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Feb 16, 2017
Slayers Premium is a huge step back in quality from Slayers and Slayers Next, I'm obviously glad it's no longer than 32 minutes, but it was 32 minutes that were quite painful. First, let me say that I watch Slayers in english dub (yes, yes, I know, heretic.) It's one of the few series I prefer the dub over sub. And Slayers Premium changed the voice actors...

It's dreadful, the Lina in Prenium sucks, it doesn't fit the character at all and even then most of the cast seem to be acting out of character for no apparent reason. The art is also stepped down, as read more
Oct 4, 2015
I was thrown into this anime by the first screencap i've seen. The art is astonishing, and the moe is real. Very good anime if you want to get an heart attack or get diabetes, because it handles the cuteness factor very, very well. The story was a bit lacking, sadly, but made it up by showing beautiful songs and charismatic characters. At first sight, I thought i would've been a slice-of-life anime, a bit like K-ON!, but instead they brought up a plot that was... not bad, but not that good either. it isn't easy to fit a complex story into so few episodes, read more
Oct 4, 2015
Oh my... where to start? When They Cry... an anime I simply can't forget. It is, by far, the best psychological horror anime I've ever seen in my entire life, and I am not putting this lightly. Wait until 10 or 11 pm, sit back in your sofa, dim or close the lights and watch the entire season. It is an experience you will not forget. The characters are so well defined, yet so mysterious. You can't exactly understand the whole story, but every episode seem to give you a hint on what the actual hell is goin on.

There's not that much I could say read more
Oct 4, 2015
Sonic X (Anime) add (All reviews)
Ever since I was a young kid I enjoyed playing Sonic The hedgehog games. They were not only fun, but something that simply drew me in was the link you'd create with some of the characters. Sonic X is not exactly that kind of anime. For hardcore fans of the series like myself, it is without any doubts something you have to watch, but if you aren't, then you might be disappointed.

The plot of the story, or should I say storieS since Sonic X is splitted in 3 segments, each covering different arcs. The first arc was a bit painful, a slice-of-life style that just read more
Oct 2, 2015
Many times have I seen scenes from Watamote and eventually, out of curiosity, I watched the anime. I was definitively pleased with it. I know some found the characterization of the main character to be excessive or even very cringy at moments, and it would be a lie to said it wasn't. But I believe it's what makes the main character so interesting. Specially when you feel a bit like she does.

Tomoko Kuroki is that young girl that goes to school like everyone else, but somehow she's a master in making all things awkward. I must admit that I did enjoy going through this anime read more
Oct 2, 2015
First off, Little Witch Academia is movie, which would make some people think it's a longer animation with a bigger story. Well, it sadly isn't but gives something back for its lack in length : quality. 30 minutes is short to unfold a story that makes sense and that would keep the public interested, but still satisfied by the end of it.

This movie does just that, yes it was short, but extremely enjoyable since the animation was incredible and the characters were charming from A to Z. It ends with something that doesn't make you feel empty inside, but more of a "Well that was read more