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Mobile Suit Gundam SEED
Mobile Suit Gundam SEED
Jan 10, 7:05 PM
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Witch Hunter Robin
Witch Hunter Robin
Jan 3, 5:39 PM
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br- Aug 9, 8:19 PM
I hope you can surpass those problems :))
br- Jul 31, 4:09 PM
oh yeah just watching samurai champloo. I think it's a cool samurai anime.

sorry for the late reply. i just got banned recently lol
br- Jul 22, 7:31 PM
am sorry I did not understand what you're saying about purchases :(
br- Jul 22, 5:09 PM
i'm doing fine as well :D
br- Jul 18, 4:17 AM
hiya! it's been long but how are you doing?
Iyrasama Jul 14, 7:03 PM
Hey, I'm sorry I was gone for a while there. Things have been a bit "iffy" lately and I kind of was on an avoiding spree. I haven't talked to people in a while now but I think I am starting to get my social energy back so here I am.

How have things been lately? Hopefully they have become better, if not, hope you have been able to hang on.

Well, the pain's subsided now. It did get me into high fever mode for a few days but now all fine. Just need to get better socially as well. Once that's done, I'll be back to my old self. ^^
Iyrasama Jun 20, 2:23 AM
Hehe thanks!! ^^

Yeah, and to think this is the end of so many famous people, kinda heartbreaking.

Hehe yesssss, I feel the same.. ♡

Oh that's not good. Really wish there would be a way you could keep talking to me even if you were sent to one. Have you tried talking to your mom regarding this? I know it's kinda scary and does not make sense but maybe it will take away the betrayal factor. You've already been through much, you don't have to feel betrayed too. But do what feels most comfortable to you. Really wish you'll be around no matter what though.

Yes, everything good. Been struggling with my wisdom teeth so haven't been eating well. But should get all better in a week's time. ^^
Iyrasama Jun 13, 9:44 PM
Sooooooooooooo, I got me a new phone (but now I'm pretty much broke lol).

So I gave Audioslave and Soundgarden a listen and they really are amazing. I thought they were Japanese bands though, turns out not ahahhahahaha. It was a nice surprise. ^^;

How are you feeling now? How's everything going?
Iyrasama May 28, 5:26 AM
So my phone's display died and now I need to get a new one. But the country's in complete shutdown which can go on for like a month so ummmmmmm I'll have to live without a phone for a whole month. Life's gonna get difficult for me soon. No more reading replies as soon as I receive them lol.

Growth and acceptance is a slow and steady process. You'll get used to your paranoia some day and maybe see how it can be good just like I can see it at the moment.

I actually do not have that but I will look for it on youtube. ^_^

What happened? How are you doing now? I'm still sick but better than last week so all good hehe.
Iyrasama May 22, 9:18 AM
Yeah I searched for it, couldn't find it. Trust me, I tried hard. Haha.

Hahahaha I am multilingual. I have full professional proficiency in three languages including English. We started English in Kindergarten and I went to a convent missionary school so my entire schooling happened in English, hence, why you might have felt that way hehe.

I took the test this week because I kinda fell sick but then tested negative so yayyy me. Well vaccinations aren't a 100% protection from the virus so you'll have to take the precautions even after getting vaccinated so your paranoia could actually be a good thing. ^_^

Send me links, send me links, send me linkssssssssss. I love people who recommend me good musicccc!!! ♡
Iyrasama May 15, 3:04 AM
Well even human beings get broken, how can you trust technology (which is made by human beings) to be any better? lol

No, I am not in the states but the other part of the globe. It's okay, no worries. You can always ask me stuff repeatedly, I'll answer every time. ^_^

I am trying to keep safe. Haven't been out of the house in months. It's just that my mom has to go to work so that's the only part where we're exposed. But she does follow all the precautionary measures to the dot so we should be covered on that end too hehe.

I haven't actually but my parents have. So, I am not too concerned about that. Hopefully, my own immune system will be enough to keep me alive. ^^;
HelProcks May 13, 7:59 AM
Yeah that'd be very weird
opacus May 10, 5:43 AM
that's okay, and I hope you're doing okay as well!
HelProcks May 10, 4:01 AM
I hope you will too! I don't know if anyone's going to find kindness mean so it's finee
Iyrasama May 8, 8:37 PM
Heyyyyyyy, what happened to your computer? You'd think people will stay away from digital media if the source got broken but people really do find alternative ways ahahahaha.

No worries on that. Do what makes you the most comfortable. You're doing great.

Replying really is up to you. I am pretty understanding. Not to mention, my replies are getting extremely delayed by the day so honestly speaking, I should be the one feeling bad. It's just that the virus is rampant around here and the health system is crashing. So, been all occupied and so so overworked. Hopefully, things will get better and my life will return to its previous stage but can't see that happening anytime soon.

Just drop in when you can tho. Although my replies are delayed, I read messages right away. ^_^