. The ending really isn't too satisfying though....for romantic reasons

Art: I loved the art style. Nice legs, beautiful flowy hair, all the elements of shojo art. Especially the big eyes. The good thing is, that they weren't too sparkly which suited my taste. Sometimes they lacked pupils which nerved me out. The proportion was perfect. In some mangas, the face is too flat, legs too short, limbs crooked, fat waists etc. None in Fly High. Also, I have to give read more
Jan 15, 2009
To be honest, I watched this before I seen the series so forgive me, but I did read the manga and wikipedia.

This 55 minute episode shows Edward reflecting on everything that happened during the anime. It is set before the movie so it is up to there.

Story: It was a sum up of everything that happen during the anime. Although it would win an oscar but it was still good.

Art: The usual FMA art but with more 'sunsets and pastels' as this is (as the title suggests) a reflection.

Sound: I had to give this a ten. It has the J-pop of two of the openings read more
Nov 10, 2008
Story: The Prince of Tennis has a very unique plot but logical with a few "suprise" episodes along the way (eg. Tenipuri). I enjoyed watching the Prince of Tennis but once you watch it a few times over, it will eventually get really boring.

Art: For me, the art is quite average. What makes it seem so exciting is the background, Fuji (wuhoo) does one of his special moves and there's this dark swirly background and some bright lights on the end of the raquet so that's an extra point or it will be a 7. But that just makes the bishies even hotter. (fangirl squeal).

Sound: read more
Sep 24, 2008
Naruto (Anime) add (All reviews)
I must insist, to read the manga. The anime sucks and I was totally disappointed. Everyone's voice was different. I imagined Naruto's to be more hyperactive, Hinata's less whispery, Sasuke's less mature....The Manga was an absolute masterpiece by Kishimoto and the Anime totally ruined Naruto's reputation. The first opening theme as you all know is crap, consists mostly of shouting than singing.

I can understand why everyone hates Naruto. I did too as I read to Manga first and place so much HOPE that Naruto will be a success. The manga was so much better than the anime, there was more detail and everything was read more