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Dec 26, 2009
Have you got free time? Don't you know what to do? Then I suggest you to read this yaoi!

The characters are really outstanding, cute, beatiful and... It's real pleasure for eyes.
The story is interesting too. Yukimura used to be a delinquent in the past. Now he is vice pres of the huge school and all of the students admire him. They don't know about the way he acts before, the only person who knows it is his ex-friend and neightbour Shinonome.
Shinonome start to blackmail his old friend. What will Yukimura do? Will he agree to be treated like that or will he read more
Dec 26, 2009
One of the most enjoyable yaoi i have ever read.

The story is schemated as usually in that kind of mangas.
The main character treats girls as sex-machines and care only about himself. When he meets uke he isn't aware of his feelings ( he don't know what the love is). Because of that he's hurting uke who already know how he feels. Semi has a hard time not being able to have sex with other girls, he can't even kiss them...
...I can't tell you everything;D

All of us have our own tastes but i highly recommend this yaoi. It's cool story about playboy starting change because read more